It's easy to associate travel with Trip Advisor. The company was founded in 2000 and since then, it has been such a simple and wonderful way to find out information about a particular destination. Whether you're going on a cruise, want to stay at a five-star resort in a warm climate, or are heading to a city, you can always discover new things that you didn't even know that you were searching for.

While there have always been people who have been bitten by the travel bug and can never go enough new places, there hasn't always been such an awesome resource.


Read on to find out how travel has changed in just 10 years, thanks to Trip Advisor.

It's A One-Stop Shop For Reviews, Photos, Flights, And Suggestions On Activities

Before Trip Advisor, you would have to go to a few different places if you wanted to see reviews of hotels and photos of what those places actually look like. It's awesome that everything is in one place, and this allows travelers to save time and get all the advice that they want in just a few hours spent browsing the site. It's so much more streamlined and convenient than opening up a bunch of browsers.

Also, before this site existed, when you wanted to book a flight and see what deals were offered, you could only go to a specific airline's website. Or if you found a great website that had cheap flights, you couldn't find all of the other stuff that Trip Advisor offers, such as reviews, photos, and more.

Trip Advisor also has a great section called "Things To Do" where you can find all kinds of activities offered in the destination of your choosing. Click on this section at the top of the home page and type in a city or country. For example, when choosing Boston, you can see various categories (museums, outdoor activities, cruises) and then there are links to actual tours: the History Tour Pub Crawl of The Freedom Trail, Tour of Historic Fenway Park, and more.

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You Can See Recent And Old Reviews, Allowing You To Make An Informed Decision

Sometimes an Internet search brings up reviews for a hotel, restaurant, or anything else related to the trip that you're about to take. And while that's great, you can't always distinguish between newer and older reviews, which can make it tough to believe the information.

Before Trip Advisor, the only way that you could find out if a hotel, restaurant, or activity was going to be good was if you knew someone who had been there. And you might not want to go on the same types of trips as your family, friends,  and co-workers, which would make their opinions tough to listen to.

For example, on the Trip Advisor page for the Izla Hotel in Mexico, there are many reviews from February 2020 (with some as recent as February 17th and 18th), and you can go to page 75 and see reviews from December 2017.

The Negative Comments Stay Up And Might Stop People From Staying At A Hotel

Even though this is such a great resource, it does seem worth mentioning that this site has changed travel in another way: by allowing negative comments to stay up.

If someone has written a review of a restaurant or hotel that isn't completely fair (for example, perhaps they were in a bad mood that day or were being unfairly demanding), then that review will stay up there. And that might not be super helpful for the managers and employees who might be trying their best to deliver a great guest or customer experience. For example, as someone posted on Reddit, "I don't really trust tripadvisor for hostel reviews since a lot are negative. I think a lot of people on there have higher expectations than me even beyond what is reasonable for the price. I mostly use it for comments about the location and feeling of safety instead of quality."

If there are a lot of comments saying not to stay at a certain hotel, then it makes sense that a lot of travelers would decide against staying there. That has definitely changed travel since it might not be great for a place's reputation.

There are many ways that travel has changed in the past decade, all thanks to Trip Advisor. Some things are positive, like the fact that travelers can find tons of information on a city, country, hotel, or restaurant. Other things might be a bit tricky, like when there are negative comments about a hotel that might not be super true.

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