Guildford is one of the English towns to add to your bucket list. Guildford, a thriving community on the outskirts of southwestern Central London, has managed to preserve its ancient identity. The town's High Street, covered in cobblestones and flanked by houses that are much older yet have facades from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, gives most of the character to the town.

Although some people unintentionally refer to it as a metropolis, it is actually a bustling town with a rich heritage and culture. Visitors can find incredible architecture everywhere they walk, mixed with tales, past, and culture. So let's explore the vibrant, medieval town of Guildford as well as its stunning surroundings to see for ourselves everything that this lovely region of Surrey offers to visitors and learn a new culture when traveling.


Discovering Guildford And Its Charm

The Guildford Castle

A considerable portion of the eleventh-century Guildford Castle is still standing today, and it has beautiful gardens filled with various vibrant plants. Visitors can also see a recreation of the structure from its glory as a royal residence at the beginning of the fourteenth century inside the castle. People can also climb to the summit of the Great Spire for a full view of the town and the surrounding Surrey hinterland.

A monument representing Alice Through the Looking Glass honoring novelist Lewis Carroll is on the lawns surrounding the castle. The grounds are full of vibrant flowerbeds.

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Just before George Frederic Watts passed away in 1904, this Arts and Crafts museum that was constructed specifically for him opened. With over 100 of his works stretching seven decades, it is among just a few of the many museums in England dedicated to a particular artist. Visitors can see the artist's old house in addition to the extensive display of sculptures and artworks to discover more about the man behind the artist's work. Visitors can also check out a store within the gallery where they can buy paintings and vacation souvenirs.

The Guildford Cathedral

The Guildford Cathedral stands overlooking the grounds of the University of Surrey. Edward Maufe, a prominent architect during the majority of the twentieth century, created this impressive Neo-Gothic and Art Deco structure. John Hutton, a glass engraver, made two pairs of sculpted glass angels for the church.

The interiors are bright and uncluttered, with Italian tile flooring, walls covered in pale Somerset sandstone, and a magnificent crypt over its hallways. Outside, the crucifix was put before the cathedral as a marker for where it will be built eventually.

The Guildford Museum

The Guildford Museum is housed among a collection of historical structures that includes Castle Archway, a Medieval entrance to the castle. Prehistoric ceramics, Byzantine coins, medieval gaming counters, harpoons, tile floors, and tapestries can all be found inside the archaeological section.

There are also fascinating relics from Guildford's historical context, such as ration records, a Home Guard headgear from World War II, a nineteenth-century snuffbox, and consumer goods from the Victorian and early twentieth centuries. The Braganza embellished chest, which dates to the sixteenth century and is decorated with biblical themes, is part of the artwork and fabric collection.

The Spike Heritage Center

The center offers a unique chance to explore an Edwardian Workhouse's interiors and understand the difficulties that working-class and poor Guildford residents experienced over a century ago. The Spike sheltered squatters, the homeless, and many others in subpar surroundings who had to struggle even to survive. The Spike imitates the workhouse's appearances, sounds, and odors.

While displays allow visitors to consider how the homeless are treated, historically and today, one may step inside a functioning cell to discover how a vagabond spent his time.

The Guildford High Street

Perhaps one of the busiest streets in the town, Guildford's High Street is broad and lined by historical building façades. Visitors could experience a vintage-world atmosphere on the cobblestone street while shopping for the trendiest in clothing, jewelry, and food. Along the way, there are numerous historic buildings that people can view and enjoy. Among the most notable buildings on the avenue are Guildford Hall, which dates back to the fourteenth century, and the Jacobean Abbot's Hospital, built in 1619 and regarded as one of England's most elegant remaining almshouses.

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Lodging In Guildford

Holiday Inn Guildford, An IHG Hotel

The Holiday Inn Guildford features air-conditioned, roomy accommodations, a contemporary fitness center, and a pool. Additionally, every room has a workstation and a tea/coffee maker. There is complimentary internet access in every room.

In addition to a properly equipped fitness center, the Spirit Wellness and Leisure Centre features a sauna and a hot tub. The beauty salon offers a variety of services, such as aromatherapy massages. The eatery offers a wide selection of dinner entrees, delicious breakfasts, and a backyard terrace.

The Holroyd Arms

The Holroyd Arms provides lodging with a pub, a lawn, complimentary parking, and dining options. A workstation, a television, an ensuite bathroom, bed sheets, and towels are provided in each hotel room.

The Holroyd Arms also offers vegetarian and traditional English/Irish buffet breakfast selections each morning. The lodging has a deck as well. The Holroyd Arms offers darts as a leisure activity for guests.

Mandolay-The Boutique Hotel

The spectacular Mandolay-The Boutique Hotel has complimentary internet access, a lounge, dining, and paid parking. Egyptian cotton linens and upscale toiletries are featured in the uniquely decorated guestrooms.

M. Brasserie and Grill, the hotel's dining, features conventional European and British cuisine. Visitors can unwind in The Bar, which offers beverages the whole day.

If people want to learn some history and relax, Guildford is unquestionably the place to go.