The city of Los Angeles is characterized by its numerous tourist attractions and now is a great time to explore the hidden side of LA, whether just visiting the city for a day or a month, or if a LA local is searching for a few new things to do.

Unexpected attractions, such as parks and galleries, await here! So, here's a list of 10 must-visit sites in Los Angeles that you've probably never heard of!

10 El Matador State Beach

A 45-minute journey from LA's west side, Malibu County's El Matador State Beach offers spectacular rock formations and expansive views. In addition to families and couples, El Matador State Beach is ideal for everyone who enjoys soaking up the sun and sand on a beautiful stretch of sand and water. As well as some of the spectacular sunset views a tourist will ever see as the beach offers a number of sea caves to explore!

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9 The Old Zoo

This zoo has been closed in 1966 led to a popular picnic location for residents of the area. For an animal's eye view of people roaming around, tourists may explore the dilapidated, graffiti-covered cages and even step inside of them. Griffith Park Zoo is buried behind a hiking trail, making it difficult for visitors to find it, which is perhaps why so few people visit.

8 The Sunken City

In 1929, a landslide wiped out a whole neighborhood. Now all that is left of this once-exclusive enclave are the foundations of abandoned houses and a few of the vehicles that once belonged to its wealthy residents. This area is also known as the “Atlantis” of Los Angeles by locals, the Sunken City by others, and even appeared in a number of movies and television series. Come and visit the sunken city off the coast of San Pedro, not far from the coasts of San Mateo and Orange County, if you're interested in taking some intriguing images.

7 Walk The Bridge to Nowhere

The Bridge to Nowhere begins is one of Los Angeles's lesser-known attractions as there is not much to see here but an eerie-looking bridge in nowhere. Tourists that will visit here will come across a gigantic, apocalyptic bridge in the midst of nowhere about halfway through the climb. In fact, this bridge was once an important artery leading to Wrightwood until the devastating floods of 1938 washed away the road and left it stranded. Still, many people visit this place just to take some photos and experience an eerie feeling while visiting the area.

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6 The Museum of Jurassic Technology

Many people thought that this museum is all about dinosaurs and technology. Fortunately, neither of these topics is the focus of this museum. In fact, this museum is dedicated to showcasing little-known scientific accomplishments. There are scientific, ethnographic, and historic items in the museum's collection that other museums refuse to display. This museum is a must-see if a tourist is seeking some lesser-known attractions in Los Angeles that are worth checking out.

5 Mosaic Tile House

In the same way that the Mosaic Tile House captures the soul of Venice Beach, this house is a great addition to the list of hidden jewels in Los Angeles. Pann and Duran, a couple who have transcended the usual romance by weaving the roots of art and earth, have covered a quirky 1940s home with fractured glass mosaics and colored tile, resurrecting a sparkling gigantic genuine love. It all began when they were looking to install bathroom tiles, but they found the experience so enjoyable that they decided to cover their entire home in tiles, producing the stunning mosaic-tiled 'Mosaic Tile House'. Now, this has become a tourist attraction in the city, but some still do not know that this place exists as some of the tour guides in Los Angeles do not actually mention this place.

4 California Institute Of Abnormal Arts

In North Hollywood, there is a nightclub and a museum with the abbreviation CIA. There are a variety of exhibitions, concerts, and other live events held at the institute, which is impossible to describe or define. As the term "freakshow" suggests, many of the activities cater to those who don't have many other options for where to spend their time. Some of the displays include mummified clowns, the skull of "the world's smallest Freemason," the mermaid from Fiji, and preserved stuffed animals and human fetuses preserved in jars. An institution like the California Institute of Abnormal Arts serves as a reminder that Los Angeles has something for everyone.

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3 The Masque

In every city, there is a punk genesis tale that is unique to that place. When Brendan Mullen was looking for a place to practice, he came across a 10,000-square-foot filthy basement while looking for a practice space. Bands from all across California began to show up quickly, and the venue gradually transformed into a nightclub hosting punk-rock concerts on a daily basis. Attracting a wide range of people, the event was held beneath a well-known porn house called the Pussycat Theatre. The area was soon 'painted,' although its heyday was short-lived due to some really creative graffiti. Masque's last event was held just five months after its opening and the building has since been demolished. Punk-rock legends have flocked to the basement over the years to see its graffiti, which has stood the test of time thanks to the current owners, World of Wonder. This area is specifically visited by avid punk-rock fans from around the world, but few of the tourists of LA know this place.

2 Box Canyon

There are more than a dozen "Box Canyons" in the United States, but the one in Los Angeles is by far the least-known and least-frequented. Narrow gorges, slot canyons, oasis, and badlands abound in the hills surrounding the canyon, making for fantastic photo opportunities. The Box Canyon is rarely visited by visitors since it is hardly featured in travel guides and is difficult to reach. Also, because the canyon was once home to a local cult, some individuals avoid it out of fear. Despite this story, many still go to the area to take some pictures!

1 The Last Bookstore

This is California's largest used and new bookstore, with a name that represents the dearth of bookstores in 2016: The Last Bookstore. As a meeting space for the city's most forward-thinking thinkers, the building also functions as a retail outlet. With its unique architecture and enormous collection of books and records, visitors, especially book lovers will feel as if they have walked into Alice in Wonderland's personal library. This is a must-visit, especially for avid readers!

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