The Summer 2018 Corgi Beach Day, organized by So Cal Corgi Nation, will be held this Saturday at Huntington Beach in California. The annual Corgi extravaganza will feature 950 cuddly pups for what is known on social media as the #biggestcorgipartyontheplanet.

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The beach party, which was preceded by Corgi Con in San Francisco this past weekend, attracts Corgi enthusiasts from across the Golden State, who bring along their faithful companions to participate in costume contests, races, and general beachside revelry. Led by guest of honor, Mr. Pickles, the group gathers three times a year in the spring, summer and fall for a So Cal Corgi Beach Day, featuring “Corgi meet-and-greets, doggie limbo contests, photo ops, vendors, food trucks, giveaways, Corgi costumes, talent contests, and much more.”


The event began in 2012 with just 15 Corgis. The last meet up in Huntington Beach attracted more than a thousand Corgis from around the world. So Cal Corgi Nation partners with Queen's Best Stumpy Dog Rescue, a local Corgi and Corgi mix rescue devoted to special needs Corgis from Southern California’s high kill shelters, which has rescued over 60 dogs since 2013. Proceeds from the event benefit the rescue, which strives to "save lowriders, one bark at the time."

Corgis, officially known as Welsh Corgis, originated in Wales, UK, in 1925. There are two separate breeds: the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the Cardigan Welsh Corgi. In 1933, the first Welsh Corgis were brought to the US by breeder Lewis Roesler, who owned the Merriedip Kennels in the Berkshire Hills of Massachusetts. Roesler had bought a Pembroke Corgi, named Little Madam, at London's Paddington Station for £12. Little Madam was mated with Captain William Lewis. The first American litter was registered in 1934 by Mr. E.M. Tidd, who had purchased a Corgi named Toots in Canada, in Oakland, California.

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The first annual SoCal Corgi Nationals was held in Santa Anita on May 27. The event featured hundreds of corgis who participated in races and other activities. The event also included “corgi-centric vendors, food and drink, and carnival rides.” For more information on this weekend's event, visit