Great news for Disney fans! There is a new cruise ship Disney just announced that is set to be one of the most magical ships yet. It is also the first of its kind, having an attraction on the cruise. The maiden voyage of the Wish cruise ship will be on July 14th, 2022 and it exceeds all expectations. With a waterslide, lots of activities, and amazing places to just sit and enjoy the time on the ship, this cruise will be an absolute dream for any guest on board.


What To Know About Disney Wish

Laura Cabo, a creative executive with Disney Imagineering, says that this is a completely unique design and experience because the guests never have to leave the magic while onboard the ship. And with the new things added to the ship, she’s right. On the ship includes a whole new dining experience, storytelling with fan favorites, and adult-only lounges in the ship. One of the newest and best parts is an attraction actually on the ship.

While those are a lot of changes with experiences, the actual design of the ship is different and incredibly immersive. There are many designs that focus on the fairy tale aspect of the cruise, such as castles and a Great Hall, making guests feel like royalty. Even the name is meant to make guests feel like they are part of an amazing experience and living the fairy tale dream themselves because they can live out their wishes while on this cruise ship.

Wish Cruise Ship Stops And Cruising Costs

While tickets for the ship have already been open for nearly a year, fans can still hop on some later dates. The cruise ship only does 3 and 4-day trips as of right now, but they are amazing magical days. The stops with this ship include:

  • Port Canaveral to Disney Castaway Cay
  • Port Canaveral to Nassau, the Bahamas to Disney Castaway Cay

Since they are such short trips, they cannot go to many places. But the good news is that guests will barely even notice the shortage of stops because of the amazing things that they can do onboard. There are a few different options for cost with this trip, but the beginning prices range from $1,745 to $2,88. This is the price of an initial ticket for two guests but includes things such as food, waterslides, and character experiences.

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A Virtual Tour Of The Disney Wish

Since this is such a new ship, there is much to explore. With so many activities, adventures, and dining options, guests will need to keep a map and itinerary on their person at all times. Luckily, Disney has guests covered with an interactive map of the ship.

Guest rooms are on decks 2-14, ranging in size and price based on what deck they are on and if they have things such as an ocean view. There are elevators in the middle of the ship to help guests get to their rooms and activities quickly and easily. There’s even a laundry room on deck 8.

For attractions, shows, and dining guests will have to double-check the map so no one gets lost. There are pools, cafes, and the AquaMouse waterslide on the top decks, but there is something on every deck. Attractions and dining are primarily on decks 2-5, but there are options on other decks.

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Dining Areas

One of the best parts of this new cruise ship is the dining areas and the variety of things included. On this ship is a new trio of unique family-friendly dining experiences. These are:

  • Arendelle: A Frozen Dining Experience
  • Worlds of Marvel
  • 1923

There is also a trio of adult-only dining areas residing on deck 12. These restaurants are Beauty and the Beast-themed, with some being inspired by certain characters. These are:

  • Palo Steakhouse, with Cogsworth
  • Enchanté, with Lumiere
  • The Rose

Another unique dining experience is the Star Wars: Hyperspace Lounge which is an adults-only bar. This is an elegant bar with virtual windows that allow guests to be transported to familiar Star Wars locations, along with holographic starships that can be seen in a holotube.

Attractions And Experiences

Even with such a short cruise, Disney has guests covered in doing anything they could wish for on a cruise ship. Some of the best things guests can do include:

  • Watching movies in one of two cinemas
  • Design at the Walt Disney Imagineering Lab
  • Exercise at the Hero Zone sports area
  • Go to stage shows in the Walt Disney Theatre
  • Ride on the AquaMouse Waterslide

These are just some of the many things that guests can do on their cruise with Disney Wish. The dining experiences will be amazing for guests, along with swimming in one of the many pools, going to see new stage shows that Disney has yet to announce. Guests are in for an amazing trip with this new ship.

This is an amazing cruise for fans of Disney. It will immerse every guest in magic and experiences that they cannot get on any other cruise ship. The unique dining, new attractions, shows, and characters will make guests never want to leave. There is something for anyone who wants to go and fun for the whole family. Trips are already set all the way out to next year, so guests should be sure to hurry and start booking today!

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