Hollywood has created some of the most epic films ever. In most cases, TV or film productions are created inside a studio lot or a soundstage such as Warner Bros, or Paramount Studios, which are famously known and located in California. When production wraps up, most sets are dismantled, or sometimes even destroyed to make for an easy cleanup, however, there are some cases where studios preserve certain production sets or film on location, leaving behind iconic sets.

If you are one of those curious film types who are always interested in knowing where something was filmed, then behold, you are definitely not alone! If you have ever wanted to visit the filming location of some of your favorite films, then that is quite possible, considering many have been left behind! Here is a list of 25 film locations left behind, that can still be visited today.

25 Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean has become a massive hit, starring actors such as Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, and Kiera Knightly to name a few. The 2003 film had several filming locations, however, Wallilabou Anchorage was the principal shooting location for the Disney blockbuster, says TripSavvy. According to the source, the location for the film remains somewhat similar to what appeared on-screen. It is still home to many of the props, which include replicas of cannons, and ship parts used in the film, which many fans visit annually.

24 Jurassic World

Jurassic World, which has become one of the biggest summer hits, was primarily filmed in Kualoa Ranch on the Hawaiian island of Oahu, claims SF Gate. However, believe it or not, several scenes were actually filmed at a Six Flags in New Orleans, says Coaster 101. Although you may not have caught any roller coasters or theme park scenes in the film, a set was actually built in the Six Flags parking lot, which remained there for nearly 2 years after the first film wrapped up. The set was even viewable from Google Maps, showing where the massive set piece used to be. The set has since been switched back to a parking lot, leaving nothing but cars in place of the set that used to occupy the space.

23 Harry Potter

Harry Potter stands as one of the most successful films to be made to date, with the books not only being a smash hit, but also the on-screen depictions of magic and wizardry took Hollywood by storm. Although most of the locations used in the film are not abandoned, they are still in use for non-film related purposes and are able to be visited by the public. Most scenes were filmed throughout the United Kingdom, many of which took place at Alnwick Castle in Northumberland, England, says The FW. This location stood as the set for Hogwarts Castle, and was featured in countless other films, such as Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, says The FW.

22 Batman (1989)

Most Batman fans are well aware that there is no such thing as Gotham City since most of the scenes in the 1989 Batman were filmed in a studio in Hollywood. Although most shots were created in a studio, exterior shots of Gotham City were filmed in Buckinghamshire, England, says The Culture Trip. The set now looks like a bombarded ruin, however, for those who were lucky enough to witness it after production stopped, they would have seen Gotham Bank and various other buildings up close that were featured in the film, including Batman's safe!

21 Star Wars

Star Wars, yet another classic film on this list, has found itself in countless filming locations, including Tatooine. This fictional desert planet served as the setting for countless scenes in the Star Wars saga, except for The Empire Strikes Back. Although this has been deemed completely fictional, Tatooine is a set located in the vast deserts of Tunisia and Morocco, says CNet. There are still structures and props used for the film at these sites, which are often visited by mega fans of the movie series.

20 Iron Man

Iron Man is another smash blockbuster hit, starring countless familiar faces from Robert Downey Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow, that used a recurring location on this list. According to Collider, the unused movie set can be found at the Blue Cloud Movie Ranch in California, much like Zero Dark Thirty, as mentioned previously. This set is mainly known for being used in the opening scenes of 2008's Iron Man and has yet to be used since, although the exact location for several iconic scenes are now open for public visits.

19 The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games, which was a massive success starring Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth, Josh Hutcherson and many more names that made the film a hit. The franchise was filmed in countless locations, however, according to Digital Spy, the main scenes filmed within the Districts took place in the 72-acre area of the Henry River Mill Village in Burke County, North Carolina. The textile village remains completely untouched since filming the movie, however, it has since decayed in the last few years. Although it is a private property, it can still be driven through via Henry River Road, which many fans of the film have done in the past.

18 The Lord Of The Ring / The Hobbit

The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit were some of the biggest films in the past decade, which makes sense as to why the set location has become quite a tourist attraction. According to Travel + Leisure, you can visit the set, known as Hobbiton, near Matamata on the North Island of New Zealand. The picturesque town was home to the trilogies, and was left behind after filming, in order for fans to be able to visit the set, and even go inside the small huts and homes of the hobbits from the film. It has become such a popular location, that there are even fascinating two-hour guided tours that take you around the filming location!

17 Big Fish

Big Fish, created and directed by none other than Tim Burton, was first released in 2003, and starred actors such as Ewan McGregor, Helena Bonham Carter and Miley Cyrus, to name a few. According to the Movie District, scenes for the town of Spectre were filmed on a custom set located on an island in Lake Jackson, which is between Montgomery and Millbrook, Alabama. If you are a fan of the film, you are in luck, because the little-haunted town of Spectre, so residents claim, remains abandoned in Montgomery, Alabama, to be visited at any time!

16 Mama

Mama, released in 2013, is quite the scary film, however, things get even spookier when you find out that the house they used during the filming, was deserted prior to production, says SlashFilm. Most of the filming took place in various parts of Canada, from Toronto to Québec City, and in Clifton Forge, Virginia, according to IMDb. Once production was completed, the house was then left abandoned for a second time and is available for you to visit, that is if you are brave enough!

15 Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters first came out in 2013, and starred actors such as Famke Janssen, Jeremy Renner, and Gemma Arterton. The film itself was viciously criticized by critics and fans, says RottenTomatoes, however, there are some redeeming qualities that make this film worth the watch! According to Guff, the set created was used to portray a medieval German town, but has since been left behind! Although it was abandoned after production, the small town remains quite intact and in good condition, allowing those to be able to visit it in a forest outside of Berlin, Germany.

14 The Hills Have Eyes

If you have ever seen the movie The Hills Have Eyes, then you know just how disturbing and scary the movie was. Things get even more eerie knowing that the set location used to film the movie is still standing and looks even creepier than it did on-screen. According to the film's director, Alexandre Aja, the set was built in the desert of Souss-Massa-Draa, Morocco, and was quickly deserted once the scenes were finished. Many films will abandon their sets once they have the footage they need, as it is cheaper to simply pack up and go, then tear down a set, says Clipd.

13 The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly is known for being one of the most popular Western-style films to this day. This western town located in northern Spain is remembered as the set to the notorious Clint Eastwood film, however, it has also been featured in over 200 other Westerns during the glory days of this particular genre, says The Movie District. It is said that once the genre began to die down, this 'town' was left behind, however, it can still be visited to this day! So, for any of you Spaghetti Western film fans out there, you know where to go.

12 The Abyss

The Abyss, made in 1989, used remnants of the unfinished Cherokee Nuclear Plant in Gaffney, South Carolina for many of its scenes throughout the film, says The Atlantic. The film itself filled the massive structures with water in order to create a technical ocean for the film's needs. Once filming was done, the nuclear plant remained completely untouched and has yet to be used for any further projects since filming The Abyss. In addition, the site itself has become a hotspot for fans of the film, where you can visit the set and take photos!

11 Schindler's List

Schindler's List remains as one of the most pivotal films that touch on the Holocaust. Made in 1993, and directed by the amazing Steven Spielberg, most of the film was set in Krakow, Poland, where the real-life events of WWII took place. The Liban Quarry was used as a labor camp by the Nazis at the time, which now lies completely overgrown and abandoned, claims Digital Spy. According to Movie-Locations, Spielberg used that very quarry as the set for all the scenes in Schindler's List, which took place at the Plaszow concentration camp.

10 Popeye

The 1980 film, Popeye is widely known as the film that first introduced the late Robin Williams to many of his fans. According to Chron, Popeye was filmed in a small colorful village in Malta, which was actually built specifically for the movie itself. Once the movie was completed, the producers realized that it was much cheaper to simply abandon the village than to completely tear it down, says LovinMalta, making it a tourist spot for those who are fans of the film!

9 M*A*S*H

Whether you know it or not, you have definitely heard of M*A*S*H! This iconic movie was filmed twenty-five miles south of Los Angeles, in what is now known as Malibu Creek State Park, says Clipd. Many of those who live nearby the set, visit the location quite often to take in the props and structures left behind from filming. In addition to the countless props left behind, Digital Spy says that the film has even left behind the iconic wooden direction sign seen throughout the entire film, along with more recognizable relics from the on-screen success.

8 Looper

Looper, which was released in 2012, starred some pretty big names, from Joseph-Gordon Levitt, Bruce Willis, and Emily Blunt. According to TV Tropes, the diner used for the film can be found in the middle of a field near Napoleonville, Louisiana. This is the spot where the character Joe, played by Willis, meets his younger self, played by Levitt. The diner itself has since been abandoned and was left in a pretty bad condition, making it quite a difficult place to visit, however, the interior is completely bare, so we can't imagine it being worth the trip over!

7 The Patriot

The Patriot, which was made in 2000, starring Mel Gibson, was made in the swamps of Cypress Gardens, South Carolina, says Digital Spy. To this day, the leftover Spanish Mission from the film itself still remains standing in a similar condition to that in the movie. According to Mel Gibson himself, the location of this film was one of his favorites to work at, however, although it was admired by the cast and crew, it was quickly left behind immediately after wrapping up.

6 Zero Dark Thirty

Zero Dark Thirty was a 2012 blockbuster starring huge names, such as Jessica Chastain, and Chris Pratt. The film, according to The Location Guide, was shot at the Blue Cloud Movie Ranch in California. Buildings and various other structures used for filming remain completely intact and are scattered with props that were used for the action thriller. To this day, the set has not been used again for any film and is open to the public for those interested in visiting the set. So, if you've always wanted to check out where certain scenes from Zero Dark Thirty were filmed, then pack your bags and head on over to Blue Cloud Ranch, California!