In the upper right-hand corner of Indiana, sitting on the shores of Lake Shafer is a town called Indiana Beach. It sits only a short drive from the city of Monticello and offers access to the tiny waterway in an otherwise land-locked state. While visitors would expect things such as a lake and a marina, what they wouldn't expect to see here is an entire amusement park. Even more, they wouldn't expect to see an entire amusement park, water park, and a resort - all of which take up the tiny piece of land that curves into Lake Shafer.


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There, visitors have one of two choices: rent a boat from the marina, or forgo the boats, beach, and swimming, and go straight for this crazy amusement park. Just looking at this haven for thrill-seekers feels as though it was created specifically for an Indiana summer, and it's the perfect destination for kids, families, and, yes, even adults. Here's what you can do at Indiana Beach's Amusement & Water Park Resort.

It's All About The Rides

The most striking part about walking up to this amusement park is the sheer presence that these rides have over park-goers. With a roller coaster that extends out and practically over Honey Lake and Tippecanoe River, the time and effort it took to design this park was clearly no easy feat. Its proximity to three separate waterways is impressive all on its own, and that's before guests even realize how many rides this park is actually home to. The coaster in question (that provides views over the creek and river at dizzying speeds) is called the Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain.

The entire ride is set up to feel as though passengers are speeding through an abandoned coal mine, and this wooden coaster reaches a maximum speed of 25 MPH. Other coasters include Steel Hawg, which zips riders around at 32 MPH with a slew of upside-down rings and switchbacks, the high-speed Cornball Express which features tummy-tickling drops, Hoosier Hurricane which follows the length of the Indiana Beach Boardwalk at a speed of 53 MPH, Tig'rr, an intimate, smaller speed coaster, and, finally, a new coaster that has yet to be revealed but is coming in the summer of 2021.

Thrill rides such as a haunted house, high-speed swings, airdrops, and revolving rides can also be found throughout the amusement park. Family-friendly rides include bumper cars, a Ferris wheel, and Shafer Queen - an old-fashioned riverboat that passengers can purchase tickets for at the park. The park has plenty of children's rides, as well, from a carousel to Leap Frog, a miniature version of a thrilling airdrop ride. The water park rides are what everyone really wants during a hot Indiana summer, though, and they do not disappoint. There are five in total, each one appealing to a certain level of thrill: Big Flush is a massive water coaster that's perfect for all ages, while the water slides provide a quick bit of fun for kids and adults. The park is also home to a lazy river, splash pad, and the Ideal Beach Pier Pool, which is a fun way to cool off when the sun is beating down.

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Fun And Games On The Boardwalk

The Indiana Beach Boardwalk is another surprising addition to the area. Similar to boardwalks on either U.S. coast, this one also features popular carnival-style games and food. If touring the amusement and water park via thrilling rides isn't your thing, then head to the boardwalk to try your hand at games such as Balloon Pop and Water Blast. Traditional arcade-style games can also be found here, and it's somewhat of a haven for those who enjoy the challenge of winning prizes and getting a top score. The boardwalk is also home to an escape room for anyone who wants to try their hand at figuring out clever puzzles and hunting for clues or take a short walk down to Fascination, a massive bingo-style challenge that pits park-goers against one another.

Don't worry, adults, the park hasn't forgotten about you! Various events such as Hops & Drops and live music at the Sky Bar are the perfect way to relax and enjoy some private time after a long amusement park day. Firework displays also happen fairly often during holidays and events, as well as other events that take place throughout the summer and are always posted on the Indiana Beach website. Keep an eye out for exciting events such as the Murder Mystery Dinner and the Ballroom Concert Series!

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