The teeny tiny dot on the map that is Andorra is certainly a unique country with a bizarre but solid place in the world. Nestled between its two gigantic neighbors - France and Spain - Andorra finds itself in a picturesque mountainous location right in the middle of the Pyrenees.Small it may be, big offerings it does provide; the pint-sized nation is one of the European continent's top winter sports destinations of all time. However, there's so much more to Andorra than its ski slopes and snowy mountains, because in the midst of all its glorious scenery and exuberant activities, there are bounties of interesting facts to uncover - and some of them are as strange as they are amazing. Need to know more? Then buckle up in preparation for the most interesting facts about this peculiarly petite portion of the planet.

14 The Ruler Of Andorra Is.... Well, It's Complicated

Andorra may be a country, but officially, it is a classed as a principality - a term that means "a country ruled by a Prince or Princess." What's even more interesting is that Andorra is governed by two princes: the Bishop of Urgell and the President of France, who rule the nation jointly. Furthermore, this significant, unconventional ruling practice means that Andorra is one of the very few countries in the world in which a democratically elected leader performs royal duties in another country.

Joan Enric Vives Sicília is the current Bishop of Urgell, while Emmanuel Macron, the president of France in the present day, serves as one of the co-princes of Andorra and its head of state. In addition, Andorra doesn’t have its own army. Instead, it lies under the protection of both its governors - Spain and France (although it does possess a small army for official, ceremonial events).

13 It's One Of Europe's Best Ski Destinations

Andorra's skiing and winter sports abound for both beginners and seasoned slope-sliders, and it's all down to its idyllic setting in the Pyrenees mountains. Home to 303 kilometers of ski slopes towering up to 2,640 meters (8,661 feet) high in the Pyrenees, it's no wonder it's one of the continent's most popular spots for slipping and sliding in the snow. Plus, on the whole, Andorra is also one of Europe's most affordable skiing destinations that offers all the fun and glamor of its more popular winter wonderland counterparts - including the Alps - but without breaking the bank.

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12 Tourism Is Booming

Andorra has a very strong tourism infrastructure, and for good reason; eight to 10 million people visit the country each year, mostly arriving to take part in winter sports. Plus, another fascinating fact that lends the nation its prime prosperity is its major shopping scene; Andorra is a prolific duty-free destination superb for bagging bargains.

11 It's The Only Country To Have A Certain Official Language

Although Catalunya and Barcelona in Spain are where Catalan is spoken mostly, they are not countries - they are cities. This means that Andorra is the only country on the planet where Catalan is the official language of the land. Despite this, the majority of people from and living in Andorra speak Spanish and French in addition to Catalan (after all, it's an incredibly multinational place with tons of tourists visiting every year).

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10 Andorra Is Tiny

The entire country of Andorra is just 467.6 kilometers squared (or 46,760 hectares) and is in fact the seventeenth smallest country in existence. By comparison, the City of London in the UK is 1,572 kilometers squared (or 157,200 hectares), which means that Andorra could easily fit into London three times. How's that for "tiny?"

9 Andorra Is Old

Astoundingly, not many international folks can pinpoint where Andorra is on the global map, which is odd because it's been around for centuries upon centuries. This pocket-sized nation is actually the fourteenth oldest country in the world; at over 1,200 years of age, it dates as far back as 803 AD.

8 Thermal Hot Springs Galore

It's not just skiing and snowboarding that travelers choose Andorra for, it's also its abundance of sumptuous thermal springs, which are dotted all over the country. That's right, Andorra is one of the largest (and best) spa retreats in Europe and is even home to the biggest spa complex in all of Southern Europe - The Caldea Spa, which sits upon warming thermal springs naturally enriched with health-bolstering minerals.

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7 Almost A Tenth Of The Country Has UNESCO World Heritage Status

The largest natural park in Andorra is the Madriu-Perafita-Claror Valley, taking up a whopping nine percent of the country's landmass. In 2004, it was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is a stunning spot full of majestic scenery and landscapes, such as wooded valleys, sprawling verdant pastures, rugged mountains, and glistening glaciers - which are magnificent sights to behold.

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6 It's Home to The Highest Capital In Europe

Andorra's capital of Andorra de la Vella is a bustling, busy city full of fun, food, and culture. It's one of the country's tourists' favorite spots for shopping and sampling its culture, but what many don't realize is that the chief city is the highest capital in all of Europe. Resting a 1,023 meters (or 3,356 feet) above sea level, holidaying in Europe literally doesn't get any "higher" than Andorra de la Vella.

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5 There's More To The Flag Than First Meets The Eye

Don't be fooled by its simple design and bold colors, for there's ample story and history in Andorra's flag. First granted by Napoleon in 1803, the flag's three colors of red, gold and blue represent a mix of the French and Spanish flags, whilst the visible coat of arms is a subtle nod to its bordering countries as well. In actual fact, the four symbols shown on the coat of arms correlate with the Bishop of Urgell, Count of Foix, Catalonia, and the Viscounty of Béarn. Come 1993 when Andorra joined the UN, its flag became standardized.

4 European It Is, But European Union It Is Not

With Andorra being in Europe (as in, the continent), people can be forgiven for assuming it's part of the European Union. However, they are very wrong; Andorra is not and never has been a member of the EU, nor is it part of the Eurozone - even though it uses the Euro. What makes this even more unusual is that Andorra has never even had its own currency; before it adopted the Euro, the country used to use the French Franc and the Spanish Peseta.

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3 People Live A Long Time In Andorra

Andorrans enjoy one of the most rewarding life hacks of all; mega life expectancies. Amazingly, Andorra boasts the eighth-highest life expectancy in the world. In terms of averages, males can expect to live to 80, whilst females can hope to live up to 84. Who knows what their secret is? Perhaps it's all that hiking and fresh mountain air that keeps them going right into a ripe old age.

2 There's No Airport

There are only a handful of countries around the world without an airport, and Andorra is one of them. Not that it really needs one anyway, this miniature nation can be easily accessed by land via Spain or France. Plus, there are two main international airports in nearby Toulouse in France, and in Barcelona, Spain, so anyone in need of a flight can get one without any problems.

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1 Andorra Used To Be A Huge Tobacco Producer

Current-day Andorra's income mostly comes from tourism, especially its ski resorts and winter sports activities. However, look a little further back in time, and one will discover it wasn't always the wintry hub it is today. Way back before Andorra became one of Europe's top ski destinations, its successful economy was the result of its tobacco industry. To learn about its smokin' history, the Tobacco Museum in Sant Julià de Lòria is a great place to start and gives guests an exclusive, intimate insight into the country's past when it dominated the global tobacco market.

Andorra still grows and produces an impressive amount of tobacco today, with Andorrans unsurprisingly being the number one smokers on planet Earth - a weird notion to say the least since one wouldn't think that the world's most prolific smokers would simultaneously enjoy the longest lifespans. Weird, right?