Everyone is familiar with Los Angeles thanks to its celebrity culture and setting for countless TV shows and movies. Anyone who hasn't been there is definitely curious about whether you really do see stars grabbing coffee or enjoying lunch at a trendy restaurant. It's a very interesting place with healthy food, sunny weather, beaches, and charming neighborhoods.

Sure, people complain about the traffic, but if you're spending a few days in L.A., you can take Ubers or cabs and enjoy the scenery.


It's definitely possible to see a lot of L.A. in a short period of time, and since sometimes a short trip is all that the budget (or your work schedule) allows, that's good to know. Heading to Los Angeles for a weekend? Here is what a perfect 48 hours in this California city could look like.

Stay At The Canterbury Suites

Having a great 48 hours in Los Angeles will start with finding a cool and chic hotel.

L.A. isn't known for being a city where people walk a lot, but Trip Advisor says that there are restaurants close to The Canterbury Suites, and it's considered "great for walkers" so that's helpful. The hotel is located in Hollywood, which will be fun, and there's a beautiful courtyard that will make you feel like you're in a movie or on a TV show as many L.A. apartment buildings have one.

What's even better about this hotel is that you have a kitchen that you can use during your trip. If you stay in the Classic Studio, for instance, you'll have a coffeemaker, fridge, stovetop oven, toaster, microwave, and anything that you need to cook with along with plates and utensils.

Grab Tacos At Guisados And Check A Mix Of Healthy And Fun Restaurants

Just like New York City, Los Angeles is a city known for its delicious and diverse food. Travelers won't want to go home without trying some epic tacos, and Guisados is ranked very high on Trip Advisor.

Cafe Gratitude is a famous plant-based restaurant in L.A. that offers up really interesting takes on healthy food. There are a few different locations, including in San Diego if you're ever there as well. Order the Dazzling/Little Gems Caesar: the menu description says that it has "shiitake bacon, focaccia croutons, capers, brazil nut parmesan, dulse, cashew caesar dressing" or go for breakfast and get the "Open-Hearted / Buckwheat Flax Pancakes." According to Beth And Archer, guests are meant to say "I am Open-Hearted" if ordering those pancakes, and so on.

Chef's Table fans will want to go to Pizzeria Mozza, the restaurant from famous chef Nancy Silverton. Start with the Brussel Sprouts "with prosciutto breadcrumbs," then Nancy's Chopped Salad, then choose from many pizzas including Salame, Tomato, Mozzarella & Fresno Chiles.

Hang Out In Silver Lake

Silver Lake is a great area of L.A. to spend a morning or afternoon in. Niche.com explains that it has "an urban suburban mix feel." People on Reddit note that this is a "hipster" neighborhood.

There are a lot of ways to see Silver Lake: We Like LA recommends the Sunset Triangle Plaza Farmers Markets on Saturday and Tuesday or the Silver Lake Hills Stair Hike. Going up and down these stairs will be an interesting activity as you can't exactly say that you can do that every day.

Tourists always need coffee and Silver Lake is the perfect place to grab some. Scout is located on West Sunset Blvd and offers both delicious food and caffeinated beverages. Order Avocado Toast (with a seven-minute egg on it), Chia and Flax Porridge, or the Spicy Fried Chicken Sandwich. Get your caffeine fix with a Matcha, Cold Brew, Bulletproof Coffee, or Drip Coffee.

Go On A Hike And Check Out El Matador State Beach

Los Angeles residents are famous for hiking, and when you're spending 48 hours in this cool city, you'll definitely want to go hiking once.

Discover Los Angeles suggests Fryman Canyon Park which is 2.55 miles. You can also choose Caballero Canyon which is 3.4 miles. The website has some great advice for tourists who don't hike on a regular basis, such as making sure to wear sunscreen, have water, and bring your phone.

If the beach is calling your name, check out El Matador State Beach which is an hour-long drive from Los Angeles. It's recommended by The Crazy Tourist and there is a parking lot, which is convenient.

48 hours in Los Angeles is long enough to experience some tasty and trendy restaurants, explore nature by going hiking, walk on the beach, and check out the neighborhood of Silver Lake. Of course, you'll probably want to come back ASAP... and stay a few extra days next time.

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