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Miami has been an iconic vacation destination for many years, and it hosts several athletes, celebrities, and artists. Its incredible beaches and world-recognized bars attract visitors from all corners of the planet. When touring Miami, travelers will find it too easy to spend cash around because of all the colorful things the city boasts of. Considered an adult playground, the city is brimming with pricey cocktails, and luxury sports cars and one won't struggle to find top-notch accommodation for staying overnight. With all the wonderful attractions Florida’s best city has to offer, tourists may think it isn’t possible to visit it on a budget. Well, there is a way. Here is how to visit Miami while still saving money.


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The Cheapest Way Of Getting To Miami

Driving to Miami is the most affordable option for getting to Miami from the U.S., as it will save visitors on transportation costs. If driving is not in one’s plans, then flying is the best option. One can use two of Miami's airports; Fort Lauderdale Airport (FLL) and Miami International Airport (MIA). The airports also offer international transport services to visitors traveling from other countries. The most popular airline is American Airlines.

  • The average time it takes to fly to Miami: is two hours 56, minutes
  • The most affordable month to fly to Miami: July
  • The lowest amount on flights: $40

Tips For Catching The Cheapest Flights To Miami

  • Make use of third-party websites, such as skyscanner.com to know the most affordable flight deals available. The sites offer information on the flight costs of different airlines.
  • Fly to Miami during off-peak days. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the most budget-friendly days to travel to and from Florida’s best city. Being a top destination for weekend getaways, traveling between Thursdays and Sundays will be expensive. The busiest months in the city are also the costliest times to travel. Miami is busiest from January to April.

The Best Budget-Friendly Time To Visit Miami

For the best deals on flights, accommodations, and even attractions, travelers should try and visit Miami during the off-tourist season, which runs from July to October. This is also the time Miami is likely to be hit by the hurricane, so many travelers won’t be around. The weather is hot and humid, and the city experiences rains at least once a day. Because travelers avoid touring Florida’s best city in the hurricane season, it is the best time for vacationers looking to stay on a budget.

Avoid visiting Miami during the big festivals, as the town gets overcrowded and things get costly. One of Miami’s biggest festivals is Art Basel, running from November 30 to December 5th.

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Finding The Cheapest Accommodation In Miami

Miami is a world-recognized destination for the best hotels. Travelers looking to stay cheap in the city should go for off-the-beaten-path options. North Beach is one of the places to find affordable hotels. Here, travelers can use the rideshare app to get around the area. Booking an Airbnb is another affordable option for finding accommodation in Miami. There are numerous budget private rooms available on Airbnb. There are also several hostels to spend some nights in the city. Generator Miami is one of the most interesting, but affordable.

  • Best Budget Hotels: Rodeway Inn Miami I-95, Golden Glades Inn Conf Center
  • Cost: from $64 per night
  • Best Cheap Hostel in Miami: South Beach Rooms and Hostel
  • Cost: From $19

Where To Eat On A Budget In Miami

Miami is known for its incredible Cuban dishes, most of which serve authentic dishes. Puerto Sagua should be on the list of places to try first. Located near Miami Beach's center, this restaurant is one of the best for affordable Cuban dishes. Don’t leave without tasting pernil asado, the most delicious pork they have.

  • Prices at Puerto Sagua: $11 - $30

La Sandwicherie is another spot to try for a decadent French sandwich. While travelers are bound to find long queues at this place, waiting in line is totally worth it! Ever since it was launched in 1988, selling salads, smoothies, sandwiches, and shakes, there is always a large crowd waiting for service in a long line reaching an alley off 14th Street between Collins and Washington avenues.

  • Opening hours at La Sandwicherie: 7:00 am – 5:00 am, every day
  • Cost of food: From $6

Other cheaper places to eat include Lime Fresh Mexican Grill, Tap Tap, Aladdin, and YuGo.

Affordable Attractions To Explore In Miami

Soak Up The Sun In Miami

Soaking up the sun will not travelers a penny. As long as they’ve packed the essentials - such as towels, sunscreen, and a swimsuit - this activity is totally free! There are many gorgeous beaches in the city to explore without spending a lot of money. Miami boasts over 825 miles of stunning sandy coastline, and leaving the city without going to the beach is almost a crime. South Beach, a 4-mile picturesque beach is one of the world’s most famous and is a perfect spot to soak up the sun. There are chairs and umbrellas for visitors to rent, and they mostly belong to the resorts and hotels around

  • Cost of renting umbrellas and beach chairs: from $25

If one is planning to spend more days exploring the beach, they should buy chairs and umbrellas at around $20 at one of the nearby shops, and save the daily money they’d use for rentals.

Visit Wynwood Wall For A Free Art Experience

Wynwood Walls is a haven for aspiring painters, graffiti artists, and young creators and innovators. Located a few minutes from Downtown Miami, near Miami Design District, it covers six buildings and has been used by artists from across the world. One can visit there, since it is free, and explore over 40 incredible murals from some of the best street artists in the world.

Explore The City’s Nightlife During Happy Hours

The nightlife in Miami is amazing, and almost no one leaves Florida’s best city without visiting one of its vibrant bars and restaurants. A night out in the city is affordable, but taking advantage of the happy hour deals offered by the many bars and restaurants around is way cheaper. During happy hours, one can spend less than $10 to enjoy Miami's incredible nightlife.

Miami might look expensive, but touring the vibrant city on a budget is possible.