There are cute spots all over the planet, such as tiny homes and intricate churches along with unique attractions and adorable places to stay. Plus, some of these spots can be found in desolate areas, such as the ones listed down below.

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The fact that not much else surrounds them makes them stand out even more. A giant garden gnome, a piece of art that looks like a famous store, a chapel hidden in a forest… All of these should be added to everyone’s travel bucket list, as they are one-of-a-kind sights that can be found in interesting, gorgeous and remote settings.

10 Giant Garden Gnome

First up is a larger-than-life garden gnome. He was the biggest in the world when he first came to be, as he set the Guinness Book of World Record in 2009, and now, he is the third. He can be found in Kerhonkson, New York, on Kelder's Farm, which is an award-winning sustainable farm and which is a fun place for individuals and families to visit; there is a farmer’s market, a petting zoo, mini golf, hayrides, a corn maze, a playground and farm activities such as milking a cow and picking produce.

9 Trinity Church

Pyatino is a village in Russia, and during its latest census, the population was recorded as five… just five people. So, this is definitely a desolate area, and there is certainly a magnificent structure to see here: Trinity Church has been around since the 1800s, and there used to be a fancy house next to this church. Now, though, the years have taken a toll, as the once-beautiful domes and columns are falling down inside this building.

8 The Enchanted Highway

The biggest group of sculptures made out of scrap metal can be found in North Dakota. Called The Enchanted Highway, this collection spans 32 miles through farmland, and it has been around since 1989. There are large and intriguing sculptures such as The Tin Family, Pheasants on the Prairie, Geese in Flight and Fisherman's Dream, and many of these feature specific areas to pull over. Some even offer up picnic shelters, so while driving this long and lonesome stretch of land, travelers can stop to see these cute and impressive pieces of art.

7 El Capitan Canyon

Nestled in incredible natural settings, guests can find great places to stay, such as El Capitan Canyon in Santa Barbara, California.

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The cabins here have high ceilings, bathrooms, beds, kitchenettes, picnic tables, and fire pits. The grounds feature a garden, a llama farm, a heated pool, and a spa. Activities include yoga, biking, a rope course and hiking. Plus, El Capitan Canyon offers up picturesque views of the Pacific Ocean, making this a serene getaway in a very popular place.

6 The Center Of The World

Has anyone ever heard of Felicity, California? This is an unincorporated community, and it is said to be the Center Of The World. To mark the location, there is a pyramid that is made out of stone and glass and that stands over 20 feet tall. There is a staircase that leads to nowhere and that came from the Eiffel Tower. There is a Museum of History that is made of large pieces of granite. And there is an adorable little church that has a blue door and that sits atop a man-made hill.

5 Target Marathon

A handful of people know about Prada Marfa, which is a store replica and art installation located in a desert in Texas. On a similar note, there is Target Marathon, which is a very small structure that is made out of cinderblocks, that features the iconic Target name and bullseye logo that is located near Marathon, Texas. This is not a real place to shop, but it is a neat thing to see while driving out in the middle of nowhere! Plus, just look how cute and tiny it is. Can you imagine if a real Target was this size?

4 Collective Yellowstone

Another spot to stay that is like no other and that is found in a remote yet remarkable setting is Collective Yellowstone. This brand has several offers and several locales for glamping, but Collective Yellowstone, a Retreat at Moonlight Basin, is located in the Big Sky area, specifically in Gallatin Gateway, Montana.

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That being said, it is near Yellowstone National Park and full of wildlife and outdoor adventures like fly fishing and hiking trails. The luxury tents, electricity, en suite bathrooms, and complimentary breakfasts make this a very upscale camping experience.

3 Treehotel

The Treehotel is another unique hotel option, and it features tree houses in the pine forests of Northern Sweden. A stay here allows guests to hike, enjoy water activities, get views of wildlife or even do yoga on ice followed by time in a sauna, meditation and a snow bath. The rooms have a toilet, electricity, underfloor heating, a refrigerator and WiFi, and there are several options: There is a futuristic treehouse called The UFO, there is The Cabin on a high platform that is reached by a bridge, and there is The Mirrorcube, which looks like a big cube made out of mirrors.

2 Thorncrown Chapel

Thorncrown Chapel is regularly found on lists of places to see and lists of the most beautiful buildings out there… and for good reasons. Found in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, this chapel, which was built in the year 1980, is nestled in the woods, around trees that make for a peaceful setting. The structure itself is tall and made with wood planks and glass; the numerous windows in it make it seem like an open-air chapel, as well as allow sunlight to pour in, for a truly magical sight.

1 The Corn Palace

And then there is The Corn Palace. This is actually the world's only Corn Palace, and it is sometimes referred to as The Mitchell Corn Palace since it can be found in Mitchell, South Dakota. People can drive for miles and miles through this state, without ever seeing anything, but then, behold… There is a palace made out of corn! This is actually a multi-use facility that is used for concerts, sports and other events, such as the annual Corn Palace Festival. The building is covered in crop art, which are designs that focus on corn and that are also made out of corn and other grains.

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