The Galapagos Islands are a serene, tranquil, pristine, and unspoiled collection of beautiful habitats. Wildlife aficionados, birdwatchers, researchers, tourists will find paradise on the islands. The 19 islets that influenced Darwin's theory of evolution are living symbols where tourists may see wildlife that is not seen anywhere else on Earth.

The many islands of the Galapagos are notably distinct. Others boast gorgeous beaches and secluded wildlife areas, while others boast intimidating active volcanoes.


How To Reach The Galapagos Islands

  • Nearest Airport - José Joaquin de Olmedo International Airport
  • Visitors can take charter flights to Seymour Airport situated on the Santa Cruz Isle.

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What To Do On The Galapagos Islands

Diving And Snorkelling

Many people are drawn to the Galápagos because of the diversity of land-based animals. The Galápagos' coastal waters, on the other hand, are equally enticing to those who are more fascinated with the extraordinary diversity of animals living below its blue waters. Tourists will cross paths with a variety of colorful fishes, sea turtles, and eels as they make the dive.

  • Shark Bay on Wolf Isle and Gordon Cliffs on Santa Cruz Isle is famous diving locations for expert snorkelers and divers.
  • Visitors can explore Las Grietas, Los Tuneles, or Frigatebird Hill if they are beginner scuba divers or snorkelers.
  • The waves are often calm at these locations, and tourists are likely to see sea otters, dolphins, and manatees.

Bird Watching

The Galápagos Islands were the setting of Charles Darwin's famed plant and animal life studies, and they're among the world's top bird-watching destinations. In addition, the area is host to 45 kinds of bird species that are found nowhere else in the world and other unusual varieties like rippled albatrosses or blue- and red-footed penguins.

  • Visitors can see Galapagos penguins on Isabela Isle, blue-footed boobies and frigatebirds on North Seymour Isle, rippled albatrosses, Darwin's finch on Espaola Isle, and red-footed and Nazca boobies on Genovesa Isle.
  • The diversity of terrestrial birds on Santa Cruz Isle is also an attraction.

Explore The Charles Darwin Research Station

The exclaimed location contains a thriving breeding center and instructive exhibits detailing the archipelago's unusual ecosystem and heritage, making it a top destination for aspiring scientists. The Charles Darwin Association runs the facility, which works with over a dozen instructors, research scientists, and volunteers to conserve the Galápagos Archipelago's uniqueness via ongoing preservation research and practices.

  • Inside the exhibition, visitors can view an educational documentary on the facility's purpose and conservation programs.
  • Visitors can also gush about the freshly restored facilities and tour the exhibitions, murals, and tortoise habitats.

Visit The El Chato Tortoise Reserve

El Chato Tortoise Preserve is located on Santa Cruz Isle, near Rancho Primicias, which is another tortoise sanctuary. This sanctuary is among the few locations where tourists can see tortoises in their native habitat, and it is visited by group tours and conservationists dedicated to maintaining the region. Scouts today protect the area by chasing pests and erecting constructed fences to keep trespassing animals from annihilating the remnant tortoise species.

  • Visitors laud this wildlife refuge, noting that it has more tortoise population than expected.
  • Numerous passageways built of cooled, solidified lava are also interesting to explore around the site.

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Where To Stay On The Galapagos Islands

Hotel Acacia

  • In Puerto Ayora, the Hotel Acacia has an expansive pool, a tavern, a common lobby, and a lawn.
  • Room service and a 24-hour reception desk are some of the amenities available at this accommodation which also offers complimentary internet access.
  • Each accommodation in the hotel has a workstation.
  • There is a secure storage vault in every bedroom, some bedrooms have a porch, and some have ocean views.
  • Each room has an en suite bathroom, towels, and bedspreads.
  • A buffet and European breakfast are available at Hotel Acacia every morning.
  • A heated tub is also available at the hotel.

Hotel La Laguna

  • Hotel La Laguna Galapagos has a lawn and a heated pool, and accommodations with breakfasts are included in the price.
  • En suite bathrooms with heated air and climate control are available in the bedrooms at the hotel.
  • Its excellent location provides guests with the beautiful scenery of Flamingos Bay.
  • A buffet breakfast is offered, which offers espresso, tea, organic juices, and margarine every day.
  • The dining at La Laguna serves regional delicacies as well as good beverages. There are grilling amenities available.
  • Visitors can unwind in the lobby or browse for books in the library.
  • Native animal species such as penguins, sea turtles, and fish can be seen in their natural habitat at nearby attractions. However, trips may incur additional charges.

Kala Galapagos Hotel

  • In Puerto Ayora, the Kala Galapagos Hotel has a dining, an outdoor pool, a lounge, and a lawn.
  • The hotel's rooms include poolside views, and visitors have access to a patio.
  • The hotel offers customers a 24-hour reception service, concierge service, and baggage locker.
  • The hotel's bedrooms include a sitting area, a cable Television, and an ensuite bathroom with toiletries and a bath.
  • A cooling system and a workstation are included in the bedrooms.
  • Breakfast is served every day in the form of a buffet with vegetarian dishes.

Casa de Nelly

  • Casa de Nelly provides seaside lodging with various amenities, including a lawn and a patio.
  • A dining, a 24-hour reception office, and a kitchenette, as well as complimentary internet access, are available at this resort.
  • Every bedroom in the hotel has a closet, a television, and an en suite bathroom.
  • Continental breakfast is available to visitors at the hotel.

The Galapagos Islands are unquestionably a one-of-a-kind location on Earth. This volcanic island chain is host to a high variety of biodiversity, making it among the top locations a traveler should explore.

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