There is no shortage of attractions in Atlanta, with tourists hankering to take in the marine wildlife at the Georgia Aquarium, the home where Margaret Mitchell wrote Gone With the Wind, or a tour behind the scenes of the zombie series The Walking Dead just out of town.

The city also has its fair share of upscale lodging, from the Ritz-Carlton to the Georgian Terrace.

But for those who want to rough it on a budget, you can't get more bang out of your vacation bucks than a stay at an airbnb located close to downtown in the Woodland Hills community. For openers, it's your chance to bed down in a teepee for $31 a night. Still not enough? Well, how about an opportunity to play with a few kids, but of the goat variety?

3 Gracious Hosts

The gracious hosts of this little home away from home will also throw in some chickens and ducks to augment the scenery. And if you're still a tad restless, the premises also has hammocks, a fire pit and even a treehouse with a built-in zipline.

2 Modern Accommodation

The teepee is a modern accommodation, compared to what you've learned about these early structures from the old west. For openers, it's waterproof with air conditioning and heaters for an interior big and comfortable enough for four occupants, regardless of time of year. All the other tourist needs, from a kitchen to a bathroom, can be addressed in the home of the hosts.

As for the animals that free-range on the property, no worries. They're all approachable, friendly and love the attention and interaction. But if you get tired of playing with the wildlife, the Woodland Hills neighborhood is minutes away from unique eateries like Wrecking Bar Brewpub where Southern fare is always on the grill and Floataway Cafe, which specializes in seafood. There's also the Starlight, the last remaining drive-in theater in Atlanta, which also doubles as a flea market during the day.

1 Hunker Down

Naturally, you're also free to explore the rest of the city and when you hunker down in the teepee for the night, you can enjoy the feeling of saving a few bucks on what could have been a costly trip.