Summer is the peak period of travel for most destinations, and in the case of Iceland, it’s no different. Although every season in the Nordic country has something to offer, traveling in summer has a variety of advantages. Keep reading to find out why Iceland is the perfect summer destination.

The Weather Is Mild (And Perfect For Being Active)

There’s Plenty Of Time For Sightseeing

A Variety Of Creatures Can Be Spotted In Iceland During The Summer Months

Iceland In Summer Is Ideal For Camping

A once-in-a-lifetime experience that all visitors to Iceland should consider is camping. This is one of the best countries to camp in thanks to its dramatic and unique scenery. Camp in Iceland and you’ll be surrounded by picturesque vistas that you can explore at your own pace.


Naturally, camping in summer tends to be safer than camping when the weather is colder, due to the hazards stemming from the harsh winter climate. But the range of areas that you can access in winter is also drastically reduced.

When you camp in Iceland during summer, more waterfalls are accessible and there are fewer hiking trails that have been closed off. It’s true that a snow-covered landscape is a magnificent sight, but seeing the fresh green grasses of Iceland in summer is also beautiful.

Only Open In Summer, Iceland’s Many Museums Are Fascinating

Many travelers visit Iceland to absorb the country’s outstanding natural beauty. But there are also plenty of indoor attractions that are worth seeing. The country is home to a selection of fascinating museums that showcase its captivating history, and many of these tend to close throughout the winter.The Árnessysla Heritage Museum, the Bobbie Fischer Center, Petra’s Stone Collection, the Icelandic Wartime Museum, the Technical Museum of East Iceland, the Múlastofa Cultural Center, the Old Farmhouse, the Icelandic Folk and Outsider Art Museum, the Icelandic Aviation Museum, the Herring Era Museum, the Icelandic Emigration Center, and the Museum of Prophecies are just some of the country’s museums that close during the winter months.The exhibits in these museums paint a detailed picture of the history and culture of Iceland and are not to be missed!NEXT: South Africa, Iceland, And 15 Other Places Joey King Vacationed