Many countries that have a settlement story will always have a lot of history revolving around that. Other countries have a history of war and invasion, and some others have a history that includes settlers in their land or the first settlers. The United States is not so different as it has a long history of all these things. As a result, different regions represent different events that took place there.

One of those places is Virginia Beach, which offers plenty of history visitors can learn about prior to even visiting. As one of the earliest-settled states, history has been well-preserved and even places and items well-kept to show the history. Here are things to know about Virginia Beach's history.

10 The First Landing

The first landing on Virginia Beach is one of the most popular historic events. It acted as a landing sport for the very first Europeans who came to America during the early days of the 1600s. The first person was Christopher Newport and his men with ships. What followed is more than a million visitors to Virginia during that time. This history can be traced very well in their landing location which is now First Landing Park.

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9 Commonwealth Brewing Company

The most notable history of the Commonwealth Brewing Company in Virginia beach is that many people do not know about. It is a company that was opened to operations in 2015 by Natalie and Jeramy Biggie. However, things changed in later years when the buildings were renovated and used to house the current Commonwealth Brewing company. The current area now has even gardens and private spaces.

8 Captain John Smith

Captain John Smith is very well known in the history of Virginia Beach as he was the captain leading ships that first landed in the area. The first landing happened on 26th April of 1607. During this springtime, the crew made of Europeans arrived on Virginia beach. The goal of the Europeans during the time was to find new lands. Although Captain Newport was the lead captain in the first landing, John Smith played a key role in the process.

7 Cape Henry Lighthouse

Cape Henry lighthouse is the most popular lighthouse one will find in Virginia Beach. The lighthouse was established as early as 1792. The lighthouse carries a lot of history for Virginia Beach. It was the first federal-funded lighthouse in the country. The lighthouse project was initiated by George Washington then Alexander Hamilton supervised the construction. The lighthouse provided the opportunity to see a 360-degree view of the whole of Virginia Beach and offered a place to watch the waters and any coming invasion.

6 Military Aviation Museum

The military aviation museum found in Virginia Beach is a symbol of history relating to military efforts to guard and protect the United States. At the museum, it is where one will find the first control tower that was used during the second world war. There are many things to be found in the museum that relate to the first and second World Wars. By visiting the Military Aviation Museum, one will get a chance to see some of the aircraft used during the two wars. Some of the aircraft were used by famous war volunteers in the first and second World Wars.

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5 The Virginia Beach Surf & Rescue Museum

The history of the Virginia Beach Surf & Rescue Museum dates back to 1903. This is the time when the initial building was constructed. At first, the building was used as a life-saving station. However, later on, the place was transformed into a museum. It is a museum that is known to showcase and teach about the history of coastal life in Virginia Beach. It is all about coast guards, lifeguards, iconic surfing legends, and events of storms that have taken place on the beach.

4 Virginia Beach Hotel

The Virginia Beach hotel is one of the most iconic hotels in the area that played a vital role in the development of the region. The hotel was constructed around 1887. This provided a better environment for people looking for a beach resort city and placed Virginia Beach on the right path. Additionally, when the railroad linking to Norfolk was constructed in 1887, the city became popular. The Virginia Beach Boardwalk was then constructed in 1888, and it is the 5th best in the country.

What many people do not know enough is about Virginia Beach's contribution to the first and second World Wars. The first world war was the starting point. When the war started, three and a half naval bases were developed in Virginia Beach. The naval bases played a key role in enabling the United States to build a strong coastal defense from Atlantic Avenue. The naval basis enabled the United States to strongly hold its ground for a long time.

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2 Revolutionary War

There are no records of many battles taking place in Virginia Beach, the Revolutionary War is one of the most known wars. One of the wars that took place is one against Cornwallis at Yorktown and Washington won. However, when the war began and went all the way to August of 1781, the British had gained control of Virginia waterways for a long time. The French Fleet was however able to defeat the British fleet on the coast of Cape Henry. This was identified as a two-day bloody war.

1 History Of Cavalier Hotel

Cavalier Hotel is one of the most historic hotels in Virginia Beach. It is also called the “Grand Dame of the Shore”. It is a hotel that was established in 1927. The hotel was built through the inspiration of Jeffersonian architecture. For many years it served as the only and most preferred destination in the city.

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