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Unique and destination weddings are all the rage lately. It's not uncommon to see more and more couples opting for out-of-state, or even out-of-the-country, weddings, especially when the cost of them have not aged well. One option that's becoming increasingly popular thanks to vacation rentals is an Airbnb wedding. Airbnb 'venues' - AKA someone's rented home - can offer many couples the affordability, the option to travel, and a built-in honeymoon destination all in one.


There are a few things to consider before booking and sealing the deal, though. From what to consider when booking an Airbnb for a wedding venue to the right questions to ask beforehand, here's what to know.

The First Steps To Booking An Airbnb Wedding Venue: Check These Before Anything Else

One of the most important factors to consider when booking an Airbnb as a wedding venue, even if it's just for photos, is to communicate with the host. In the end, they are the ones who have the final say and may or may not be comfortable with all the attention that a wedding is sure to draw to their property. The questions guests should be asking prior to booking are:

  • Is it okay to take photos and videos on this property?
  • Will it accommodate the size of the wedding party and additional guests, if any?
  • Is the property zoned for this kind of event, and will the host be open to vendors coming in?
  • If photos are taken, will the host be comfortable with them circulating on social media?

It should be noted that there are some Airbnb rentals that are known for hosting events, and these are a good place to start. Regardless, it's always important to check with the host of a property before planning any event.

What To Consider In Regard To The Wedding Size & Vendors At An Airbnb

If guests have gotten past those first few questions and the host has provided their blessing for the property, it's time to start asking bigger questions. When it comes to finding the perfect property, couples should take into account:

  • Location. A property might look great from the photos but is, unbeknownst to the guests, right next to a busy highway. For those who don't want the sounds of traffic convoluting their vows, a Google Earth search and street view is the best way to confirm the location and what it has to offer. Additionally, reading the reviews is another great way to gain insight into a property and its features.
  • Home Features. It might seem great that a house sits on ten acres of land, however, the deck pictured in the listing might be far smaller in person than it is online. Additionally, guests should confirm that yards are landscaped regularly if the event is to take place outdoors. Taking into consideration the number of bedrooms, the floor plan or layout of the home, and the size of things like the kitchen and living spaces are all important.
  • Locate Vendors. A property might seem perfect until the couple realizes that they'll need to pay additional fees for a vendor to make their way out to it. In addition to location, couples should also be sure that there are plenty of nearby vendors before booking an Airbnb for their wedding.
  • Parking & Noise. One thing that can easily slip the mind of a traveling couple is whether there's enough parking for everyone. For those who are planning a very small elopement, it might not be an issue for guests to simply stay at the property. For those who aren't, however, parking is something to consider. Additionally, guests should check with the host on noise ordinances, and be ready to reign in the party according to the community guidelines.

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Pros For Using Airbnb As A Wedding Venue

The pros of using Airbnb to plan a wedding are many, and it seems like there's an endless list of things to consider. Luckily, some are more significant than others - such as these.

Pros Of An Airbnb Wedding

The biggest pro to an Airbnb wedding is undoubtedly the money one will save. It's a budget-friendly option that allows couples to focus on a smaller, more intimate gathering, with fewer worries about paying for an entire wedding guest list. Since the cost to book an Airbnb for a wedding is no different from the cost of booking a vacation rental, oftentimes, things such as vendor fees, usage fees, after-hours cleaning fees, etc., are not part of the price.

Additionally, this option is perfect for those seeking that same small vibe for their elopement. Airbnb weddings are not meant to be large affairs, so it's great for those eloping with a small party or group of friends or family. This also helps out in the budgeting department - the smaller, more intimate the gathering, the smaller a space one will need, which might mean a more affordable nightly cost.

Lastly, Airbnb wedding venues can also be the honeymoon site. Couples who fall in love with the home they've chosen for their venue might opt to spend the following few days to a week there, thus eliminating the cost of a separate honeymoon. Whether it's a staycation or a time for them to venture around the surrounding area, it's one of the easiest ways to plan a destination wedding.

Is It Worth Planning An Airbnb Destination Wedding?

All things considered, an Airbnb wedding is worth it for those who are looking for these things:

All things considered, couples should also be comfortable with the fact that weather, or even outside factors such as a host's needs or house rules, might pose a challenge. With that being said, Airbnb weddings are most definitely a thing - and can be the perfect, laid-back destination wedding option for any couple.