WWE Hall of Famer and manager Jimmy Hart were on their way to Saudi Arabia for Thursday's Crown Jewel event, but their plane was forced to make an emergency landing in Iceland.

According to TMZ, there was "serious damage" in the plane's brakes and tires during the Tuesday flight. That forced the plane to make an unexpected and frightening landing. Nobody was reported to have been seriously injured.

"Just had a really hard landing," Hulk said in a video released by TMZ. "blew out the tires and brakes have melted."


The report from TMZ also outlined that all the passengers were still "expected to make it" to the event in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Crown Jewel will be held at King Fahd International Stadium.

Hogan added that a friend from Minnesota arrived at the airport, offering the WWE talents the chance to come aboard his plane so that they could reach their destination. Thankfully, everyone wound up being just fine.

The WWE Hall of Famer will be part of a major 10-man tag team match at Crown Jewel. Five superstars will be fighting for Team Hogan: Roman Reigns, Ali, Shorty G, Ricochet and Rusev. They'll go up against a team fighting on behalf of the Nature Boy, Ric Flair.

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Team Flair consists of King Corbin, Drew McIntyre, Shinsuke Nakamura, Randy Orton and Bobby Lashley. Whether or not Hogan and/or Flair wind up getting somewhat involved in the match from a physical standpoint is anyone's guess.

Crown Jewel will mark the fourth pay-per-view event that WWE puts on in Saudi Arabia, dating back to the Apr. 27, 2018 Greatest Royal Rumble event. Crown Jewel (which took place on Nov. 2, 2018) and Super ShowDown (June 7, 2019) were the other events that took place here.

Hogan has made sporadic appearances in WWE over the past few months, including a return at the July 22 episode of Raw. He's also been present, along with Flair, to build up their 5-on-5 match for Thursday.

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