From the ones we actually keep as pets to the ones we dream about keeping as pets, animals are our best friends. So much so, in fact, that many of us like animals more than we even like most people. They are loyal, soothe our stresses, relieve our loneliness, and make us smile. Plus, they do really cute things that make our hearts melt and never talk back. We like animals so much that we have dedicated spaces like sanctuaries for them so we can see them whenever we want while they enjoy the creature comforts of home.

But what if we have been getting it wrong all this time? Imagine that those animals think of us merely as tourists, coming into their lives briefly only to disrupt their daily routine to take pictures and make silly faces. Maybe they would be okay with that, but maybe they are shaking their heads and muttering to themselves the way those of us in large cities do to tourists visiting our locations.

Lucky for us, we don't have to imagine any longer. Keep reading for classic examples of animals proving they hate tourists. From goats with attitude and overly curious monkeys to a dolphin with a zero-tolerance policy on electronics and a penguin protecting its turf, you will see just how much we mean to the animals.

25 If A Cheetah Jumps In The Jeep, Animals Can't stand Tourists

In a video posted to YouTube, a man and his friends on holiday from Ireland got a little more than they had paid for.

While on safari in Kenya, a cheetah climbed right into the vehicle they were riding in. A gentleman in the front seat captured the tense meeting (probably glad he had called shotgun) while the tour guide noted he had never seen anything like this happen before (not very comforting).

The cat and man eventually warmed to each other, but there were a few seconds in which that could have gone horribly wrong if the cheetah had decided the safari was over.

24 If A Swarm Of Monkeys Mistake A Human For A Tree, Animals Can't stand Tourists

At the Monkey Forest in Ubud, Bali visitors can become acquainted with over six-hundred long-tailed Balinese monkeys among a serene setting. According to the sanctuary's website, should a monkey climb onto you it is best to remain calm and slowly start walking toward something else the monkey can grab onto. However, we're guessing there's no protocol on what to do if dozens of monkeys start climbing on you as was the case for one guy in an image shared to Imgur.

Maybe they thought he was a tree? Or a banana?

23 If An Elephant Tries To Inhale A Face, Animals Can't stand Tourists

Trainers can make animals do all kinds of tricks (as long as there is a tasty reward and verbal praise in the end). But sometimes signals get crossed resulting in a weird moment.

In an image posted to Pinterest, the elephant is supposed to be doing what the other elephants are doing by raising its trunk and allowing the visitor to look inside its mouth. However, he wanted to play "suction cup a woman's face" instead.

Simple mistake, it can happen to anyone.

22 If Baboons Take Total Control, Animals Can't stand Tourists

South Africa is facing a crisis known as the "baboon wars". According to Outside Online, hundreds of baboons descend into various Cape Town neighborhoods every day looking for food. They break into cars, knock over garbage cans, and wait on the roofs of homes for the front door to open long enough for them to barge in.

If it wasn't for their razor sharp teeth, people would probably usher them away. However, residents are frozen in fear and frequently give in to the urgings of the baboons. That's a pretty clear sign if we've ever seen one that an animal doesn't want humans around.

21 If A Camel Chews On Hair, Animals Can't stand Tourists

Bactrian camels indigenous to Central and East Asia make it possible for tourists to explore some of the land's greatest features. They can travel further without rest than horses and can more easily navigate the rockiest parts of Asia's terrain.

Though National Geographic claims the Bactrian camel is an herbivore, they might need to update the camel's diet to include human hair. While this woman would likely enjoy having her strands intact, she is probably going to let an 1,800-pound creature that she's been riding for days on end do whatever it wants.

20 If A Dolphin Steals An iPad, Animals Can't stand Tourists

Park guides always tell you to keep loose items tucked away, but one woman at SeaWorld Orlando learned that lesson the hard way.

According to CBS News, a dolphin stretched across the low viewing glass and plucked an iPad right out of the woman's hands while she was trying to take a picture. Reportedly, the dolphin let go of it once it was in the water and the woman quickly grabbed it back, but the damage was likely done.

We've been saying it for years, but now maybe someone will listen to the dolphin: it's time to put the devices away and just enjoy the moment.

19 If A Ram Seems To Be Plotting Something, Animals Can't stand Tourists

An image posted to Pinterest proves that as soon as you give up, you'll get what you originally wanted (especially when it comes to animals doing what you want).

In it, a photographer on a nature hike is trying to capture images of long horned sheep. He wasn't having much luck, so he rested on a rock to look through the blurry images he had already captured. Unbeknownst to him, his subject was ready for a close-up. The end result was even more picture perfect than the photographer could have hoped for.

18 If A Giraffe Sticks Out Its Tongue, Animals Can't stand Tourists

In a post shared by Bored Panda, a couple on vacation together asked a passerby to take their photo overlooking the giraffe enclosure at the park they were visiting (how sweet).

However, right when the picture was snapped the giraffe that had previously been at a distance stretched its long neck between the two and stuck out its tongue, completely blocking the guy's head from view.

The giraffe acting as a third-wheel on a date is definitely going on the zoo's blooper reel brochure and that couple needs a new background for their holiday card.

17 If A Bear Mistakes A Car For A Picnic Basket, Animals Can't stand Tourists

If you want a guaranteed bear sighting in the great outdoors, don't go to a national park. Instead, go to Bear World in Idaho. The admission price is low, it's never super crowded, and the best part is you get to stay comfortable in your car while the bears wander around.

Well, that's the best part until the bears start scratching at your car, as documented by blogger Sporktastic Travel. In the fine print somewhere you acknowledge that the bears, although cute and friendly, are still wild and thus always looking for a snack.

16 If A Monkey Launches A Surprise Attack, Animals Can't stand Tourists

According to USA Today, a handful of macaque monkeys were introduced to Silver Springs State Park in the mid-1950s to boost tourism. That was a really good idea until the monkeys grew tired of being in one spot and swam to neighboring locations throughout Central Florida.

Now when you go out for a nice evening stroll you have to watch your back because the monkeys have multiplied and are terrorizing the neighbors, hiding in bushes and jumping out. They think this is their territory and they are willing to fight for it.

15 If A Seagull Snatches Lunch, Animals Can't stand Tourists

Humans as a species are very keen on posting photos of their food to social media. We especially like to post pictures showing our over-exaggerated enjoyment of said food. That said, posing with any type of food (especially a seafood snack) near the ocean is risky business. One Reddit user found that out when he lost his lunch to an eager seagull overhead.

That ought to teach him not to play with his food. Seagull: 1, tourist: 0.

14 If A Cow Nibbles On A Hand, Animals Can't stand Tourists

Petting zoos can be a great place to experience country life in a controlled setting. There are cows, pigs, sheep, and so much more just waiting for your exclamations of joy and ready to be fed the pellets that you know you are going to give in and spend the fifty cents for.

A zoo-goer captured by Elite Readers had the tables turned on her when the adorable baby cow she was petting started nibbling on her hand ( first). This cow probably turned this woman into an instant vegetarian.

13 If A Horse Wants To Play Tag, Animals Can't stand Tourists

Before you hop on a horse for the first time, it is suggested that you give the animal time to get to know you. This makes sense, considering you will be at its mercy and you want to make sure it won't startle easily.

One young woman was following this suggestion when the horse she was being introduced to started acting out of character. According to the post on Smatterist, the horse was mimicking the girl's every move. The next thing she knew; she was running through the pasture being chased by the steed.

Our guess is she will be picking a different horse for riding lessons (though we want that horse on our team for tag).

12 If A Raccoon Climbs Onto A Paddle Board, Animals Can't stand Tourists

Model and fitness guru, Janna Breslin, is used to seeing photos of herself plastered all over magazines and the internet. However, she found a different type of image of hers had gone viral after a paddleboarding trip in Florida.

While on the excursion, according to the Daily Mail, a raccoon climbed onto the board from the shallow water. Breslin tried to push the creature away with her paddle, but he was intent on finding lunch. He nearly got away with her bag but eventually dropped it.

11 If A Camel Dumps Riders Into The Sand, Animals Can't stand Tourists

Camels are majestic creatures revered all over the world, albeit sometimes they are a little clumsy (if our legs were that long we would be, too). In a clip posted to YouTube, an Arabian camel went a little too far forward as he prepared to sit down and launched his riders face-first into the hot sand.

We usually expect they will be a bit more careful, but in the words of the camel with a little Ariana Grande flair, "thank you, next".

10 If A Bison Causes A Traffic Jam, Animals Can't stand Tourists

In Yellowstone National Park, people drive slowly along the winding roads and pull off to the side to catch glimpses of wildlife like bison, antelope, and bears. However, these animals sometimes roam the plains outside of the confines of the park and cause traffic jams.

In a picture posted to blog, Pix on Trips, a lone bison blocks highway traffic in both directions as a line of antsy commuters grows. Honk your horn and you run the risk of the bison charging your car or taking his sweet time even more, so it's best to just stay put and wait.

9 If A Monkey Insists On Special Grooming, Animals Can't stand Tourists

That same monkey sanctuary in Bali also has a disclaimer about monkey bites. Supposedly, the monkeys will only bite if provoked but aren't all that interested in getting very close to you.

In a post by Smatterist, a visitor to the sanctuary received a special treat (we'll call it the VIP package) on top of her admission. The VIP package comes with a free hair cut and style from one of the monkeys (you know, the ones that aren't that interested in getting very close to you).

Maybe it's the monkeys that are the problem and not the tourists? (not a chance).

8 If A Big Cat Licks The Glass At Dinnertime, Animals Can't stand Tourists

You've probably been at a zoo and seen youngsters taunting the big animals by tapping on the window (and then you count your blessings that the double paned glass is there to protect you). You've also probably seen someone set their child right next to the glass to get a good photo (though there's always a glare) for the scrapbook. That was the plan in a viral YouTube video until the tiger that had been sleeping nearby starting licking the glass very near a properly posed child's head.

Probably time to move dinner (errr, your child) far away.

7 If A Penguin Seem To Stare In Disbelief, Animals Can't stand Tourists

For a fairly significant chunk of change and at the risk of some severe frostbite, you can book yourself on a tour of Antarctica. While there, you can kayak past sleeping seals, gaze at glaciers, and view the pristine conditions from above in a helicopter tour. You can also visit numerous penguin colonies.

A visit to the penguins is everyone's favorite. Well, except for the penguins. There's a photo on Pinterest that seems to show a penguin verbalizing with two intrepid travelers. Not to put words in the penguin's mouth, but he is probably saying, "we chose the coldest possible place on Earth to live, why are you here bothering us?!".

6 If A Stingray Has A Different Agenda For The Tour, Animals Can't stand Tourists

Part of the joy of cruises is that your ship docks at various locations and you get a chance to explore. Depending on the type of cruise, you might find yourself ziplining through a rainforest, mountain biking toward a sunset, or shopping local boutiques. Or, you might be able to swim with stingrays and decide that you never want to go in the water again.

In one Bored Panda post, three women signed up for snorkeling with the hopes of spotting a stingray. However, they did more than just see one. As the slimy stingray slid up their backs, their faces told the story.