Vacationing pundits into the sand, surf and the nightclub scene with a touch of hedonism thrown in will tell you the real parties in Ibiza run from May until October, meaning the island of 130,000 usually spends about seven months in the off-season bracing itself for the impact of international invaders.

Ibiza types tend to be loaded more with estrogen and testosterone than other travelers, though, meaning that the activity is more hormonally-driven than at most other destinations. You'll find no shortage of vacationers talking about the scenery they've come across, such as unfettered sunbathers and clubbers seeking vacant interior real estate for some friskiness beyond the neon decor and techno din.


The island's more conservative residents have managed to get the island government to impose alcohol restrictions, noise limits and balcony partying, much to the consternation of travel agents who book the party destination.

More tolerant locals tend to go with the flow, however, but usually have to wait out those dormant months before the action shifts into high gear. With March and April dedicated to finalizing and promoting the DJ lineup at Ibiza's clubs, a lot of them seek party atmospheres that consistently run in the fast lane year-round. Fortunately for those fun-seekers, major centers hosting that activity aren't too far away.

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Bring it on, Barcelona

There's a lot of bang for the Barcelona buck, so to speak, when it comes to taking the pulse of the city's club vibe since the city's electronic dance music scene seems to go hand in hand with its irreverent take on culture. The biggest attraction in Barcelona is Razzmatazz, which houses five venues for genres as diverse as techno, house and even pop classics. Just as active is MOOG, which even keeps its doors open during the holidays and packs the floor with electro beats from dusk until dawn.

Those who prefer a side of tapas to live tunes flock to Sala Apolo, which stages acts from indie upstarts to established pop stars. Pacha Barcelona hosts a variety of high-profile DJs in an ornate environment, which warrants them to prefer guests to dress to the nines for the occasion. Then there's the jet setting exclusivity of Eclipse, located on the 26th floor of a downtown building where bumping into celebrities tends to be a regular thing.

Fun times in Formentera

Immediately south and less risque than Ibiza, yet having its unique take on after-hours entertainment, Formentera boasts more than a club culture to draw partiers. The big attraction is the beach parties such as the Blue Bar fiesta in Playa Mitjorn and another lively regular gathering at Illetes Beso Beach. Those tend to start rather quietly early in the evening but tend to get pretty lively as the night goes on.

Otherwise, for another taste of the Formentera scene, highly recommended is a club crawl along the city's main promenade, such as Tipic, which sometimes features Cocoon nights featuring German DJ Sven Väth. Also, animated for its nightlife spirit is Bananas & Co. where patrons get down and go... bananas. And anyone with a hankering for the oldies a la Pink Floyd or Bob Marley, Fonda Pepe can fill that retro void.

Mayhem in Menorca

Just a couple islands northeast of Ibiza is Menorca and Mahon is the spot's heart of urban dance culture. Most of the action takes place along the harborfront, which adds a bit of charm all its own. A prime destination for millennials is H20, known for its mix of dance culture, which doesn't swing open its doors until midnight. Close by and just as current when it comes to the music lineup is Akalarre, which does reserve Thursday nights for some live jazz and blues.

Elsewhere, more high-end patrons tend to head to clubs where the music isn't as contemporary and the cocktails lean towards the more expensive end. Preferring to cater more to exoticism than the sweatier energy of the younger set are bars like Latitud 40, La Falua, La Mar, Mambo and Tse Tse.

Party on in Palma de Mallorca

Sandwiched between Ibiza and Menorca is Mallorca, which certainly can match the club spirit of Ibiza, albeit on a smaller scale. A few of the nightclubs are elaborate operations and on several nightlife pundits' top 100 lists of best clubs in the world.

Two must-visits include Titos Mallorca, which boasts an elaborate interior, heavy-duty sound system and interesting sideshows like dancers on swingsets suspended from the ceiling. Not to be outdone, Santorini Mallorca recently upgraded its interior to include terraced dancefloors and high-tech lighting.

Still, the biggest club remains Stage by BCM, an outdoor center which has hosted shows by DJ bigwigs like Steve Aoki and Martin Garrix. and if you're looking for one of the largest beer gardens in Europe (aside from Germany, of course), Megapark is a choice destination for suds and sounds.

Vibrancy in Valencia

While most DJs tend to stick to the tried and true, Valencia clubs tend to host those who lean toward the experimental side. And because the city doesn't have a main drag, the clubs are scattered around the metropolis, making a crawl more of a challenge.

That said, there are plenty of options in Valencia, like La3, a more alternative club that can get so packed, online advanced tickets are highly recommended. Electronic and techno is still a mainstream draw at Barraca, which has been packing in regulars for more than 50 years, while L'Umbrackle brings in the folks for an outdoor art gallery experience to go with the high-decibel dance tunes.

Right next door to the open-air venue is Mya, which sometimes doubles as a space for fashion shows, probably the best place in the city to engage in spotting celebrities.

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