In Lisse, Netherlands, you can find the world's largest flower garden. Its name is Keukenhof which can be translated to “Kitchen Garden” and it is widely known as the Garden of Europe. With Europe being the home of so many stunning sights, it must be something wonderful to deserve that name. Taking up a massive 32 hectares of land, once a hunting ground in the 15th century, a variety of seven million flowers bloom here every year. The gardens are only viewable for a short time in the Spring. This short window, fortunately, coincides with a great time to visit the Netherlands and is a once and a lifetime experience.


The Keukenhof Botanical Garden in Lisse, Netherlands

Established in 1949, the original purpose was as a means of stimulating the local economy. The mayor at the time desired to help the Dutch export industry by creating this exhibit. It was a showcase where both local and European flower growers could display their hybrids. The gardens only open for a short time every year, typically from late March to late May, if you can plan your trip accordingly you should be able to witness their grandeur. The reason for this short window is because of the short time from which its millions of tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths are at their peak beauty. If you can make the journey to the Keukenhof, here are the different locations inside the gardens and what can be expected.

The Juliana Pavilion

This is the oldest pavilion in the park. Its exhibit consists of an outdoor terrace where visitors can refresh with coffee and snacks.

The Wilhelmina Pavilion

This is perhaps one of the most aesthetic locations in the park being located right on the pond. Here, visitors are able to enjoy a meal of authentic Dutch dishes in a comfortable atmosphere.

The Small Pancake Pavilion

Located next to the playground, this pavilion serves up delicious little pancakes. Not surprisingly, this pavilion is popular with visitors that have young children.

The Tea Pavilion

Here, stunning views of the flowers fields are enjoyed with a diversity of teas and snacks.

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Local Accommodation

The city of Lisse is home to a variety of quality hotels to accommodate its many visitors. Here are the top three hotels recommended for those looking to stay in or near the city.

Bed & Breakfast Pergamo

Outside the city of Lisse, but still, just 1.9 miles from Keukenhof, Bed & Breakfast Pergamo offers a lovely and comfortable accommodation to visitors of the area. Located in a remodeled hundred-year-old converted bulb shed, Bed & Breakfast Pergamo is surrounded by bulb fields that would be flowering at the time any traveler would be visiting Keukenhof.

  • Address - Loosterweg 14, 2215 TM Voorhout The Netherlands
  • How to Book -
  • Cost Per Night - $157
  • Guest Rating - 5
  • Accommodations - Sauna, Spa, Free Breakfast

Bed & Breakfast De Vier Seizoenen

Located just 0.8 miles from the Keukenhof, Bed & Breakfast De Vier Seizoenen is highly rated by its visitors as well as conveniently located. Their goal is to provide you with a “home away from home” and their returning customers are a testament to their success.

  • Address - Heereweg 224, 2161 BR Lisse The Netherlands
  • How to Book -
  • Cost Per Night - $90
  • Guest Rating - 4.5
  • Accommodations - Restaurant, Wine/Champagne

De Engel - Restaurant-Hotel-Cafe-Business &Events

Accommodating both large groups and small, this eleven-room hotel is 1.9 miles from Keukenhof and offers a range of accommodations that are friendly to events and gatherings.

  • Address - Heereweg 386, 2161 DG Lisse The Netherlands
  • How to Book -
  • Cost Per Night - $82
  • Guest Rating - 4
  • Accommodations - Children Activities (Kid / Family Friendly), Bar/Lounge, Conference facilities

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Local Dining

Aside from the dining inside Keukenhof itself, you may want to check out some dining fare available in the beautiful city of Lisse. Here are the top three local dining locations outside Keukenhof.

Het Oude Dykhuys

This is the fine dining recommendation and as a Michelin star restaurant, it delivers with a delicious blend of French and Dutch flavors and a focus on seafood.

  • Address - Lisserdijk 567, 2165 AL Lisserbroek The Netherlands
  • Contact - +31 252 413 905
  • Cost - $$$$
  • Must-Try - Eel Bavoius with Beetroot Sorbet
  • Menu

Ristorante Il Mulino

Ristorante Il Mulino offers a great dining experience that brings Italian flavor to the Dutch city of Lisse. Enjoy their Mediterranean style and delicious seafood.

  • Address - Heereweg 194, 2161 BP Lisse The Netherlands
  • Contact - +31 6 28181148
  • Cost - $$-$$$
  • Must-Try - Pasta with Seafood
  • Menu

Como & Co

Como & Co offers a wonderful value for their delicious and quality meals. With a great location by the water, it is easy to enjoy a meal here.

  • Address - Boekhorsterweg 18, 2211 AL Noordwijkerhout The Netherlands
  • Contact - +31 6 40920582
  • Cost - $
  • Must-Try - Comoburger
  • Menu