The utterly horrendous bushfires that are currently taking place over in Australia have well and truly ravaged through the country, tearing a hole in their hearts that'll take a while to be repaired.

As it turns out, as reported by Insider, the impact isn't only being felt down under as New Zealand also continues to feel the effects of the bushfires.

The Distance

Despite the fact that New Zealand is located around 1,200 miles away from Australia, these orange skies continue to appear as a direct result of the rising smoke.


With members of the NZ military being deployed in order to help with the problem, it's clear to see that the country isn't willing to stand by and watch as this disaster continues.

The Destruction

The death toll in Australia has risen above 20 people throughout the course of the bushfires, and the expectation is that it could easily rise even further.

Thousands of homes have been destroyed in the process, and arguably worst of all in the eyes of many, millions upon millions of animals have perished as firefighters work tirelessly to get things under control.

The Assistance

People from all around the world have been coming together to help the country in any way, shape or form. Whether it be through physical assistance or financial, it doesn't matter: because every little bit helps.

An example of that comes from Chris Hemsworth who has pledged $1 million in order to help with the ensuing bushfires in his homeland.