Virginia has a wealth of historical past to provide excellent museums and cultural institutions in its cities. Virginia gave birth to four of the US's first five presidents, and several of the state's landmarks, such as country mansions and historic cemeteries, are related to its noteworthy citizens. Historic buildings and cobblestone streets can be found throughout the cities. The state's abundant food scene, trendy museums, and copious shopping will appeal to modern vacationers.


Another significant claim the state may make is that it has the most historical battlefields, which are also among the most popular tourist attractions in the state. Aside from its rich history, the state features numerous natural areas and a diverse range of fauna and outdoor activities. It would be practically impossible to see everything in this large and ancient state in only 48 hours. But let's see how we can enjoy 48 hours in Virginia.

Let's See What To Do

Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach is a very famous and often congested vacation town with customary resorts, amusement parks, and a lengthy boardwalk. It is known for the large stretch of golden sand that spans from about east of Norfolk.

Families will undoubtedly prefer to spend their days at the beach, but if the youngsters need a respite from the sun, they may visit the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center. Children may watch sharks and otters, engage with animals in the touch pool, and watch the oyster reef at the aquarium.

The Military Aviation Museum is another option. Aircrafts from World War I and II and Army and Navy equipment are on display in the museum. An open-air dinosaur park with a variety of prehistoric statues is also available. Visitors will definitely love to spend a few hours as there are a number of things to do in Virginia Beach.

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Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon was George Washington's house from 1754 till his death 45 years later, and it remained a work in progress even while he was commanding the Continental Army during the Revolution. Each repair and extension got his personal attention in terms of design and architecture, execution, and even interior design, emerging in the beautiful 21-room plantation mansion visitors see today.

Luray Caves

Within an enormous underground network that sometimes looks very much like an alien landscape than an earthly natural monument, the Luray Caverns contain beautiful instances of calcite structures. Visitors can wander through the caverns and view the limestone crystals that have produced a magnificent landscape throughout the millennia. Titania's Veil, the massive Double Column, internal lakes that intensify the view, and the Great Stalacpipe Organ, a one-of-a-kind percussion instrument that generates melody using the crystals themselves are one of the attractions.

Virginia Museum Of Fine Arts

The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts' collection of almost 22,000 pieces focuses mostly on contemporary and modern art, particularly European artwork after 1900, American paintings after 1950, and global 21st-century art. Several particular collections stand out among them.

The Ludwig and Rosy Fischer Archive of German Expressionist Art includes paintings, wood carvings, engravings, and lithographs in a variety of media, with an emphasis on the Die Brücke painters. Artworks by African American, African, and African Diaspora artists are included in the increasing collection of works expressing African American subjective experience.

Manassas National Battlefield

In 1861 and 1862, two pivotal Civil War battles took place near Manassas, Virginia. The location has been designated as Manassas National Battlefield and is well-described, allowing visitors to comprehend and even imagine the fights.

The first combat, also called the battle of Bull Run, was the very first time the two troops fought. While, the second encounter on the fields of Manassas concluded in a firm Confederate victory and represented the peak of their power in a battle that would last three more years.

The park is now home to over 160 kinds of native and migratory birds, making it more than just a historical place.

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What To Eat While In Virginia

Virginia offers some of the best finest food in the country, with breathtaking mountain landscapes and beach views. From vine-ripened food plucked fresh from the fertile soil of the Shenandoah Valley to sustainably produced Chesapeake Bay oysters, Virginia has something for everyone's palate. So savor Virginia's wonderful flavors and take advantage of the world-class culinary scene.

The Virginia Way BBQ

A trip to the South isn't whole without some down-home BBQ. Virginia's BBQ is claimed to have evolved from a classic way of cooking in which food was cooked for long periods over burning coals. The Texas-style barbecue flavors at the Alamo BBQ are legendary. Fatty Smoke's downtown promotes itself as the nexus of American BBQ. They prepare everything in-house, including slow-cooked pork, chicken, and beef.

Country Ham

Virginia is also famous for its country ham, which became a custom in the 17th century. The natives of Virginia invented the practice of smoked meat, and ham was among them. It's now a time-honored custom, and several Virginia households serve smoked country ham as the centerpiece of their festive table. The uncontested ham capital is Smithfield. As the origin of exquisite Smithfield hams, these delectable, salty pieces of heaven can be found on nearly every menu in the vicinity.

Fresh Oysters

Oysters can be discovered everywhere along the East coast, but some of the finest are found off the Virginia coast. With so many various types of oysters to pick from, each with its own distinct flavor profile, Virginia has earned the title of East Coast Oyster Capital. Mahi Mah's is a neighborhood favorite for 22 years, with a spectacular view of the Atlantic Ocean, delectable culinary skills, and Virginia Beach's biggest beachfront sushi bar. Public Fish & Oyster serves some of the best seafood, poultry, and produce from Virginia. It is among the best places to eat in Virginia Beach.

The scenery of Virginia is as stunning as its history. A trip to the state will undoubtedly be enjoyable as Virginia is for lovers of history and beautiful landscapes.