The Cave of the Winds is one of the most famous caves in Colorado and is a must-see for those interesting in exploring the other-worldly caverns beneath the surface. It is located in the Pikes Peak region of Colorado just to the west of Colorado Springs, and it can be reached via US Highway 24.

They are one of the premier show caves anywhere in America and there a numerous cave tours catering to a broad range of people. Many of the cave tours and the attractions just outside the caves are designed for families with young kids. So bring the whole family and enjoy a great day out as a family having fun together! For those interested in cave-based accommodation in the Ozarks see here.


About The Cave of The Winds

They were first discovered back in 1881 by the two brothers George and John Pickett. And almost since then they have been a tourist attraction. They are located 7,000 feet above sea level and so are one of the highest cave systems in the United States. On all tours of the caves, visitors will see all sorts of fascinating geological formations including stalactites and stalagmites.

The Cave of the Winds are believed to be millions of years old, and they are home to myths and legends going back over a thousand years. See here for how the Mayan Caves were the conduits to the underworld.

  • Jicarilla Apaches: They Tell of A Cave Near Manitou Springs Where The Great Spirit of The Wind Lived

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Visiting The Cave of the Winds

Fortunately, there are daily tours through these complexes of caves.

Discovery Tour

This tour is ideal for families and is designed to be family-friendly and entertaining for the kids. For those with infants, it is recommended that one carries them on the front or in one's arms. The tour passes through narrow passages and passages with low ceilings and so strollers and baby pack carriers cannot be accommodated.

  • Departing: Daily - Every 20-30 Minutes
  • Cost: Kids 4-12 $17.00, Adults 13 And Up $25.00
  • Duration: 45-60 Minutes Guided Walking Tour
  • Style: Easy And Fun
  • See: The Coolest Cave Features
  • Theme: A Spooky Lantern Tour With Ghost Stories and Folklore
  • Distance: Half Mile of Concrete Walkways With 196 Stairs Through 15 Rooms

Haunted Lantern Tour

This tour is by candlelight and goes through the unimproved Manitou Gran Caverns through dark narrow tunnels, low passageways, caverns with muddy floors (don't bring the good city shoes), and on uneven stairs. This tour is restricted to children under the age of 8. And visitors should be aware that the passage passes through a corridor 250 feet long but only 42-48 inches tall. There will be some ducking and it may not be suitable for those with knee or back pain.

  • Costs: Kids 8-12 $24.00, Adults 13 Years Old And Up $34.00
  • When: Summer - Daily on the hour, Winter - Daily
  • Lanterns: All Participants Carry Their Own Lanterns (Like the Early Explorers Did)
  • Duration: Runs for 1.5 Hours
  • Hear: Many Spooky Ghost Stories

There are other cave tours as well like the "Caving 101 Tour" that explores undeveloped and behind-the-scenes parts of the cavers. For more information about the cave tours see the website Cave Of The Winds.

Above Ground Attractions

There are plenty of attractions outside the caves on the surface that create a really fun family experience. These include the Iron Road or Via Ferrata (which is a trail of cables and ladders across the canyon walls). There's the Cliffhanger Climbing Wall, the Stalactykes Adventure Side, the Geronimo's Leap, and the Wind Walker Challenge Course.


This is an epic 1200-foot round-trip aerial adventure that flies its visitors at speeds of nearly 40 mph. One must be a minimum of 42 inches to go on this ride and the maximum weight is 300 lbs. Enjoy as the ride leaves from the rafters high on the Pavilion and zooms across the Williams Canyon.

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Wind Walker Challenge Course

Another of the great outdoor adventures here is the famous Wind Walker Challenge Course. this is a fun and adventurous 3-story obstacle course for the whole family. It will thrill anyone with its 600-foot drop as one makes their way through its maze of steel beams, ropes, and ladders. It is completely safe as everyone must wear a full-body harness that attaches to the overhead tracking system.

  • Tip: Bring The Appropriate Foot Wear When Visiting The Cave of The Winds!

The requirements for this attraction are that one's minimum height must be 42 inches and the maximum weight is 300 lbs. Also, everyone must wear closed-toed shoes that will not fall off one's feet. So if one's traveling in sandals, bring along the trainers. Skirts are also not permitted due to the nature of the harness.

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