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Every wanderlust-stricken person dreams of seeing the many cities of Europe, especially London, Paris, Brussels, and Amsterdam. Now, travelers can experience all four cities with the ease of ONE train!

The Eurostar was introduced in 1994 as a transnational railway connecting London to Brussels to Paris, and now, to Amsterdam: with thirteen different destinations in between. The train runs up to 320 kilometers (200 miles) per hour, making it a fast, efficient, and underwater, way to travel between these great European destinations.


Benefits Of Eurostar

One of the beautiful benefits of traveling this railway is that trains are a more sustainable way to travel than planes or even cars. They are actually the most sustainable way to travel, besides walking or bicycling. Not only is this a more eco-friendly way to travel compared to taking a plane, but the Eurostar team prides itself on making other sustainable decisions, as well. This includes using 90% recycled water to wash their trains!

While you may be able to find some airline flights connecting these cities for cheaper than Eurostar, there are many other financial factors to consider before booking those flights. Unlike many budget airlines, you do not have to pay for baggage on Eurostar! This is a great benefit to international travel. You can bring two bags, with a small personal item as well, and no weight restrictions! Not only that but there are reduced fairs for children and young people (some tickets include discounted rates for folks all the way up to 26 years of age!).

The train also connects travelers from a city center to another, this means you will not have to pay for an Uber, taxi, or bus to get to that center of your destination (which can sometimes add an extra 20-30 minutes and a lot of hassle to your trip)! In contrast, the Eurostar will land you right there at the main train stations for each city.

This is truly an efficient way to travel, with quicker check-in and security compared to those multi-hour long lines at the airport. The security through Eurostar feels quick and easy, while still feeling professional, safe, and secure!

Pricing Of Eurostar

Travelers purchasing tickets for Eurostar can utilize their simple online process and find out about the different price options from destination to destination. Currently, a train from London to Paris takes about 2 hours 16 minutes and can cost as low as $178 when booked a few weeks in advance!

Brussels to London one-way can be found for as low as $103! Amsterdam to London tickets run anywhere between $70-140. Travelers can find all the information for varying trips and ticket pricing online at Eurostar.com.

(These prices are just for reference and subject to change based on how far ahead of time travelers are booking, and many other factors.)

Cities To See On Eurostar

Whether travelers are wanting to visit Brussels, London, Amsterdam, Paris, or a little bit of each, the Eurostar is the way to do it! You could visit all four of these cities using the Eurostar in under 10 hours of total train travel time (London to Brussels, Brussels to Amsterdam, Amsterdam to Paris)! Travelers can also, magically, take the Eurostar directly to Disneyland Paris!

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Does It Really Go Underwater?

Yes! The Eurostar runs under the English Channel, connecting England to France in an underwater tunnel running 23.5 miles (37.9 km), taking just about twenty minutes to pass through and making this the longest underwater tunnel in the world!

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Tips For Eurostar

Travelers looking to take the Eurostar will find that tickets are much cheaper when booked in advance! Book train tickets ahead in full preparation for the amazing benefits this line has to offer, including flexibility if ticket changes must be made.

Eurostar often sends out promotions with discounted tickets and other perks. Frequent travelers should sign up for the Eurostar email list to watch for these deals.

Travelers should remember their passports! The Eurostar is carrying passengers from country to country, so expect passport check and customs on either side! Travelers should also be aware of any visa requirements, covid-restrictions, and custom expectations before traveling.

Grab a snack on board! The Eurostar has an amazing little bistro with sandwiches, crisps, and other snacks! You can even enjoy a proper gin-and-tonic or cup of tea to really cap off your European train-ride experience!

Whether you're backpacking Europe or looking for a posh getaway in Paris, the Eurostar is an incredible option for traveling between these four European cities and beyond.