Imagine staying in a cozy glass igloo. Staying in igloo hotels is something that is not usually done by those who want to travel for leisure or take a vacation. Remember tiny houses that became a big trend in the past years? Well, who would have thought that it has evolved and has now moved into the field of travel and tourism? The Ice Hotel Quebec is one of the very few igloo hotels that offer a unique experience like nothing that you have ever witnessed before. True, it may not be your traditional kind of vacation. But it is worth checking off your bucket list!


The Ice Hotel in Quebec, commonly known as Hotel de Glacé, is like a beautiful castle made of ice. Come to think of it, it is spacious so it is not technically considered an igloo because this is significantly larger. But a magical place the size of a regular establishment is something that every tourist or vacationer would want to go to.

This hotel is in the very heart of Quebec being the perfect city of winter snow. Since this is quite a very unique experience, it is important to take note of important guidelines before you decide to have a vacation stay in this hotel that is entirely made of ice. After all, the following are the only reasons why you need to visit the Quebec Ice Hotel.

Experience A Short Escape Away From The Main City Of Quebec

Aside from it being the only existing ice hotel found in North America, it is also one that is closest to Quebec City. In fact, it only takes 30 minutes before you get to the Ice Hotel from Quebec. So, if you want a quick escape to a magical place from your usual day-to-day activity, Ice Hotel Quebec is the place to go!

Unlike other vacation places where you can spend a few days or more, a visit to Quebec’s Ice Hotel should be as brief as possible. At most, one can only stay for a night and no more.

Remember that a stay in the Ice Hotel is to enjoy the experience of staying in a one-of-a-kind hotel. But the atmosphere is not really conducive for human living, especially for long periods of time.

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Appreciate The Aesthetics

The Hotel de Glacé is really unlike any other. As the next winter approaches, a new theme is being introduced to the hotel. So every year, you get to revel in the different architectural designs of the hotel. Each year is as impressive as the next. So, once you get to step on the entrance of this hotel, you might not help but be overwhelmed by the astounding architecture that will always awe and inspire you year after year.

Since you are entering a work of art, there is an orientation seminar before visitors proceed to stay for the night. And this orientation is as important as surviving an unfamiliar environment. While most people think that this part is inconsequential, one should make a deliberate and conscious effort to attend. For all you know, your key to actually enjoying your stay at the Ice Hotel lies in the knowledge that you will be gaining from the session.

At the same, you get to meet other visitors who are also eager to have the same experience as you do.

Revel In An Exceptional Way To Enjoy Your Food And Drinks

Cocktails are best served cold. But this time, cocktails are served cold in a much different way than you expect. And it is a surprisingly enjoyable way for you to have your cocktails.

What’s best about sipping your cocktails in the ice hotel is that you have ice glasses where you enjoy your cocktails from.

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Discover The Grand Hall

If you think that the architecture of the hotel is enough to delight your senses, wait until you see the Grand Hall. The Grand Hall is one area in the Ice Hotel that is practically filled with great ice sculptures. A visit to this area is like a visit to the museum. There are great works of art that you can see- and they are made of ice!

Take A Big Slide And Enjoy The Experience

When there’s ice, admit it, it is always tempting to take a slide on it. In the Ice Hotel Quebec, you get to finally do what you’ve always wanted to do even when you were a kid. Just make sure you wear the right attire, it is guaranteed that you will enjoy the whole experience.

As mentioned, every year, the design of the whole artwork in the hotel changes. But the ice slide will always remain- but only in a different style or design. Either way, you get to be a child again and experience a snow-full of fun and laughter.

The ice sculptures, food, and the experience will convince you that even though your stay in the Ice Hotel is short, it is something that will never be forgotten for the rest of your life! It is indeed a wonderful and unique experience that no common tourist destination can offer. So the next time you get the chance to visit Quebec, why not spend 30 minutes traveling to this place and get to experience the reasons why it’s great to visit the Hotel de Glacé.

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