Miami- sunny days, beach vibes, a wild nightlife scene, and culture. What’s not to love? This city is one of the warm weather destinations that offers way more than just beach lounging and cocktail drinking (although these things are pretty incredible). Between Little Havana, the art deco architecture, the Everglades, and the stomping grounds of famous, American writers (looking at you, Hemingway), Miami is a multi-dimensional travel destination. There may be no place exactly like this city, but there are a few that come close.

The world is scattered with cities that have warm weather, beaches, a crazy party scene and plenty of culture. Miami is fabulous, but why not pack your bags and check out the rest of the world, too? From Central America and Africa to Asia and Europe, Miami-esque destinations are waiting to be explored. Party on the Mediterranean Sea, dig into Caribbean culture, and soak up island life. Drink cocktails out of buckets in Thailand, party like a celebrity at rooftop bars in Saigon, and join a dance party on the beach in Barcelona. Visit some of the top nightclubs in the world in Ibiza, hang out in a hookah lounge in Tel Aviv, and eat ALL the tacos in Mexico. Are you ready? If you loved Miami, you’ll love these 25 hot destinations around the globe, too!

25 Medellin, Colombia - more than just history

This is Colombia’s second largest city. It had a sketchy past but now has become one of the top places to party in the country. It attracts a young Colombian and expat crowd, with people coming from all over the world. While the city holds onto its cultural roots, many of its regions are modern, sporting trendy cafes, cocktail bars, foodie-approved restaurants, and nightclubs. There are sculpture parks, street art, produce markets, and city parks. Visitors go coffee tasting, paragliding, and Tango dancing. The famous artwork of Fernando Bontera can be seen in Medellin. And the history of Pablo Escobar can be learned about here too.

For those who want to party, Medellin has several neighborhoods to visit. Las Palmas, La 33, Lleras, La 70, and Barrio Colombia are the main party districts. For a traditional, Colombian party experience, visit La 33 and La 70. The most popular of all the areas is Lleras. El Poblado is the street with the largest party atmosphere. The top bars to check out are Blue, Babylon, Envy Rooftop Bar, Calle 9+1, Sixxtina, and La Octava, which has a swimming pool ball pit!

Medellin may not be a beach city like Miami, but it does have the warm weather and palm trees. The city is surrounded by mountains, which give it stunning views and a feeling of being close to nature.

24 Barcelona, Spain - the beaches, nightlife and culture of Miami

Situated right on the Mediterranean coast, this city has the beaches, nightlife, and culture of Miami. A walk along the beach path will show off cabanas and beach bars filled with cocktail-drinkers watching the waves. At night, these beach clubs host rowdy parties that start after the colorful sunset. Guests can take off their shoes, dig their feet into the sand, and walk along the coast, testing out different bars. Visit Cafe del Mar Club, the hangout for the young and rich. The Coconut Club is a mix of locals and tourists enjoying a laid back atmosphere, and Salt Beach Club is one of the most exclusive beach hangouts in the city.

The nightlife in Barcelona is world renowned, with many clubs not even getting started until 12 am. Visit Razzmatazz, a massive dance club with five rooms playing electronic, house, and pop music. There’s Moog, an EDM dance venue that is considered one of the best in Spain, and Opium, a luxury nightclub with a dress code and classy cocktails. Barcelona is also the home to architecture by Antoni Gaudi. Make sure to tour his Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, and Casa Mila. They are some of the most renowned works of art and architecture in the world. Try out tapas at Jai-Ca, Cal Pep, and Lolita Taperia.

23 Tel Aviv, Israel - nicknamed, ‘The Miami of The Middle East'

Another Mediterranean beach town is Tel Aviv. It’s one of the most liberal cities in Israel, and is nicknamed, ‘The Miami of The Middle East.’ Beaches, amusement parks, shopping, artisan markets, nightclubs, and top notch restaurants are what characterize this city, all offering a party or relaxing atmosphere. Check out Kuli Alma, an underground bar with music and pop-up art exhibitions. For a 1970s-style lounge bar, check out Yavne, and Radio EPGB for electronic music into the early hours of the morning.

Make sure to pop into the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, and the galleries that are scattered along Ben Yehuda Street. Luna Park Tel Aviv is a popular amusement park for day drinking and some wholesome fun before diving into the nightlife in the evening. Metzitzim Beach has bars and restaurants, and is a popular spot to rent an umbrella and hang on the coast. Bograshov, Gordon, and Fishman are the most popular beaches for tourists and locals who want to see and be seen, and catch a tan.

22 Havana, Cuba - Might Be Better Than Miami

Havana is once again becoming a Caribbean vacation hot spot. The city is booming with culture, friendly people, and traditional food (it’s maybe even better than Miami’s Little Havana). Take a bus to the eastern beaches and visit Santa Maria Del Mar for parties, Playa Guanabo to hang with the locals, and Playa El Salado for some salt therapy for the skin.

After beach lounging and cigar shopping, it’s time to explore the Havana nightlife. Visit Fabrica de Arte Cubano FAC, an art gallery and DJ dance spot in an abandoned oil factory. Sip mojitos at El Chanchullero de Tapas, a hole-in-the-wall dance spot playing hip-hop. And, make sure to check out Madrigal Bar Cafe for tapas, and intriguing cocktails in a colonial-style building.

Walk along the seawall, where the locals gather to party on the weekends, and see the Tropicana Show, a cabaret show at Hotel Nacionale. The Castillo de la Real Fuerza is a maritime museum containing archeological artifacts that visitors are encouraged to check out. Visitors to Cuba often tour a live cigar factory or take a tour in a classic car. And, the Havana Club Rum Factory is a favorite for visitors who love to sample one of Cuba’s most famous rums.

21 Split, Croatia - A little bit of everything

Located on the Adriatic Sea, Split has been said to be one of the most beautiful cities in Eastern Europe. It’s home to true, old-world culture, with Roman remains, archaeological sites, and UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The azure blue waters are lined with beaches like Bacvice, which turns into a party epicenter during the evenings. There’s Jezinac Beach, which is more secluded and shady, and Kastelet Beach, which has a reputation for its parties.

Nightlife off of the beaches is worth checking out as well. Visit Jungla for underground electronic DJ sets, Quasimodo for Indie bands, pub quizzes, and DJ nights, and Charlie’s Bar, a popular watering hole with the backpacker crowd. Central Club is the one and only nightclub in the city center, which draws a large tourist crowd. Some of Split’s wildest parties happen at InBOX Bar, an open-air space near the Split ferry port.

When you aren’t partying, make sure visit Diocletian’s Palace, the World UNESCO Heritage Site and former Roman Palace. The city is home to two original Egyptian Sphinxes, and an archeological museum containing artifacts and Roman monuments. Check out the green space, Getski Vrtal, located inside the city walls, and try out sea kayaking, rock climbing, and snorkeling.

20 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Beaches, Beaches and more beaches

Laid back beach culture and a stunning landscape is what you’ll find in Rio de Janeiro. It’s located on the south Atlantic coast and is known for its beaches and annual Carnival. Rio’s harbor is one of the natural wonders of the world, and its beach culture surpasses most places in South America. The coast is where most tourists and locals spend their time; soaking up the sun and cooling off in the sea. The city is packed with beaches but some of the best include Copacabana, a crowded stretch of sand where visitors play soccer, party, and drink beer. Barra da Tijuca Beach is the city’s longest and has the best water conditions. It attracts surfers, windsurfers, swimmers, and bodyboarders. Also check out Praia Vermelha, a small but popular beach set in a cove. Visitors here have access to a cable car that runs to Sugarloaf Mountain.

Brazilians know how to party and the nightlife in Rio reflects this. Clubs to check out include FOSFOBOX, a hipster hangout for music lovers who like to dance through the crowds. And, if you want to experience a Samba party, check out Clube Dos Democraticos, it’s a great way to experience local culture.

19 Canggu, Bali - heavy on the beach and surf culture

Canggu Bali is less of a city and more like a spread out, small town. The atmosphere here is heavy on the beach and surf culture. Spend some time on Echo Beach, it’s bordered by a graffiti wall, and the water is full of people surfing. This is a great spot to grab an early morning surf lesson before heading off for drinks. Check out Batu Bolong Beach which is home to Warungs (local and cheap restaurants) and a temple. And, if you love to swim, make sure to visit Nelayan Beach, an uncrowded, underdeveloped beach with hardly any waves.

After spending the day at the beach, head to Pretty Poison, a punk-rock bar that draws in surfers and skateboarders. There’s an in-ground pool in the back which is drained for people to skateboard. With live punk music playing in the background and professional skaters dropping in and out of the pool, this place feels like someone’s backyard in Venice Beach, California. Deus Ex Machina is another great hangout for shopping, eating, and partying. Half of it is a clothing store, while the other half is a cafe. Out back, they have a skate ramp, seating, and events going on in the evenings.

18 Saigon, Vietnam - party atmosphere

While the weather is warm, Saigon isn’t exactly known as a beach city. However, the nightlife scene here is incredible, and the cost of living is so cheap that visitors can afford to splurge on the good champagne. Make sure to check out The Observatory, a late night dance club that overlooks the river. Start the night off at Indika, an indie bar that closes at 12 am, and then head over to The Lighthouse to party at the rooftop bar. Chill Skybar and Glow Skybar are classic Saigon hangouts for cocktails and music. Head to Envy Club for a rowdy party atmosphere complete with acrobats, and Qui which is an upscale bar with good music and professional dancers.

Grab a Bahn Mi, some Pho soup, or spring rolls with peanut sauce from a street vendor. Pop into a cafe for Vietnamese drip coffee with condensed milk, and bargain hard at the local markets. History plays an important role in Saigon too so make sure to visit some of the city’s main sites. Independence Palace, War Remnants Museum, Museum of Ho Chi Minh City, and the Opera House are all places that are worth a visit. And, if you’re into shopping, make sure to check out Dong Khoi Street, the city’s main strip of boutiques and designer stores.

17 Hilo, Hawaii - a laid-back nightlife

Hilo has almost everything that a big city has, however, it's surrounded by stunning natural scenery. It's best to rent a car and tour Hilo that way. Visitors often check out rainbow Falls, one of the most beautiful attractions on the island. The Hawaii Tropical Botanic Gardens are another top attraction. Akaka Falls is the most famous waterfall in Hilo, and the Hamakua Coast is the most scenic drive in the area. Stargazing is one of the best ways to spend an evening before heading to the bars. As like most places in Hawaii, Hilo has a laid-back nightlife. Spend some time at Hilo Town Tavern, a watering hole with live music and a good beer selection. Jackey Rey’s Ohana Grill Is great for cocktails, and Pineapple Restaurant is a popular stop for drinks, food, and live music.

Hilo is scattered with beaches that you'll want to check out on a visit. Start off at Coconut Beach which has a rocky shoreline but still plenty of opportunity for swimming. Check out Reed's Bay Beach Park which has white sand and lava rocks scattered around. Carl Smith Beach Park is the best for swimming because it connects a lagoon to the ocean but keeps a protected swimming area for visitors. Giant sea turtles will often make their way into the swimming area which is an incredible sight. The beaches on Hilo aren't luxurious but they are part of the culture and you can't experience Hilo without spending some time visiting them.

16 Ibiza, Spain - one of THE party centers of the world

Ibiza, an island off of Spain, is one of THE party centers of the world. The nightlife here is unlike most as the entire island thrives off of nightclubs and bars. From beach bars to EDM nightclubs and swanky cocktail bars to backpacker hangouts, there's a space for every kind of partier. Start the night off watching the sunset from Kumharas, a hippie style hangout with a bohemian decor and very little pretension. Check out Lio which has an extravagant reputation, a cabaret-style bar, and professional dancers. With live DJs, strong cocktails, and food that's known around the island, this is one of the best places to party in Ibiza. Spend a day at Bora Bora, a club on the beach, and head to Pache, a dance venue that can hold 3000 people and has some of the best DJs play from around the world. El Divino is a dance club known for its laid-back atmosphere, Moma Ibiza is a dance venue located on the beach and is a popular place to spend an evening dancing.

Even when you aren't partying, the Ibiza beaches are some of the best in the world. Being an island, there are so many beaches that you may have difficulty choosing which one to visit. Start off at Cala D’Hort, which has the best view in Ibiza, there are bars and restaurants on the cliff so you can watch the landscape with a cocktail in hand. Las Salinas is a popular spot for the young and beautiful to sunbathe, sip fruity cocktails, and party on the beach. And, Cala Gracioneta is a white sand beach with turquoise waters that doesn’t have a ton of amenities but makes up for it in postcard perfect views.

15 Pattaya, Thailand - The beaches are where the life is at

Located on the eastern gulf coast of Thailand, Pattaya is known for its beaches and parties. Once a quiet fishing village, this Thai city is a place for hedonists from all over the globe. There are luxury hotels, high-end boutiques, cabaret-style bars, and clubs that are open 24-hours. The beaches are where the life is at so start your trip off at Pattaya Beach. It runs along the center of the city and is lined with hotels, bars, and restaurants. Once night falls, the coast comes alive with live music, Muay Thai fights, and DJ sets. Jomtien Beach is more laid back, family oriented, and popular with water sport fans. And, Naklua Beach is a laid back hangout for people who just want to lounge.

Pattaya holds on to Buddhist culture and is filled with sacred sites to visit during the day. Spend some time at Buddha Hill, the highest point in Pattaya, and home to the largest Buddhist statue in the city. There’s the Chaloemphrakiat Park which was built in dedication to the King, and the Sanctuary of Truth, a giant wooden temple that visitors can tour. See the Alcazar Cabaret or Tiffany’s Show, a family-friendly ladyboy cabaret. And, after all of the partying, pamper yourself with a cheap massage.

14 Panama City, Panama - Relax In The Day, Party At Night

This multicultural hub is the capital of Panama. The prices are cheap and the expat population is high because of this. It’s home to the Panama Canal, and a historic, colonial center called Casco Viejo. The city is dotted with upscale shopping malls and markets with a range of prices for any kind of shopper. And, for those who are more interested in the nightlife, head to Calle Uruguay, a neighborhood full of bars and clubs.

On a night out, start off at Tantalo, a rooftop bar with DJs, ladies nights, and Latin dancing nights. Make your way to Chupitos 507 for shots and ladies nights when girls drink for free. Casa Jaguar has both indoor and outdoor DJ sets that really get started after midnight. And, Red Lion Beach Club is the place to drink on Saturdays for their parties. Moloko is the spot for late night, underground electronic music, and La Tana is the place to be for an upscale club experience. When you want some sun, Panama City Beach is the place to go. With soft sand, calm waters, and pretty views, it is the go-to place to relax in this city.

13 Nassau, Bahamas - Welcome to the good life

The capital city of the Bahamas also happens to be a member of the British Commonwealth, giving it a colonial feel with a modern atmosphere. A walk around Old Town will teach you about the history, and a visit to the Pirate Museum will give you an idea of the culture. Explore the fish markets, the straw market, and the small food vendors that offer traditional, Bahamian meals for cheap prices. Want to learn about booze? Take a free tour of John Watling’s Distillery, and have some craft cocktails at the Red Turtle Tavern when you finish.

Celebrate Happy Hour for four hours during the week at Twisted Lime Sports Bar and Grill, and cool off at the Daiquiri Shack, with one of their fruity, frozen flavors. The Green Parrot is the place to go for food and drinks as their outside deck overlooks the beach. And, Volume Music Bar is the perfect venue for a chill atmosphere while listening to local music. For a luxury nightclub experience visit Aura, a dance club with two bars in the Atlantis Hotel. For those who like their cocktails on the beach, head over to Compass Point, a seafood restaurant and bar overlooking the ocean.

12 San Juan, Puerto Rico - It’s a mix of modern meets historic

As the largest city and capital of Puerto Rico, San Juan has a whole lot to offer to visitors. It’s known for its bars, nightclubs, casinos and long stretch of beach. It’s a mix of modern meets historic with a cobblestone town center and landmarks from the 16th century. Days in San Juan can be filled with sightseeing. Make sure to check out El Castillo San Felipe del Morro, a 16th century citadel, or El Castillo de San Cristobal, a historic fort. The city is full of museums, historic sites, and interesting architecture to view during the day.

The beaches of San Juan are part of its appeal. Condado and Isle Verde have some of the most popular beaches in the city. El Escambron is the beach to visit for snorkeling, sunbathing, swimming, and scuba diving. Playa Condado is near many of San Juan’s luxury hotels and is popular for sunbathing and the nearby restaurants. And, Ocean Park Beach is a prime destination for volleyball, sunbathing, and swimming. Want to have a sassy night out? Start your night off at Club Brava in the El San Juan Hotel & Casino for an energetic crowd and DJ sets. Club Kronos is known for its lazer light shows, dance floor, and musically savvy patrons. And, La Rumba is a nightclub on a boat which leaves the pier every night to provide seaside scenery and dancing.

11 Koh Phangan, Thailand - Full Moon parties. Need we say more?

This Thai island is known for its rowdy Full Moon parties and long stretches of beaches. It’s off the central gulf coast of Thailand and is lined with coconut trees. Looking like a quintessential, Thai paradise, the scenery from Koh Phangan is reason enough to visit. Visit Ao Nai Wok, one of the best shorelines for sailing, kayaking, and windsurfing. Haad Chao Phao is a popular beach lined with restaurants, bars, and specifically, Pirate Bar, where there are frequent parties. Haad Rin is the most touristy and crowded beach but is the location of the famous Full Moon parties.

Sunday nights should be spent at Loi Lay, a floating bar with DJs and cheap drinks. Visit Fubar to listen to the 7,000 watt sound system setup and dance your way around the sand. Pirates Bar is a typical beach bar with cheap cocktails and a laid back atmosphere. And, don’t forget about Cactus Bar, a beach bar during the day and nightclub in the evening. Test out the street food whenever you come across a vendor, and make sure to have dinner at a beach bar while you watch the sunset. When you’re through with partying, stop by a massage parlor to get a relaxing (and super cheap) massage before your flight home.

10 Auckland, New Zealand - a beach town, hipster paradise, and a cozy suburb all in one

Auckland is an interesting city as it’s a beach town, hipster paradise, and a cozy suburb all in one. There’s a party scene, lots of nature, and plenty of trendy cafes and craft breweries. It isn’t on the map for its rowdy nightlife, but it does have bars and clubs that will do the trick. Check out Everybody’s, a plush hangout for young business professionals who like to unwind with a cocktail. The Jefferson is the city’s only whiskey bar, and The Glass Goose is an open-air rooftop bar that’s loved by locals in the summer. Check out the Gin Room for a speakeasy vibe and craft cocktails, and visit the city’s favorite Tiki bar, Talulah. Wander down K Road for small music venues, karaoke spots, and dive bars. Walk down Ponsonby street for a more high-end experience.

Want to spend some time at the beach? Venture to Orewa, a spot that’s popular with windsurfers, kite surfers, and joggers. Visit Piha which has lengthy stretches of sand, rough waters, and plains of black sand. Bethells Beach is a top spot for surfers but also visitors who will appreciate the caves and sand dunes. And, if you don’t want to venture too far from the city, head to Mission Bay, a laid back beach with restaurants and bars.

9 Punta Cana, Dominican Republic - so many options

A top Caribbean destination, Punta Cana is known for its sandy beaches and warm weather. It’s home to Santo Domingo, a colonial heritage site that is now a World UNESCO Heritage location. Visit Altos de Chavon, an artist’s village featuring craft workshops, artist studios, and an archeological museum. Saona Island is a popular place for beach lounging, dolphin viewing, and a day out on a catamaran. Punta Cana is a place for activities and visitors have tons of options. There are boat tours, fishing charters, horseback excursions, rafting, helicopter tours, and amusement parks.

The main beach for tourists is Playa Bavaro, a long sandy coastline with plenty of palms. Arena Gordo has a thick stretch of beach that has calm waters, perfect for swimming. El Cortecito is a small beach town that’s located close to the city and has beachfront restaurants. If you’re willing to drive about 30 minutes, Macao Beach is one of the most beautiful and least crowded. There’s a surf school and beachfront restaurants there as well. Looking for a little bar action? Head to Jellyfish Beach Restaurant to watch the sunset and listen to steel drum beats in the background. Captain Cook Bar is the spot for seafood and tropical cocktails, and Don Queco Cigar & Rum Bar is the place for those who like the finer things in life.

8 Grand Cayman Island - EVERYTHING (With A View)

This island is a popular cruise port and is lined with resort beaches and azure blue views. There are plenty of luxury and mid-range resorts on the beach, and most of them feature bars and restaurants with a view. Guests to the island can take snorkeling tours, boat trips, and swim with stingrays. Visit Macabuca, a tiki bar and grill that overlooks the ocean and serves up a famous conch platter. Visit Tortuga for a casual, beachfront atmosphere with an outdoor grill and delicious fish tacos. And, head to Bubble Bar if you want a upscale, craft cocktail kind of place.

Seven Mile Beach is the premier coastline on the island and is home to most of the resorts and restaurants. Visitors can walk the entire stretch (although they may opt for a taxi) while hoping in and out of bars for a drink. The stretch is lined with shops and places to rent kayaks, snorkeling gear, and book windsurfing excursions. Rum Point can be reached by car or boat and is one of the most famous beaches on the island. It has a view of Cuba and is said to be the place where the frozen Mudslide was invented (you need to try one...or a couple). For those who love the amenities of Seven Mile Beach but could do without the crowds, Cayman Kai is a perfect compromise.

7 Montego Bay, Jamaica - For those who want a little bit of adventure

This British Commonwealth is the second largest city in Jamaica. The downtown region can be visited by those who want a bit of adventure and a closer look at the ‘real’ Jamaica. It’s heavy on the traffic and can be a bit intimidating for locals, but is interesting to wander around for a few hours. The main tourist hangouts can be found on Gloucester Avenue, which is lined with resorts, restaurants, and shops. Montego Bay Hip Strip is the place to go for shopping and souvenirs, and Evelyn’s is the place to eat when you want dinner with a beach view. Doctor’s Cave is a private beach with some of the best amenities, clearest water, and softest sand (expect to pay an entrance fee). Dead End Beach doesn’t have any amenities, but it is less crowded than the others, and picture perfect when it comes to the views.

To experience the nightlife in Montego Bay, you’ll want to visit Blue Beat Ultra Lounge, a martini and jazz bar that overlooks the harbor. They often put on live comedy nights and have DJs do guest appearances. The Brewery has a wooden bar and a covered veranda that overlooks Gloucester Ave. and is a popular spot for nightlife. And, the Groovy Grouper, located at Doctor’s Cove bathing club, is the place to go for rum drinks and food overlooking the beach.

6 Perth, Australia - a laid back city for beach lovers and sun worshipers

Perth is the capital city of western Australia and is the fourth largest city in the country. It’s bordered by miles of pristine coastline, making Perth a laid back city for beach lovers and sun worshipers. This is a destination where you can see semi-wild kangaroos, spend an afternoon on a lush golf course, go wine tasting, or take a cycling excursion. The beaches are the main draw as they are some of the best in the entire country. With excellent conditions, lifeguards, and grassy areas to lounge, this is a must-see beach while visiting Perth.

As for bars, check out Mechanics Institute for their rooftop lounge, craft beers, contemporary cocktails, and burgers. Then, head to The Aviary, another rooftop bar that looks out over the Perth skyline and throws dance parties. For a more sophisticated night out, head to Helvetica, a contemporary cocktail bar that specializes in Whiskey. And, to listen to the hottest DJs in Perth, make sure to visit Air Nightclub, a sophisticated bar that throws a mean party.