Clubbing is one of the things people do to get their minds off things. A way to let go and just be happy. However, there are parties, and then there are real parties. That's where Ibiza comes in. Ibiza is an archipelago of Spain among the Balearic islands. The island is located in the Mediterranean sea and is notorious for its bustling nightlife to the point that summer outposts are held by most European nightclubs there. Ibiza is also home to beautiful beaches and some quiet villages. We will be discussing how to spend the weekend clubbing in Ibiza.


For an optimal Ibiza experience, it is imperative that visitors have a clue on the necessary things to know in order to have the perfect Clubbing in Ibiza. To begin with, how about we start will a place to stay.

Where To Stay

The location of choice really depends on the side of Ibiza you are there for. But since you're here for the clubbing, provided below is a place to stay for a proper clubbing experience in Ibiza for the weekend.

Ibiza Rocks Hotel

The Ibiza Rocks Hotel is the perfect place to stay for a full-on clubbing experience in Ibiza as it is a clubbing hotel. The hotel is a top choice throughout San Antonio. The Ibiza Rocks Hotel features a large, loud pool party. Witness world-renowned DJs, intense bands, and some celebrities such as Craig David as well as Stormzy. For occupants of the hotel, free access is granted to every single party held there. Depending on your budget, there exists a wide range of accommodation options. Some give you a view of the party from a rooftop terrace.

Hotel Highlights

  • Elevators are accessible
  • The hotel has a Spa
  • Fast and Free WiFi available
  • Features Poolside bar
  • Effective Room service
  • Locker
  • 24 hours front desk
  • Cheapest price per room: $175 per night

Best Clubs To Visit During The Weekend In Ibiza

When planning your clubbing weekend in Ibiza, it is imperative that you know the best clubs that will fulfill your clubbing desires. Two of the best clubs have been provided for you below.

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Amnesia Nightclub

Formerly known as one of the best clubs in the world, the Amnesia nightclub takes the clubbing experience to a whole new level. It opens at night and runs till morning so there is no rush here. The Amnesia club has the ability to accommodate over 4,000 and is known to feature renowned DJs such as Paul Van Dyk. The Amnesia nightclub is known to host the popular Cream Parties which usually take place on Thursday nights. The popular Portuguese footballer Christiano Ronaldo has also made an appearance at the nightclub.

Need To Know

  • Tickets: Most parties at the Amnesia nightclub cost between €25 to €60
  • Water cost: €9
  • A bear cost: €13
  • Mixers alongside spirit carry a price tag of €18 or more so be ready

Pacha Nightclub

Arriving in Ibiza in the year 1973, the Pacha nightclub is easily one of the best on the planet and is open throughout the year. Pocha features the well-known Australian DJ Saraj Main. The Pacha nightclub was initially established in 1967 on Stiges beach. However, this nightclub might be pricey for a few.

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Need To Know

  • Tickets: Pacha nightclub costs around €60
  • A bear costs €13

What To Wear To Clubs In Ibiza For Weekends

Ibiza is not only known for its nightlife and clubbing, the island is also known for its dressing style. And by that, we mean the kind of dressing suitable for the Ibiza club. However, the choice of clothing shouldn't be an issue because we got you covered as Ibiza could be the easiest destination to pack for. you do not have to worry about being overdressed or underdressed because either work in Ibiza. In Ibiza, no one cares how you dress. How about a few suggestions from us.

  • Shorts are your friend
  • Pretty much any light dress works
  • Sunglasses wouldn't hurt to carry along

The above is obvious dresses and you can add whatever you want to the list, It's Ibiza, any dress works. When clubbing in Ibiza, you can wear the craziest of dresses and have the best weekend of your life. Unless you are going for work purposes then we can't guarantee how much fun you will be getting.

If a VIPs party is what you seek, then the Ibiza island is the place for you as it not only provides the ultimate clubbing experience, Ibiza has a way of making you forget life's problems. So enjoy your weekend in Ibiza and make the most amazing memories.

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