Although the Twenty dollar bill is sweeping the travel industry across the globe and is becoming exceptionally popular in Las Vegas as well, there are still some reservations on whether one should go for it or not? Afterall spending some serious amount to stay in a desert demands a second thought.

It is up to a traveler who has to decide whether he wants to spend his entire day in a resort or explore the life in Las Vegas. But don’t bother, as what follows is the Yay and Nay List for Vegas’s Top hotels which offer an upgrade. There are a lot of hotel upgrades, which are a complete waste of money. There is not much difference in the services they offer but there is something which makes them Yay or Nay for customers who wish to upgrade, so let’s check out what that is.

10 Is The Wynn Tower Suite Upgrade Totally Worth The Money?

Wynn is the luxury resort ranked as the seventh-largest hotel in the world. The tower suites at Wynn provide you with all the private perks like private pools, private entrance, and a private driveway and it is the most Instagram worthy hotel. According to the reviews, the Deluxe resort can be upgraded to the Executive suite by just paying a tip for $50. You also get $50 credit for breakfast every day, so it’s a win-win situation.

9 Benefits Of Upgrading In Planet Hollywood Hotel

Planet Hollywood has a 90 % upgrade rate according to FrontDeskTip. You can get complimentary upgrades by trying $20 trick. You get an upgrade to a suite which has king size bed and an amazing view of the pool from lots of big windows so this opportunity can not be missed. The resort fee is $40, which is also waived so you get to save a couple of bucks.

8 Think Twice Before Spending Your Money On Upgrading Room In The Circus Circus Hotel

The rooms are quite old fashioned and have not been renovated from quiet a time. Beds are not comfortable and neither are the TVs in working condition. So it’s better not to waste money on the upgrade because the situation will not change. Circus Circus hotel management needs to revamp its building to draw more customers.

7 Fountain View Upgrade In Bellagio Is Totally Worth Every Penny

The fountain view of Bellagio hotel is incredible. When you reach the front desk ask the manager to be put up on the higher floor with a fountain view. You get to witness dancing water performance, with light and music in the afternoon and early evenings for 30 minutes.

6 Caesars Palace: Upgrade To Mini-Suite In The Palace Tower With $20 Tip

Complimentary upgrades are made available at the front desk by paying $20 tip. So it’s suggested to try your luck as according to one of the reviewers he got upgraded to mini-suite in the palace tower which had two bathrooms and a great view of the fountain. He also got waived a $50 early check-in fee therefore, the upgrade at Caesar palace is worth the cost.

5 Palazzo Resort Hotel Upgrade Provides Ultimate Luxurious Experience

The Palazzo suites provide you with once in a lifetime experience of ultra-comfort and luxury. Most of their top tier suites provide a pool table, massage table, and a Piano. They also have VIP check-in and VIP concierge services and the chairman suite is the most recommended of all because of its steam room and sauna facilities.

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4 Mirage Hotel Provides Big Upgrade In Small Cost

According to a reviewer on TripAdvisor, the rooms at Mirage hotel can be easily upgraded by following some simple steps. Try to be friendly and polite with the check-in

staff and ask for the complimentary upgrades available. If yes, you are good to go otherwise try to tip them with a small amount and they will find you a decent upgrade.

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3 Oyo Hotel-The Only Thing upgraded Here Is The Package

Oyo hotel was formerly called the Hooters Casino Hotel. It all looks the same except for the Hooters' name has been removed. When you ask for an upgrade at check-in the staff might change your room but this will not improve the quality of services provided by the Oyo hotel.

2 Excalibur Hotel-Upgrade To Resort Tower Luxury Sweet In $75

The Resort tower is the best option when looking for an upgrade in the Excalibur hotel. It is the nearest resort to the main Parking, Pool and spa. All you need to do is pay $75 extra per night to enjoy the perks and privileges of the Excalibur hotel.

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1 Luxor Hotel Provides Most Recognizable Upgrade

Lying above the glittering Strip, the Pyramid Rooms feature a seating area from where you can see a sizeable area of Vegas beneath you. Upgrade to Pyramid Rooms and enjoy the Luxor buffet for casual Las Vegas dining experience. Children below 4 are served free!!!

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