Nordkapp is the (more or less) northernmost point in mainland Europe and is situated in the northern extreme of Norway. If you are thinking of touring Norway and driving the full length of this utterly stunning country, then be sure to check out Nordkapp. It is a dramatic and bleak but picturesque landscape deep in the Arctic Circle gazing out into the Arctic Ocean. Nordkapp (literally "North Cape") is in the northernmost Norwegian province of Norway called Finmark. Nordkapp is just one of the reasons to visit Norway.


The climate at Nordkapp is classified as subarctic (even though it is deep in the Arctic Circle, the Norwegian coastline is warmed by the Gulf Stream). The summers are short and cool and the daily mean temperature in the height of summer is around 10 °C or 50 °F. The North Cape plateau is regarded as having a tundra climate and the landscapes are completely barren of trees.

  • Opening Hours (High Season): 18 May - 17 August 11.00 am - 1.00 am
  • Opening Hours (Low Season): 1 January - 17 May 11.00 am - 15.00 pm
  • Admission Fee: Adult - 260 Norwegian Kroner ($30)
  • Latitude: 71°10′21″N (Fairbanks In Alaska, By Contrast, Is Only 64.8378° N)

About Nordkapp

While many people just come and visit for a few hours and then move on. There are other activities in the region including hiking and Arctic safaris. In the winter you can go on snowmobile tours to explore the Arctic.

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One should think of Nordkapp more as the end destination and not THE destination in Norway (don't forget to visit the stunning Trolltunga or "Troll's Tongue"). You can have an epic holiday in Norway and explore many stunning fjords, mountains, and villages along its super long coastline. You can regard Nordkapp as the terminus of this adventure. If you are thinking of exploring your way up the Peninsula through the numerous fjords, then consider the more direct and forested route south through Sweden.

Honningsvåg And Accommodations

The small town of Honningsvag is the northern settlement and gateway a short drive from Nordkapp. It is a classically colorful settlement with many of the dwellings here painted in bright colors. From here is it only a short drive to Nordkapp. The main economic activities of Honningsvag are tourism and fishing.

  • Population Of Honningsvag: 2,484
  • What To Bring: Warm Clothes - It's Chilly Even In The Height Of Summer With Unending Daylight

If you are thinking of staying in Honningsvag, then there are a range of accommodation options and these start from around $80 per night. It is cheapest to stay at holiday homes or at cabins at camping grounds here.

  • Arctic Hotel Nordkapp: Single Room Starting From $100 Per Night
  • Scandic Honningsvag Hotel: Single Room Starting From $145 Per Night

This is the far north and so it is the land of the Sami people. You will see scores of reindeer in this region on the roads and grazing everywhere.

  • When To Go, Option #1: High Summer (To Enjoy The View)
  • When To Go, Option #2: Winter (To See The Northern Lights)

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Unless you are looking to see the northern lights, then the best time to visit Nordkapp is in the height of summer. Remember, Nordkapp is in the Arctic Circle meaning that in the height of summer, the sun never sets and so it will always be bright out. While in the depth of winter you will never see the sun at all.

Infrastructure At Nordkapp And Getting There

In order to service such a large number of tourists to such a remote destination, the local infrastructure is well developed. At Honningsvag, there is a regional airport for those who wish to fly in and not take the long drive up the top. This airport is only around 20 miles from the cape and receives flights from other Norwegian cities like Tromso.

  • Tip: Norway Is Famous (Or Infamous) For Being Expensive

There is a large visitor center at Nordkapp. This visitor center boasts fantastic views. It also has a great restaurant and cafe for those needing refreshment on the Arctic and an informative museum down in the basement.

  • Tip: Gasoline Prices Are Among The World's Highest In Norway
  • Fun Fact: The Sale Of New Gasoline Or Desiel Cars Will Be Banned In Norway From 2025 (Only Fully Electric Cars After Then)

There are numerous bus tours to Nordkapp, alternatively, you can just drive yourself there. There is a large parking lot at the visitor center. If you are planning on driving yourself then be aware of the sheer distances in Norway. If you are flying into the capital Oslo and plan on driving. Then taking the shortest route through Sweden it is some 2,000 kilometers or 1,250 miles and 25 hours of driving to reach this extremity of Norway - and considerably longer if you take the route through Norway itself.

One company that offers tours to Nordkapp from Honningsvag is North Cape Tours.

  • Tour From Honningsvag To Nordkapp: 845 Norwegian Krone ($96)
  • Winter Tour: 990 Norwegian Krone ($115)

Norway offers one of the easiest ways to explore the Arctic and some of the best infrastructure in the world. It is very difficult to explore the high Arctic from Canada and Alaska due to a lack of road infrastructure. But that is not an issue on the Scandinavian Peninsula.

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