Cancún is Mexico’s most recognized paradise. The city was built from pristine beaches and jungles, mainly for luxury travel. Millions of people visit Cancún every year to enjoy its incredibly large coral reefs and marvelous white-sand beaches. Anyone who visits this beautiful Mexico destination will be amazed by the pleasant weather and will never want to return from there. From swimming on the most magical beaches in the city and exploring the Mayan ruins of Chichén Itzà to witnessing El Rey Maya ruins and visiting the El Meco archaeological sites, people will never run out of activities and attractions when spending a vacation in Cancún. However, a unique activity anyone enjoys in the Mexican city is diving in the Cancún Underwater Museum. Here is what to know about visiting this splendid place in Cancún.


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Here’s How The Cancún Museum Of Underwater Art Was Started

One of the most notable and renowned conservation projects in the world was launched in 2009. Its objective was to bring into existence an artificial reef and help recover marine life in the Isla Mujeres and Cancún areas. That is the Cancún Museum of Underwater Art or MUSA. The latter can be found in the area surrounding Cancún, under the waters of the Mexican Caribbean Sea. Around MUSA, people can also find Punta Nizuc and Isla Mujeres.

Visitors to the Cancún Museum of Underwater Art enjoy recreational diving activities, thanks to the historical sculptures found 30 feet deep under the waters. Both beginner and advanced divers can enjoy this fascinating place.

The sculptures, which can be found at the bottom of the sea inside the museum, reach a number of 500, where they stimulate the growth of different species of marine life, including coral reefs. These works of art are also there for tourists to enjoy while diving.

Here’s What To Do At The Cancún Museum Of Underwater Art

Visitors to the Underwater Museum of Art in Cancún can experience the attraction in three different ways. They can do it through snorkeling or scuba diving, which is possible for beginners and certified divers. Another option is to explore the museum on board a glass-bottom boat or through a Jungle Tour. The MUSA official website allows anyone to book any of these tours directly. Other tour operators also provide the opportunity to benefit from this service. However, those unsure which private tour operator to choose are encouraged to book their tours through the official MUSA website.

  • Diving tours cost: People who want to enjoy a 5-hour diving tour from Cancún at the Underwater Museum of Art in the city expect to pay $145 per person. This applies to both certified and non-certified divers. On the other hand, those who want to take a diving tour from Isla Mujeres will pay between $115 and $155. Choosing a suitable diving tour depends on one’s personal preferences, what works best for them, and familiarity with water sports.

People expect to have a diving instructor for supervision and basic equipment available during diving tours. Children under the age of 12 cannot participate in these tours unless adults accompany them.

The Caribbean Ocean features crystal-clear waters that give its visitors the opportunity to witness its majestic art from a distance. This is why people who want to enjoy the magnificent sculptures at the Underwater Museum of Art in Cancún can do so by booking a snorkel tour. The latter is most suitable for younger visitors and families who face difficulties in diving.

  • Recommended: Visitors are advised to partake in same-day training on snorkeling safety, where they can practice in shallow pools before hitting the galleries.

Snorkeling tours cost: People who want to participate in a snorkeling tour at the MUSA expect to pay between $47 and $70 per person.

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Here’s What To Know About Experiencing MUSA Onboard A Glass-Bottom Boat

Visitors to the MUSA will enjoy taking the glass bottom boat tour, where they will have the chance to observe the marine life in Punta Nizuc’s reef, which constitutes a part of the second-largest reef in the world, the Great Mayan Reef. People can also enjoy the magical underwater landscape without getting wet by taking a trip to the sea bottom aboard a glass-bottom boat. Another unique option is to book a tour that includes snorkeling with the glass bottom boat experience.

  • Glass bottom boat tour cost: People expect to pay between $47 and $70 for the MUSA glass-bottom boat tour.

The Jungle Tour lets lovers of adrenaline-filled adventures explore the Nichupté lagoon and Cancún’s mangroves. An experienced guide will be available throughout this tour to direct people all the way while driving their own boat.

  • Jungle Tour cost: People expect to pay $70 per person for the 3-hour Jungle Tour at the MUSA.

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