From the country's best theme parks to some of its best beaches, Florida is always a top-trending hotspot. Orlando is usually at the center of it all, being a dream destination for kids and adults alike. Along with its tourist attractions, though, come its culinary offerings - and they're some of the best in the state. There are just some iconic foods that only Orlando is known for, and foodies will surely appreciate every single one of its best dishes. From traditional dishes to foods that have become iconic staples in Orlando culture, here's every dish that one should not miss out on.

9 Key Lime Pie

When visiting the Florida Keys, key lime pie is a must, but it's also a must for anyone visiting Orlando, too! This has become somewhat of the unofficial dessert of Florida, and it's easy to see why. While many places try to imitate it, no one quite serves up this sweet treat as Florida does, and Orlando has plenty of options when it comes to the best sweet-and-tart slice of key lime pie.

8 The Classic Cuban Sandwich

While the Cuban is associated more with Miami than Orlando, that doesn't mean one can't find the perfect sammie just outside of Disney World. Featuring tender roasted pork, ham, swiss, and pickles as the stars of this iconic sandwich, it's a must when visiting Florida. It's one of those dishes that can be found throughout the state, but visitors to Orlando will have no issue finding some of the best.

7 Anything With Meyer Lemons Or Oranges

As a whole, Florida is known for its citrus production and there's a seemingly never-ending list of Meyer lemon and orange food items on any given menu. Rather than avoid all things citrus, visitors should be embracing it - especially because the fruit is grown locally which gives everything a boost of flavor that truly can only be found in the Sunshine State. From bakeries to top-notch gourmet establishments and markets, visitors are sure to find their citrus fix in Orlando.

6 Alligator, Preferably Fried

While alligator is a dish that many would expect in a state such as Louisiana over Florida, it's not uncommon to find fried alligator on the menu in restaurants throughout Orlando. With a similar taste to chicken, alligator is less of a taboo dish and more one that's traditional, considering Florida's local reptile population. For those who are the first to try frog's legs in New Orleans, fried alligator is another unique dish that's worth giving a try when visiting Orlando.

5 Fresh Stone Crab

Florida is also known for its fresh seafood, especially out in the Keys. However, Orlando also brings to the table - quite literally - its own unique mix of dishes that include stone crab. Since there are strict harvesting laws in Florida regarding the catching of stone crabs, they are a true delicacy for anyone who can find them on a local menu. When caught, only the claws of the stone crab are allowed to be harvested which means only a certain number of stone crab claws end up on menus throughout the season. The meat itself is sweet and tender, almost buttery in texture, which makes it a high commodity!

4 Conch, A Classic Dish

Conch is another food that's usually found throughout the Keys but can be found in Orlando, as well. Since the conch is found in abundance around Florida, it's not nearly as rare to find as stone crab is. Conch is usually served in one of two ways: in ceviche, and as a conch fritter. These are presented simply with a squeeze of lemon and some sauce on the side and are easily found in Orlando and the surrounding area.

3 Dole Whip

Those who are visiting Orlando might also be visiting Disney World, at which there's one sweet treat people can't get enough of: Dole Whip. This pineapple-flavored frozen treat has a solid reputation for being one of the best, and most iconic, Orlando foods, and it's easy to see why. Some might think that it's overrated - until they try it, and realize that it's practically heaven in a cup.

2 Grouper

One of two fish that are local to Florida's waters includes grouper, which is commonly fried up and served with a squeeze of lemon. Those dining out won't have an issue finding this one, especially if they're choosing one of Orlando's many seafood restaurants. Grouper is also likely to be seasoned with either blackening spice or served up in a sandwich, so there are a variety of ways to try it.

1 Snapper

Yet another popular fish option in Florida is snapper, which is also commonly found throughout Orlando's seafood restaurants. This tender fish is slightly sweet and is usually served with citrus, but nothing too overpowering since it does have a delicate flavor.