One of the best ways to experience Italy is by taking a road trip through the countryside. Not only does this European gem have some of the most well-known attractions on the continent, but it’s also home to history and culture that still resonates throughout its landmark-lines streets and squares to this day.

And by far one of the best journeys through Italy is the memorable trip from Capri to Rome—clocking in at just under four hours, it’s the perfect way to see some of the country’s most top-rated attractions. The best part? The journey is easily customizable, so travelers should feel free to choose their own adventure and stops along the way.


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The Best Of Southern Italy: Pompeii, Naples, And Caserta

Capri is an ideal starting point for exploring some of Southern Italy’s most dynamic and popular cities—and a number of its most well-known attractions, too. A journey packed with both historical and cultural marvels, this first stretch of the Capri to Rome road trip is notable for its scenery, art, architecture, and excitingly eclectic sights.

Distance From Capri: Approximately one hour+

Things To Do In Pompeii

Mt. Vesuvius keeps a watchful eye over this southern city packed with architectural ruins and historic sights—many of which survived the towering volcano’s destructive eruption in 79AD. Want to get up close and personal with the legendary volcano? Then be sure to take a tour and hike to the top for some stellar views.

  • Pompeii Archeological Park
  • Villa dei Misteri (Villa of the Mysteries)
  • The Forum Square
  • Teatro Grande (Grand Amphitheater)
  • Pontificio Santuario della Beata Maria Vergine (Sanctuary of the Madonna)

Things To Do In Naples

Naples also exists under the watchful gaze of Mt. Vesuvius, but that’s not its only claim to fame. Packed with historic landmarks and centuries of art and architecture, this Southern beauty is a cultural capital on the beautiful Bay of Naples.

  • Naples National Archaeological Museum
  • San Gennaro Catacombs
  • Castle Nuovo and Castle dell’Ovo
  • Naples Harbor
  • Cathedral of Duomo and the Sam Domencio Maggiore

Things To Do In Caserta

Often overlooked by its more famed neighbors, Caserta is worth a stop for its lovely gardens and baroque centerpiece, the Reggia di Caserta (the Royal Palace). A great place to soak up the scenery and have a bite to eat before getting back on the road, Caserta is an up-and-coming Southern Italian gem.

  • Casertavecchia Village
  • Giardino Inglese
  • Eremo di San Vitalino
  • Complesso Monumentale Belvedere San Leucio
  • Santuario Di Santa Lucia E Della Divina Misericordia

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Coastal Cities And Charming Provinces: Gaeta, Cassino, and Latino

One of the best things about the drive from Capri to Rome is the abundance of under-the-radar cities that travelers might normally miss out on when visiting the larger, more touristy, attractions. Home to stellar views and Mediterranean flair, these small(ish) but mighty cities are worth a stop if only to bask in their singular Baroque beauty.

Distance From Caserta: Approximately two and a half hours

Things To Do In Gaeta

A historical seaside town known for its spectacular views and amazing beaches, Gaeta is also home to a bustling medieval town center that just begs to be explored. Fans of architecture will also find Gaeta’s plethora of churches (at least 100!) to be a source of divine inspiration.

  • Chiesa dell’Annunziata and Tempio di San Francesco
  • Gaeta City Center (Via Indipendenza and Borgo Elena)
  • Gaeta’s Best Beaches: Serapo and Spiagga di Fontania
  • Monte Orlando and Santurio della Montagna Spaccata (Sanctuary of the Split Mountain)
  • Grotto Del Turco

Things To Do In Cassino

A town steeped in history—from the establishment of St. Benedict’s famous monastery to its role in WWII as a key spot in the German defensive line blocking allied advances into Rome. Today, visitors can visit the famous abbey and other assorted monuments including the ruins of the Capella del Crocifisso, a Roman mausoleum.

  • Abbazia di Montecassino (Benedictine Abbey)
  • Monte Cassino Polish War Cemetery and The Cassino Memorial
  • Museo Archaeologico
  • Rocca Janula
  • Views of Monte Cairo

Things To Do In Latino

Latina is a picturesque coastal area that seems to have it all: amazing islands, stunning architecture, lush gardens, and historic attractions—despite this, it may often be overlooked on a typical Italian vacation. However, this beautiful area is definitely worth a stop for those looking for a breath of fresh air away from the more-populated tourist centers.

  • Lago di Fogliano (Lake of Fogliano)
  • Boat Trip To Pontine Islands
  • Monte Semprevisa
  • Circeo National Park
  • Piazza del Popolo (City Center) and Cathedral of St. Mark

The Road To Rome: Tivoli, Pomezia, And Vatican City

The road to Rome takes visitors through some of the Central Italian countryside’s most lovely cities that include many well-known and beloved tourist attractions. This may be the most action-packed leg of this exciting day trip, so be sure to take plenty of time soaking up the epic Italian vibes.

Distance From Latino: Approximately One Hour+

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Things To Do In Tivoli

A popular retreat since ancient times (Emperor Augustus even took his vacays here), Tivoli is famed for its lush gardens and villas that are full-scale horticultural wonders. A long history has given Tivoli a sense of wonder and will impress any visitor with its historically scenic natural beauty.

  • The Villas: Adriana, d’Este Gardens, d’Este Palace, delle Cascatelle, Gregoriana
  • Rocca Pia
  • Tempio di Vesta (Temple of Vesta)
  • Tivoli Cathedral
  • Bleso Amphitheatre

Things To Do In Pomezia

Perhaps the least well-known of the stops on this road trip, Pomezia is still worth a look, as there are several attractions in and around the city that are both historically and culturally significant.

  • Museo Archeologico Lavinium
  • Rutuli Vineyard
  • Torre Civico
  • Cinecittá World
  • Cimiterio Militaire Germanico

Things To Do In Vatican City

Spiritual, historical, and downright beautiful, Vatican City is home to some of the most famous attractions in Italy. And while one could easily spend a lifetime exploring its plethora of glorious landmarks, it’s possible to hit many of the classics in a single afternoon—the perfect pre-Rome visit to wrap up this memorable road trip.

  • St. Peter’s Basilica and St. Peter’s Square
  • La Pieta
  • Vatican Gardens
  • Sistine Chapel
  • Vatican Museums

RELATED: Do These 'Giant's Graves' In Italy Hold The Clues To Atlantis?While the drive from the dazzling waters of Capri to the majestic city of Rome can be made in around four hours, there are plenty of stops along the way that make the road trip one of the best in the Italian countryside. From stunning Southern wonders bursting with awe-inspiring architecture and history, to famed attractions and iconic wonders in well-known places like Tivoli and Vatican City, this epic trip is the perfect way to experience some of Italy’s most famed destinations—all in one unforgettable day.