Whether you’re a tourist or a resident, New York City is full of a million little, perfect places to take amazing pictures. From the outer boroughs to Manhattan, there are so many places that make for beautiful, creative Instagram photos. No matter what your aesthetic is, you’ll be able to find lots of place in the city to fit it. From big tourist attractions to street art and everything in between, there are certain areas in NYC that are sure-fire places to get a good Instagrammable shot.

Here are 10 of the most Instagram-able districts and neighborhoods in NYC that you need to check out.

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Williamsburg is known for being the hipster neighborhood. While now this Brooklyn hot-spot is more mainstream than hipster, there are lots of businesses and restaurants here that make for great photos.

Plus, if you take the JMZ train, you’ll get some pretty amazing views of both the Manhattan and Brooklyn skylines. You’ll be able to find all sorts of vintage shops and trendy food spots here, too.


Bushwick actually sits right next to Williamsburg, and it’s the perfect place to get Instagram shots if you still want a little bit more of an eccentric or hipster feel. Bushwick is known for its street art. Almost everywhere you look, you’ll see beautiful, interesting, and edgy works of art on the sides of buildings and walls.

These pieces of art make the perfect backdrops for selfies and pictures of you and your friends. Bushwick also has a great mix of cuisines and is a little less mainstream than Williamsburg is now.


The Upper East Side is a fairly notorious neighborhood of Manhattan, but it definitely has some beautiful spots. With the east side of Central Park and many museums, you’ll be able to get some elegant pictures in this area.

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The Metropolitan Museum of Art is a famous place for people to get pictures since it’s where the Gossip Girl characters would often eat their lunch. Other than this iconic area, you can also get some great pictures of the older, stately looking buildings in this neighborhood.


The East Village was once known for being a center of Bohemia and the punk scene. Now, the area is known for having a thriving nightlife and lots of music venues. If you love street art, concerts, and an eclectic vibe, the East Village is a great place to get some photos for the gram.

You should definitely check out the famous Alphabet City area of this neighborhood for some of the most exciting backdrops. If you’re an artist or creative in some way, this district is the perfect place for you to show your creative side.


While Queens might not be known for being the hippest borough of NYC, there are still many things to see and enjoy there. While it’s not known for having the up and coming vibe of Brooklyn, many neighborhoods in Queens are quiet, beautiful, and friendly.

From Astoria or Long Island City, you can get some amazing views of Manhattan. So, if you want some less typical pictures of iconic Manhattan buildings, try to get a view of them from Queens.


Chinatown is a vibrant neighborhood in lower Manhattan that is full of so many delicious places to eat. If you love Chinese bakeries and cuisine, you’ll find so many great things to try here.

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All of the beautiful food makes for perfect food photos for your Instagram. Plus, the neighborhood itself is full of life and makes a great place to take city photos. It’s also right next to Little Italy, so you can take photos of everything from gelato to ramen, and then enjoy eating them, too.

4 4. SOHO

The SoHo neighborhood of Manhattan is known best for its shopping. There are many higher-end boutiques and branded stores in this area, making it a perfect place to get pictures for fashionistas.

The beautiful buildings and cobblestone streets also make this district perfect for photos, and SoHo is definitely a favorite for tourists to visit. There are also many art galleries in the area. So, if you’re all about fashion and art and what’s in right now, you’ll want to take a whole bunch of pictures in SoHo.


The High Line runs about a mile and a half on the west side of Manhattan. This park features a walkway and lots of greenery and used to be a railroad.

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The Highline is a great place to take pictures as it’s full of beautiful plants in the summer and also gives great views. You can get some spectacular pictures of the Chrysler building from here. Plus, you’ll likely see artwork and other bits of interesting city life as you walk along.


If you’re a tourist, or just want to check out the places that most people associate with NYC, you have to take pictures in Midtown. This district is home to the iconic, and somewhat notorious, Times Square.

While this might not be the most relaxing or enjoyable place in the city, you’ll definitely need to get pictures here if it’s your first trip to NYC. The lights and advertisements in Times Square at night definitely make for great photos. Plus, you can get pictures of all the marquees of the Broadway shows.


Central Park is one of the best places to take photos in New York City and also one of the most well-known. The park itself is huge, so there are many places to get beautiful photos. You can head to some of the more recognizable areas such as the Bethesda Fountain, the Carousel, or the Mall.

Also, you can just let yourself explore and see what areas capture your attention. Plus, from many areas in the park, you can get a great view of many skyscrapers, and this juxtaposition makes for striking photos.

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