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Home to numerous landmarks, including several national parks, Whidbey Island offers international travelers and locals alike a respite from the bustling Emerald City. Located about 30 miles from Seattle, this vast island offers tourists numerous grounds to try out different activities like hiking, fishing, boating, and many more.

Vacationers visit this forested haven inhabited by deer to explore multiple attractions. Apart from that, the area's orientation makes for a seamless tour that can even take a day as long as the right itinerary is used. Here's how to explore Whidbey Island in a day.


Morning At Whidbey Island

Tourists can visit Whidbey Island by two means, car and ferry. Of the two, the latter requires visitors to keep time as it operates on a schedule and lacks reservation options. However, vacationers may rent a car to explore the island lest they won't manage to visit the various landmarks.

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To start the day trip, tourists should take the Mukilteo-Clinton ferry that transports passengers from the mainland to Clinton Town in the southern part of Whidbey. Upon arrival, preferably at nine in the morning, visitors should visit the Possession Point State Park, which offers visitors vistas of the Cascades and the Olympics.

Once done checking out this stunning park, vacationers should then drive northwards to Langley Town, another seaside municipality on the island. Langley houses several landmarks, including several top eateries, including The Braeburn, a restaurant that serves delicious cuisine. After breakfast, visitors can stroll the streets exploring the art galleries, gift shops, bookstores, and wineries across the area.

As 11 AM beckons, vacationers should head toward Greenbank Farm, an old farm converted into a shopping hub. This unique property features numerous barns with multiple gift shops that sell local foods and products. Tourists interested in buying products such as cheese or have a sample of the farm produce on display need to head to this area.

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Afternoon At Whidbey Island

After exploring the artistic Langley and fabled Greenbank Farm, tourists can begin their afternoon by driving to Fort Casey State Park, another striking park on the island. The fort was constructed in the 1890s by the military for defense against invaders. However, the monument did not serve its purpose and was used as a training facility.

Today this historic landmark features a striking old lighthouse, picnic zones for families, cannons, and many more. Travelers mosey around the area, enjoying the great surrounding of the monument.

Travelers can finish exploring the historical monument early in the afternoon and head to the Bluff Trail at Ebey's Landing. The track provides the best views of this Grand Island since the bluff makes for an ideal vantage point for viewing Whidbey. Tourists get to view the multiple Natural features lying around the area, including the beach, ocean, and mountains.

Some national parks that tourists shouldn't miss visiting include Olympic National Park to the southwest, North Cascades Park to the east, and the marvelous Mount Rainier National Park to the southeast. From 1:30 PM, visitors should head northwards to Coupeville, one of Washington's oldest towns. The municipality features exciting attractions such as the Coupeville Wharf, a striking red building featuring gift shops, restaurants, and kayak rental companies.

Tourists can try out the food served in one of the eateries on the pier and then check out the goods being sold in the gift shops. After lunch, visitors can take a stroll through the Price Sculpture Forest, an attraction with various sculptures and carvings set along a stretched path.

Evening At Whidbey Island

A drive to Oak Harbor, the biggest town on the island, marks the beginning of the end of the day tour. The area has several attractions, including the Pacific Northwest Navy Air Museum, an institution that preserves and showcases artifacts detailing the PBY aircraft's history. Other sites to explore in Oak Harbor include Flintstones and Windjammer Parks, which share a walking pathway along the harbor.

To cap the day off, vacationers should visit the fabled Deception Pass State Park, established in the early 1920s. The park is considered one of Washington's most visited state parks since its impressive coves, amazing sunsets, magnificent high bridge, and rugged cliffs make it an ideal getaway for travelers exploring Washington.

Additionally, the park's surrounding, which features the stunning Cranberry Lake and Puget Sound Beachfront, makes the ideal grounds for water activities enthusiasts. Besides, the attraction guarantees hikers and birdwatchers an exhilarating trekking experience.

The Deception Pass State Park also accommodates several bays, including Bowman Bay and Cornet Bay. The former details the history of the Civilian Conservation Corps, while the latter offers grounds for boating. Additionally, Rosario Beach, which also lies in the state park within its Fidalgo part, features tide pools, wide beaches, wildflower meadows, a story pole carving, and picnic areas for family vacationers.

Travelers can also keep an eye on the ocean for a glimpse of orcas, occasional gray whales, and porpoises. Tourists interested in exploring this magnificent park need to forego visiting Oak Harbor or spend less time in the town to have adequate time to explore the attraction.

  • Entry To Deception Pass State Park: Discover Pass (One-day - $11.50, Annual Pass - $35.00), free on selected holidays

There are three ways of getting to Whidbey that range from driving to taking a ferry. Tourists should pick their preferred means depending on their itinerary.

  • Car: Bus and taxi services on the island are limited; therefore, renting a car is the right option. Tourists can drive north on I-5 from Seattle to Fidalgo Island, ultimately taking Deception Pass Bridge to Whidbey Island.
  • Ferry: From Seattle, visitors travel north on I-5 to Mukilteo to catch a ferry to Clinton Town. Alternatively, tourists can drive to Port Townsend, southwest of Seattle near Olympic National Park, then catch a ferry to Coupeville in Central Whidbey.

Visitors ought to use the Mukilteo-Clinton ferry to follow this itinerary, as this guide starts from Southern Whidbey, moving northwards. Regardless of preference, this island guarantees visitors a vacation to remember. Therefore, vacationers should prioritize Whidbey Island when planning what to do in Washington, D.C.