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Beauty is abundant in Paris, no wonder why this French city attracts millions of visitors annually. Paris has a rich history, something evident in its cultural and heritage sites. It’s proud of its artworks, much so that the city has become a masterpiece on its own.

Why is Paris famous, though? Probably it’s the oceanic climate that makes touring around comfortable. Maybe it’s because of the mishmash of modern and vintage architectural styles that cater to tourists of varying tastes. How about the elegant vibes one gets when checking out its attractions? Whatever the reason, one thing’s for sure: love is always in the air in Paris; that’s why it’s a favorite site for proposals, engagements, weddings, and honeymoons.


France is proud of this global city that contributes a lot to the nation’s economy and personality. Who benefits the most, however, are tourists who will leave the city with a sense of fulfillment, knowing they explored a place so elegant yet welcoming. A week is not enough, but there’s a way to get the most out of Paris.

Plan The Visit To Paris

Paris attracts lots of tourists so those who want to be away from the crowd should visit from October to April. When the weather is considered, it’s best to visit from June to August, when the climate is most welcoming.

Where To Stay

There are many accommodation options in Paris, from luxury hotels to budget lodgings. For the former, there’s the exquisite Shangri-La Paris, while Generator Paris perfectly fits the latter because of its cheap rates that come with good service. The city is tourist-friendly, so it’s teeming with hotels. As such, anyone, even those without pre-booking, will have room to stay.


The city is walkable, so tourists need not worry about getting lost – unless, of course, if they get lost in the beauty of Paris. Public transportation is reliable, though the train is sometimes packed. Those who want to get away from the throngs of commuters can opt for a bike or car rental. Taxi is another option, too. However, the best way to explore the city is on foot. A Paris journey, after all, is best enjoyed when wandering – and wondering.

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What To See In Paris

Friends, families, and lovers in Paris will have a fun time exploring The City of Light. Walking around might be tiring, but they can join bus and boat tours, too. Whatever the transportation and wherever they go, tourists will have endless surprises on every corner.

Eiffel Tower

Standing tall since 1889, Eiffel Tower has been attracting millions of tourists, especially lovebirds who want to make their marriage proposals extra special. Eiffel is the world’s most-visited paid tower, thanks to its allure. Visitors to this global icon can ascend the tower and dine in its restaurants. Atop, tourists will have a satisfying time drinking in the sights and sounds of Paris. That is, if they are not busy drinking wine while glamorously posing for photos. Ah, this is love.


Paris is a city of love though it’s also home to something creepy (at least for some): the Catacombs. This underground attraction hosts at least six million bones of Parisians. Twenty meters underground, tourists will have the chance to explore this labyrinth. The tunnels will take them on a journey through history, learning about Paris beyond its personality as a romantic city. Exploring the underpasses is a once-in-a-lifetime experience even scaredy-cats might enjoy. The ossuaries await those curious enough to face death, literally.

Louvre Museum

Another iconic Paris attraction, the Louvre, should be part of a traveler’s bucket list, especially for lovers of the art. This French landmark is home to masterpieces like Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa and Virgin of the Rocks, and Giuseppe Arcimboldo’s Spring, among others. It also exhibits Egyptian and Near Eastern antiquities, sculptures, drawings, and artifacts. The most worthwhile art in the Louvre, however, is the smiles of inspired tourists. Paris is just like that, too: it exudes love and happiness.

Arc de Triomphe

When exploring the Champs-Elysees, tourists will be led to Arc de Triomphe, another globally-known French landmark. This monument set the standard for triumphal arches in other countries, as it should be because it’s simply stunning. Standing tall by the equally spectacular Champs-Elysees, the arch knows how to impress. Along the charming avenue, tourists can also check out Place de la Concorde, Obelisk of Luxor, Grand Palais, and the official residence of the French president. There’s much to see on this side of the city.

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Where To Eat In Paris

Leaving Paris without dropping by some of its restaurants is a no-no. The French cuisine, after all, is delectable and matched with Parisian beauty; the dining experience will be one for the books. Bon appetit!

Restaurant Le Gabriel

Restaurant Le Gabriel is perfect for food connoisseurs who want to taste two-Michelin star treats. Located in La Reserve Paris Hotel and Spa, Michelin praised the restaurant for its “elegant setting” and its ability to balance “acidity, spices, and seafood.” Fine dining lovers will adore Restaurant Le Gabriel because of its “superb take on classic French cuisine.” Even without Michelin stars, this eatery will know how to serve good food, thanks to the inspiration brought by the romantic city of Paris.

Join A Culinary Tour Aboard A Bus

A culinary expedition aboard a bus? Paris knows how to deliver. Those who want to tour the city while tasting its best treats should join the Bustronome. The three-hour gastronomical journey will satisfy tourists’ cravings while drinking in the sights and sounds of the bustling city. The 360-degree panoramic terrace of the upper deck is the perfect spot to have an “eat-all-you-can” experience of the Parisian vibe. Those who want to join a river food cruise are in for a treat, too, because the Seine awaits them. Whether tourists join a day or a night trip, they’ll have nothing but wonderful memories and happy tummies.

Budget Restaurants

Sure, Paris is luxurious, but it also has budget restaurants like Bistrot de Beaubourg that offers traditional dishes, Goutu that's too good, Super Nature for lovers of organic food, Pho Banh Cuon 14 for quick bites of spring rolls, Bibimbap for Korean cuisine, Bec Fin that’s proud of its paella, and Nooi, Il Goto, or Pizza Rustica for Italian treats. All that and many more for a satisfying journey in Paris. Plus, tourists should not forget to visit wineries and bars.

There’s much to see and much to do in Paris beyond its usual sights. From walking tours to culinary journeys, love is always in the air in the City of Lights.