When we’re young, there are those of us who dream of one day being able to travel to exotic and far off destinations. Maybe we’ve seen these destinations in movies, or perhaps have read about them in adventurous books from the past. Regardless of where the inspiration comes from, those so inclined to travel to these destinations hold those dreams securely in place in hopes of making those trips reality.

Whether it be to set sail to the Arctic, or to cross the Great Wall of China on foot, or even to visit the beautiful authentic Japanese Gardens known the world over. No matter what the destination, travelers and tourists live for these excursions out into the world, and if not to experience new cultures, then to be a small part of the gorgeous landscape they’ve only ever seen in film … even if it is for a fleeting, brief moment.

But, what we are often not privy to are the dangers that can actually be found out there … in countries we know very little about. No matter how much we research the places we want to visit, or how many times our travel agents claim that the destinations we inquire about are: “safe as can be,” we don’t know how safe or unsafe these destinations actually are until we’re there ourselves. And we ask the question: Just how safe are some of these dream vacation locations when the lights go out, when there are fewer people on the streets, and even sometimes, in the broad daylight as well.

And remember, it isn't always the destinations that are the scariest part of traveling.

In this article, we’ve got some creepy and scary pictures of some pretty dangerous destinations, among other things. So stay close, dear reader, as we embark down the road less traveled.


Now we know that enough of you won't be turned away from any or all of these locations by our warnings, or the plethora of internet posts all over the World wide web, but some of these locations can be dangerous for many reasons, and not only because of the crime apparently rich in those particular areas. Jacob's Well, in Jacob's Well, Texas has attracted many to swim and dive into its depths, but it actually goes down 120 feet and has been known to pull at swimmers who like to float at the top of the water. It's cool water that comes from below is in fact a nice contrast to the hot climate in Texas, but many have warned against that allure and been told to stay away.


Argentina, located in South America, is definitely a beautiful country. With awesome beaches and wonderful Jungles to hike through, there's definitely a lot to explore, particularly the cuisine, which is often not spoken of enough. But, it's also the place that is known to have bouts of hail. Now we know what you're thinking: Who can't handle a little hail every now and again? When the hailstones are as big as Bocci balls, Houston, we have a problem! A big one at that. Imagine going out to get some really good coffee and these giant snowball size ice stones fall from the sky. Maybe just stay home.


Let us tell you, it's not looking great for Brazil. There are many cities that we've uncovered in our research here that have shown a large number of crime and significant blight, but just as astonishing are the issues of severely dangerous insect and mosquito infestations in Campina Grande. Aside from all the problems that has been recorded in the area, perhaps an even more glaring issue is the presence of the Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, which are known to be carriers of the Zika Virus, a virus commonly related to the West Nile Virus. The first roots of this virus were discovered as far back as 1947. It has been said that it originated in the Zika Forest of Uganda. Can anyone say Bug Spray?


And hey ... it isn't always planes that are the most untrustworthy methods of traveling. All vehicles and of course types of vessels are prone to a few hiccups now and again. It's unfortunate and horrible that a lot of these so called hiccups are rather fatal at times. Trains are also nestled into that category we're afraid, despite the fact that many feel that they're the safest way to travel cross-country. Many have derailed and even plummeted on their way from one place to another, and we're afraid that the images like the one here are enough to get you to say: "No thanks ... maybe I'll stay home."


We've all walked through the forest at some point or another and have had something we can't see brush against our faces. Paranormal investigators will have you believe that those are the ghosts around you, slapping at your face, and although we can't disprove that, we can say that more often than not, it's a spiderweb that you've just walked through. But, have you ever seen a phenomenon like the one pictured here? In fact these too are spiderwebs, and are commonly seen like this when the land around is or has been subject to flooding. Isn't nature beautiful? Indeed, but also oh so creepy!


If that yellowish color of the ground doesn't turn you away, then maybe the greenish color of the water will. In all honesty, the sight of any water at all is quite surprising to even see here, as this place gets very little water year round and for very good reason. Labeled the hottest place on earth and located in Ethiopia, this location should be the last place you'd want to visit, especially if you're a fan of air-conditioned rooms and a nice swim in some cool water that won't scald your toes or maybe even poison you. But yet there are still many thrill-seekers that show up and snap shots of themselves here to post on Social Media. There are many active volcanoes in the area as well.

19 A plane TREE HOUSE

We know you didn't ask for one, but you got one just the same, your very own tree house. Just don't ask us how you get down. Believe it or not, planes in trees, or rather planes getting stranded in trees like this is also quite common. And although these incidents aren't always fatal, they can get rather uncomfortable, as waiting for search and rescue can at times take a while. This often happens with smaller planes like seaplanes and the like, especially when traveling to smaller islands. So if you're so inclined, bring along some dice, so you can at least play some Yahtzee while you're stranded.


Of course there's nothing more that would help a city make money than a plethora of tourists flooding the impoverished areas, yet many people seldom travel to such places, save for thrill-seekers and of course organizations that were created to help the people fated to live in such places. Also, there's the question that can be posed, asking if a massive amount of tourists do in fact flood these regions like Porto Alegre, who's to say that the money would actually trickle down to where it needs to go? A fair question, we feel and one that should be looked into. Sadly, poverty like this leads to other conditions that keep tourists away and that's unflattering living conditions that may lead to serious illness.


Of course if we didn't travel to locations that have suffered natural disasters, we wouldn't really be going almost anywhere at all, now would we? Indeed not, and many of these locations that have suffered such fates are indeed beautiful and in some cases were beautiful. Port Au Prince, Haiti and some surrounding areas suffered greatly in the Quake of 2010. Many lost their homes and many even passed in the months and days during the catastrophe and afterward; some even tourists. News and terrible circumstances like this kind of persuade you to stay home though and pray for those destined to live in such locations, don't they?


Let's face it, there are indeed many things that can spoil a good vacation. The heavy doses of crime prominent in many of the cities we've featured and will feature in this article are definitely reason enough to stay clear of these regions, but at the same time, these examples aren't the only reasons to stay clear. Some of the hottest and most beautiful locations are subject to seriously bad weather conditions, and Mazatlan, Mexico isn't safe from being such a location. It is often hit with extreme weather conditions and dangerous ones at that, so maybe try for somewhere else in Mexico, but then again, Mexico in general, is always a dangerous option these days.


We couldn't help but label this one a Ghost Ship. After all, what else could we have called it? Just look at it there, sitting almost peacefully beneath all that crystal clear blue water. It's actually kind of beautiful in a way. This is a perfect example of how sometimes, even in disaster, there can be found a certain type of beauty. But let us focus on what else the photo says. Come closer to the screen and you'll be able to hear it. Come on, don't be shy, a little closer. Wait for it ... "St ... sta ... stay ... stay home!" Would be pretty cool to dive down and explore it a bit, though.


This image shouldn't inspire you to visit this particular city unless you are some sort of vigilante like Batman or the Punisher intent on saving everyone from the fate they've been dealt. But fictional comic heroes aside, this city is definitely another one you'd do better to mark off your list of dream destinations, and do it with haste. You'd also probably do quite well to forget that it exists, because if you do happen to go, you may not return as happily and with such a great spirit as you departed off to the destination with. Crime is so high here according to businessinsider.com, and the city workers have all but given up on keeping those streets clean and rubble-free.

13 Something is up with the plane

Yikes! We told you that the destinations weren't going to be the scariest part of this piece, and stay tuned for more horrific shots that'll definitely keep you grounded, for lack of a better term. Engine failure is in fact quite common, and more often than not, it'll occur with one of the planes engines. Now if that wasn't bad enough, it can also happen with two engines. Now that's where you need to worry. Some have even caught images mid flight, of their own plane, now that's scary.


And if sheep weren't creepy enough as it was. Sheep have a way of freaking people out, and one look at this photo helps us figure out exactly why, doesn't it? We wonder if the picture was snapped in Roswell, but think better of it, as the prospect of that unnerves us that much more. A pretty scary drive indeed, especially at night, the moon hidden by clouds and no street lamps of which to speak of. All of a sudden, you look to your right and see a bunch of eyes staring at you like this. What do you do? We vote for pushing down on the accelerator and hightailing it outta there and pronto!


South Africa, or rather many portions of the vast continent are rather known for having many incidents of political unrest over the long years past. Many conflicts have surfaced over the years, but probably most in South Africa. Particularly Durban, where there are a huge amount of protests organized very often for one reason or another. But these protests should not be confused with the small and calm protests we often see in some of our milder North American cities, as these in Durban can get pretty irate, and it's not just the political leaders getting the brunt of the frustration shown by citizens.


And when we're talking about being inspired to stay home as opposed to venturing out for the Holidays or a vacation, sometimes a really convincing Hollywood film can do the trick. On the horror film side of things, there are some classics that would have had many deciding to stay home rather than setting off. Films like Hostel and, of course, Turistas. But on the comedic side of things, a classic like this one pictured here starring Steve Martin and the late, great John Candy can show you just what can go wrong when out on a trip, and although this was a comedy, the incidents in which Steve Martin is placed, are no laughing matter if they happened to you.


First off, and right off the bat, we'd like to clear up that we think Detroit is a great city. The historical value that can be found there and the people are in fact great people and in the past and hopefully the future, the city represented and one day will again represent the place to vacation in the States, but for right now and the last few years, Detroit has beaten Newark as one of the most crime-infested cities in all of North America. To walk the streets--especially at night--is extremely dangerous and is not suggested even by residents themselves. This is a sad entry, as we've stated, because it is a beautiful and cultured city at its base, but for now and until it can be cleaned up a tad, we'd say stay clear. Even many of its own citizens have moved away and abandoned house and home, as can be seen in photos like the one here.


Okay, maybe not. Many people still travel to the Jungles of Africa and South America where many species of Cheetahs are in fact found; not to mention many parts of Asia and Indonesia. But there are many that would be convinced to stay home if they were made aware that a particular destination was teeming with massive amounts of Cheetahs and other ferocious feline. And yes, they are beautiful creatures, but we'd suggest not getting too close, as they aren't your lovable furry buddies and gentler counterparts to these mighty beasts.


So before you say, "Hey ... that doesn't look too bad," ask yourself what it took for this man in the photograph to get to that calm little portion of the stream. Ask yourself just what he might have seen in the National Park that contains an incredible amount of dangerous species of wildlife. Ask yourself--even you, the most daring of thrill-seekers out there--if you'd be able to face even but a fraction of what this man faced in what is considered to be one of the most dangerous places on earth. Now if these questions aren't enough to scare you away, then maybe this glaring fact will, or at least we hope so. The species of animals in the park are known to adapt over time, their venom changing and becoming all the more dangerous over time according to the TWKY YouTube channel.


Yes, we are discussing one of the greatest and most popular hot spots to vacation. After all, the food is so good, the meals and recipes going back centuries and the chefs that prepare each tasty morsel have perfected their techniques, and it shows, believe us. Even the architecture is a huge draw. But, the downside, as there's always a downside, is that not everyone has fun here, as crime can definitely rear its ugly head at the most inopportune times. In fact, law enforcement has to get involved to settle disputes and other disturbances more often than not and that can put an end to the fun like that guy that's been trolling you on social media asking you to slow dance to some Kenny G.