Traveling was once thought of as a luxury activity that not many were able to partake in but things have changed greatly in recent years. Nowadays, people are starting to really see the importance of traveling in regards to having life experiences and they're willing to sacrifice a bit in order to really see the world. Airlines have started to cater to the masses in an effort to make traveling more accessible to the general public and it seems like it's become far more easy to see some of the biggest tourist destinations around the world. Yet, that doesn't mean that everyone is going to travel in the same way or stay in the exact same locations.

For some celebrities, traveling is still seen as an ultra-luxurious endeavor. From staying at the most lavish hotels to flying on private planes, there are some celebrities that really seem to go all out when it comes to their vacations. While some people would feel lucky to even have the opportunity to visit these exotic locations, there are celebrities that are flying to these destinations in the lap of luxury. Check out our list of the 30 pics that show just how much better celebs travel than us and see how the other half are choosing to see the farthest corners of the globe.

30 Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie was once thought of as a celebrity kid but she eventually became known as one of Hollywood's most sought-after actresses for the big screen. While there were a number of headlines that definitely seemed to overshadow her professional achievements, she was also becoming known for being a huge philanthropist. While she had been a Goodwill Ambassador since 1987, she continued to evolve in her role with other organizations over the years. The UN Refugee Agency released a feature on Jolie and stated, "After years of dedicated service to UNHCR and the cause of refugees, Angelina Jolie was appointed Special Envoy in April 2012." Known for traveling around the world, it's not surprising that Jolie has always traveled in style. She's been photographed on a multitude of private jets but her personally-owned Cirrus SR22 worth an estimated $650,000 is the most memorable.

29 Camila Cabello

When Camila Cabello first introduced herself to the world, she was just a lowly contestant on The X-Factor when it began a series, apart from the UK version. She was eventually placed in a girl group and Fifth Harmony released a number of hit singles. It seemed like she had really made a mark in the girl group and people were quite disheartened to learn that she was going to embark on a solo career. While there were some hurt feelings about her leaving the group, things definitely changed once she released her own music and people were able to see the full talent of Cabello as a solo artist. The singer has garnered a huge fan base and released this photo of her Japan trip. She captioned it, "I had the best time here and I have so much respect and love for this country. I'll miss you and can't wait to come back soon."

28 Megan Fox

While Megan Fox was first introduced to the world as an incredible beauty that seemed to remind people of Angelina Jolie, she's proven that she's not just another pretty face in Hollywood. Her most recent endeavor has been her collaboration with the Travel Channel as the creator and executive producer of a brand new travel show. Fox had been known for having a thirst for knowledge when it came to historical travel destinations and the series, Legends of the Lost With Megan Fox, was her brainchild that placed her on the small screen. Not only does the series allow her to really unleash her interest in these legends and far-off destinations but she's also getting a hefty paycheck just to simply travel the world.

27 Tom Holland

When it was revealed that there was going to be a brand new actor to portray the iconic role of Spider-Man on the big screen, there were some mixed feelings. Some people still thought that Tobey Maguire did the best job in portraying this comic book character and others were upset that Andrew Garfield wasn't going to reprise the role. Yet, Tom Holland really seemed to win over fans with his portrayal and people were really disappointed when his character faded into nothing during Avengers: Infinity War. However, the public can be put at ease since Holland has been doing quite a bit of traveling while he's not in his Spider-Man suit. This particular photo was taken while Holland vacationed in Japan and he captioned it by saying, "A cup of matcha tea... the proper way."

26 Harrison Ford

There aren't many actors in Hollywood that have had the same sort of success as Harrison Ford. While some actors would feel lucky just to find themselves in one iconic role on the big screen, Ford has had a number of roles that have remained in the hearts and minds of moviegoers. While some know him best as Indiana Jones and others know him as Han Solo, it's undeniable that he's thought of as one of Hollywood's most popular actors. With so much prestige as an actor and a great deal of wealth, it's not surprising that he's often seen traveling. Yet, he doesn't always get someone else to do the flying since he's had years of experience piloting planes. This particular photo is just one of the planes he owns, the Cessna 680 Sovereign jet.

25 Conor McGregor

While there have been a number of MMA fighters that have come and gone in an effort to make a name for themselves, there is something quite unique about Conor McGregor. His over-the-top personality and his ability to branch out from being just an MMA champ has helped to grow his fan base (and his bank account). Forbes magazine released a feature on UFC's biggest star and stated, "McGregor scored his biggest payday to date thanks to a 2017 boxing match with Floyd Mayweather. McGregor banked an estimated $85 million for the fight, more than five times his previous top paycheck." With all that extra income, it's not surprising that he would opt to travel in style. This particular photo came when McGregor released a photo of him on the wing of his private jet, right before takeoff.

24 Beyoncé & Jay Z

With Beyoncé being one of the biggest music stars in the entertainment industry and Jay Z being considered to be a huge mogul, it's not surprising that this power couple have been known to travel the world in style. They've been photographed all over the world, whether it was their trip to Cuba or their trips to their own private island. As their family has continued to grow, they've included the entire family in their travels. This particular photo was taken while Beyoncé took a bit of a break from her Formation world tour. She posed with her daughter in a matching dress in the French capital and people couldn't help but think of her children as being incredibly lucky to be able to travel the world at such a young age.

23 Hugh Jackman

While there are quite a few actors that have hailed from Australia, it seems like Hugh Jackman always makes it to the top of the list for anyone trying to name a true success story in Hollywood for an Australian actor. He's had a number of well-known roles on the big screen, from appearing as Wolverine to singing in the Jean Valjean role for Les Misérables. He's won a number of awards over the years and he's quite celebrated as a multi talented actor that seems to have many more roles ahead of him. Yet, his hardworking nature doesn't seem to affect his ability to take some well-deserved time off. This particular photo was taken when he vacationed along the Italian coast. The photos he posted during this vacation showcased spectacular views and it really was a European getaway to shame all others.

22 Alicia Keys

When it was revealed that Alicia Keys and the music producer, Swizz Beatz, were embarking on a romantic relationship, people were actually excited to see their love flourish. With the two ultimately getting married and starting a family together, it's not surprising that they would want to take some time for themselves in a few traveling endeavors. In September 2018, the couple took their children, Genesis Ali Dean and Egypt Daoud Dean, to a vacation in Egypt ( While many people may dream of visiting this popular tourist destination to see the pyramids and experience the culture, not everyone has the funds to do it. Not only did the couple really immerse themselves in the culture but the photos they posted of their vacation really showed them vacationing in the lap of luxury throughout their time in Egypt.

21 Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise has been in the limelight as a favorite Hollywood actor for quite some time. While other '80s film stars have been completely forgotten, Cruise has been able to evolve in his acting talent and is currently thought of as a favorite for action films. He's had continued success on the big screen and has flown around the world a multitude of times, whether it was for leisurely travel or promoting a new film. This particular photo was taken in 2009 at Austria's Salzburg Airport. Cruise was spotted while departing his private jet and he was all smiles and even stopped to wave fans. While everyone flying coach would undoubtedly look beat after an international flight, Cruise looked completely relaxed and happy.

20 Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart is considered one of Hollywood's most sought-after actors and he's become a hero to comedic actors striving to be considered a leading man on the big screen. His continued success in the various roles he's taken on has turned him into a brand, in and of itself. He's known for being an ultra-hardworking celebrity and is often seen jet-setting around the world. Yet, not all of his travels are for films he's promoting and he's definitely shown that he knows how to have a good time. He made headlines in May 2018 when his private jet blew out a tire at Boston Logan International Airport. Hart shared a photo of the event and captioned it, "Nobody was harmed... Our pilot handled the situation perfectly." While it was undoubtedly a scary moment, people couldn't help but remark on the fact that he was able to use a private jet just to go to a basketball game.

19 Naomi Watts

Naomi Watts is a celebrated actress that has appeared in some of Hollywood's hottest big screen films. While she's considered to be one of Hollywood's most beautiful actresses, she's also garnered a huge amount of respect due to the fact that she's not afraid to choose a role with some grit. With Watts achieving a great deal of success as an actress, it's not surprising that she would get invited to some of the biggest film industry events around the world. This particular photo was taken when Watts was attending the annual film festival in Venice and she obviously arrived in style on a private boat. She captioned the photo, "Here we go #venicefilmfestival. Arrivata Buongiorno."

18 Oprah Winfrey

Despite the fact that her talk show has concluded, Oprah Winfrey is still seen as one of the most influential women in the entertainment industry. She has cultivated a huge fan base over the years and she's still seen as the gold standard when it comes to business deals and product endorsements. While she's known as incredibly savvy in business, she's also known for living the good life when it comes to her travel excursions. For a woman that Time magazine estimated to have a net worth of $2.8 billion, it shouldn't come as a surprise that she travels in style. One of her most lavish indulgences is the Global Express XRS Jet that has a price tag of $42 million.

17 Giada De Laurentiis

Giada De Laurentiis is an accomplished chef that has released a number of best-selling cookbooks and has starred in a myriad of different television shows. She's become a favorite in the food world and has proven that she makes for a great television personality that people want to watch. Because of her status as a celebrity, she's been allowed a number of unique experiences that the rest of the world has drooled over with each newly shared photo or video. This particular photo was taken in 2016 when the famous chef partook in a "Yoga in the Sky" activity at The High Roller Observation Wheel in Las Vegas. The classes for the event are set for $75/per person in a class of six. Yet, the famous chef was treated to a personalized class and flew to the event in style.

16 Robin Thicke

When Robin Thicke first started to emerge as a music artist, he was considered a huge talent in his vocals and musical ability. Yet, it didn't take long for issues in his personal life to overshadow his professional life. The messy divorce between him and his ex-wife, Paula Patton, made huge headlines for quite some time and people weren't very sympathetic towards him after a series of embarrassing photos were published. Yet, they both tried to maintain a sense of calm for their son and ultimately decided to parent together in the hopes of giving their child the best life and childhood. This is definitely evident in the vacation photos of Thicke when he treated his son on a trip to Seoul, South Korea (

15 Tom Brady & Gisele Bündchen

Tom Brady is considered one of the most popular athletes to ever play in the National Football League and his wife, Gisele Bündchen, is considered to be one of the most successful models in the fashion industry. They have been known as a huge power couple ever since they were married in 2009. With both of them accumulating a huge amount of wealth, it's not surprising that no expense is spared when they vacation as a family. In April 2018, the couple posed for a photo with their two children in front of a private jet. While other families may look for the standard domestic vacation spots, this famous family chose Doha, Qatar (usmagazine). The family spent a weekend there and partook in everything from riding camels to visiting the Khalifa International Stadium.

14 Halle Berry

Halle Berry is an Academy Award-winning actress that has starred in a number of ultra-memorable roles on the big screen. While she's been known for not having any issues in toning down her stunning good looks for a role, that doesn't mean that beauty companies have completely overlooked her star power in endorsing products. She's made a huge name for herself for promoting different beauty products and for endorsements of some of the biggest designers in the fashion industry. Her many successes have allowed her to partake in some truly unique vacations, the likes of which many in the general public will unlikely ever go to see. This particular photo was taken when Berry traveled to the Sahara Desert (

13 Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey is a music artist that has used her success in the music industry to branch out into other endeavors that have been equally as lucrative. From her liquor brand to her television and big screen roles, she is considered to be a mogul that has acquired a massive fortune. It shouldn't come as a surprise that she doesn't seem to have much trouble in spending some of her fortune and she's often flaunted her luxurious lifestyle. From photos on private planes to jet setting around the world, Carey is no stranger to traveling in style. While she's known to vacation in many different locations, it seems like Aspen is one of her top favorites since she's been photographed there on a number of occasions (hawtcelebs).

12 Julianne Hough

Julianne Hough was first introduced to the world as one of the professional dancers on the reality competition series, Dancing With the Stars. Yet, it didn't take long for her to start making a name for herself, outside of her dancing role. She was often photographed at red carpet events due to her celebrity romances and she even starred on the big screen as an actress in hit films like Footloose and Safe Haven. With her having a huge amount of success in her professional life, it shouldn't come as a surprise that she has had some luxurious vacations during her downtime. One of the many different locations she's visited over the years was Italy, where she seemed to feel truly inspired. This particular photo came with the caption, "This world is a beautiful place. Travel far and travel often."

11 Lupita Nyong’o

While many people may think of Lupita Nyong'o as an actress that seemingly came out of nowhere, she's actually had quite a history in perfecting her craft. Yet, it seems like the world knows her best for her big screen debut in the hit film, 12 Years a Slave. This was the role that earned her an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress and it helped to propel her life as an actress in Hollywood. For an actress that takes her talent seriously, she also seems to take her rest time seriously as well. She's been known to go on some luxurious retreat getaways when she's not filming ( One particular location that she has been known to indulge in are the spa getaways in Sedona, Arizona. One particular photo from an Arizona spa retreat was captioned, Love is... making time for yourself from time to time."