People often hear of those who leave their 9-5 jobs to pursue their passion of traveling, but it is not possible for those who have ends to meet. Some travelers are lucky enough to make money by traveling by being a popular blogger/vlogger or an influencer. But, not everyone gets the same fame. For such people, continuing their jobs becomes important, and this is when their traveling bug gets inside the shell.

Although fulfilling the passion for traveling with a full-time job seems intimidating, it is not impossible. There are ways that can help traveling enthusiasts achieve their dream to travel around the world without losing their paycheck.


Determine The Goal Of traveling

Break from routine- If the motto behind traveling is taking a break from the monotonous routine, long weekends are the savior. Such travelers don’t need to worry about losing their jobs as long weekends come now and then. Planning ahead can make their wish true.

Family trips- People who want to travel for the sake of family can find many options throughout the year. A trip with a family and loved ones is indeed refreshing. Also, it helps in creating stronger bonds with each other. Weekends and holidays will suffice for family travelers.

Adventure buffs- Many people intend to travel to indulge in adventurous activities. Although traveling itself is an adventure, snorkeling by the beach and trekking in the woods can make memories for a lifetime.

Exploring overseas – The real dilemma is for travelers who want to trip to new places and spend some days exploring the area. While it is not possible to take leaves every month, planning strategically can help find ways to travel without stressing over the job. RELATED: 10 Dream Jobs For People Who Love To Travel, Revealed

Short Trips Or Long Tours

How many days will be required to complete the expedition makes all the difference. If the destination is far, taking more than 10 hours journey, it is not possible to complete it without taking leaves for a few days. However, if the station is nearby, the chances to reach there and enjoy for one or two days are high.

Short Trips

They are perfect for people who want to break the mundane lifestyle and recharge for the coming week. A short trip to a nearby hill station or beach when there are only 2 days in hand can revive one instantly.

Heading towards the place on Friday night, enjoying the weekend, and returning on Sunday evening will energize the soul. It is the best time for activities like camping, trekking, visiting national parks or museums, or maybe taking the kids to their grandparents.

Long Tours

Most companies give only 10 to 14 days of leave in a year, certainly not sufficient for a long expedition. In such cases, travelers need to plan their days properly. It can be done in the following ways:

If one can’t afford to lose the job, being flexible on dates can help travel with it. Do not worry about the chilling winters of London or scorching summers of India. Make plans around public holidays to help give more days for the trip. For instance, taking leaves for a few days around Christmas and New Year may help give more than a week for the voyage.

When a traveler is going for a long tour, every single day matters. Spending an entire day on the flight will lose one complete day. So, always search the flights that take off in the evening or night so that reaching the destination by morning will give an entire day to explore.

It is one of the best ways to explore new places. Travelers fond of traveling to new countries should never skip the opportunity to participate in international conferences or seminars. Kill two birds with one stone!

The coronavirus pandemic has taught companies that working from home is possible. Even though organizations are calling their employees back to the office, the idea of staycation or workation will stay. Give the best to the employer when in office and ask for workation for some days. Stay at the beach or work through the mountains and explore the areas after working hours. RELATED: 25 Jobs We Can Do While Traveling The Entire World

Find Jobs That Offer More Traveling

If traveling is the appetite and none of the above seems feasible regarding the job you have, maybe it’s time to switch it. Many jobs often require traveling. Getting one will help one live their dreams without the fear of losing their job. There is nothing better than getting a job that is all about traveling and exploring new places.

Here are some of the best options to help one travel full-time with a good paycheck.

One can travel extensively and all the time as a flight attendant. From domestic to international, one can see the country and the world with a good income and other perks like paid accommodation and food.

Various NGOs and organizations look for volunteers as aid workers that can reach countries suffering from natural disasters or epidemics for providing relief. Be a part of something that matters and, at the same time, explore new areas.

Being a freelancer helps one travel and work at any time of the day and from any place on the earth. One can freelance anything that they are good at writer, editor, web designer, social media expert, virtual assistant; the possibilities are endless.

Many companies hire photographers who have skills and certificates. It makes traveling easy as one gets work for events like weddings, concerts, and other affairs happing across the country. Passionate travelers find ways to travel even with a full-time job. If there is zeal and enthusiasm to see the unseen and explore the unexplored, the universe conspires to make the dreams come true (pun intended).