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The quiet and quirky town of Golden in the US state of Colorado is a lie. It disguises itself as a small and sleepy town to drive through on one's way to Boulder; however, those that give this little dot on the map a shot will find it gives its bigger nearby cities a good run for their money. Home to one of the most successful and indeed the largest brewing companies in the United States, along with its generous offerings of rocky red famous features, great grub, and intriguing sites of American heritage, this homely town is golden by name and by nature, offering visitors and locals ample awe and entertainment. Throw in the two mighty mountains enveloping the town, promising visitors breathtaking scenery and epic hiking, climbing, and mountain biking treat, and Golden proves it's all about quality over quantity.


Still, despite an impressive roster of tourist assets, many folks might not have much time to spend in this quaint old spot in Colorado - but if they happen to have 24 hours spare, the following Golden sites and scenes are absolute musts.

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Coors Brewery Tour In Golden

Be one a beer belly-blessed liquid bread lover or not, no day in Golden is complete without tasting traditional brewing at the quintessential American Coors Brewery. Since 1873, the Coors Brewery's legacy of innovation and quality has seen it become the largest and most successful of its kind in the country, carving out a name for itself on a global scale. As a result, everyone in all corners of the earth knows Coors, both as a brand and as a beer, and Golden is where its heart and roots lie.

Situated at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, the Coors facility is actually the biggest single-site brewery in the entire world - and guests of Golden get the exclusive opportunity to tour it and gain a first-hand insight into the iconic beer that won the world over. With tours running at set times, Thursdays through Sundays, along with special hours on the latter, visitors get to discover the history and passion the Coors company has for beer, witnessing the malting, brewing, and packaging processes in person. Plus, there's plenty of beer tasting ongoing throughout some of the tours too, which puts folks in an even merrier state of mind for the next activity on Golden's one-day itinerary.

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The Red Rocks Amphitheater In Golden

Alongside the Coors Brewery, the famed concert venue - Red Rocks Amphitheater - forms part of Golden's superb offerings, one that's achieved a nationwide, if not global reputation, not solely for its spectacular performances and revered headliners but also for its mesmeric appearance and majestic splendor. Of course, Red Rocks Amphitheatre is a bucket list-worthy place to see some of the best and most celebrated names in the entire music industry; however, the sincerest draw is its extraordinary setting and uniquely positioned stage, which are encompassed by stunning red rocks towering high above the 9,000-butts-strong seating areas - its inspiring sky views complementing the outdoor experience aren't half bad either. Add in its handy modern facilities, and this shining amphitheater is undeniably one of the most out-of-this-world music venues in the United States, or moreover, the world.

While one might shed a tear or two if no shows are taking place during a visit (or if tickets to a spectacle have already sold out, as is often the case), one need fear not; turn that frown upside down, for the Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater also offers an enticing list of activities affording saddened concert-missers to soak up its grandeur in other ways - from hiking to yoga classes. Should even those be missed, visitors can still enjoy the venue by running the stairs, taking a stroll through its magnificence, and tucking into a picnic while its surroundings perform a show in themselves.

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Golden Museums

Even before Golden was founded in 1859, it attracted the attention of minders, gold rushers, and agriculturalists in seemingly equal numbers, partly due to its reputation as 'the last flat place' before hitting the Rockies. As such, the town is steeped in history, and what better way to uncover and learn all about it than by checking out its fascinating museums? There are several to explore, one of which that's popular is the Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave and its exhibits showcasing old American West legends.

Museum and history buffs will also like the Golden History Park, which boasts original period buildings and cabins from the 1800s, while automotive aficionados can find their fix of fascination at the Colorado Railroad Museum, where a 15-acre rail yard is a treasure trove of entertainment. Last but not least, on the old-world menu, Golden’s historic neighborhoods, mansions, and heritage landmarks enhance its timeless Western charm, creating interesting sights for the eyes as well as the camera lens.

Family Fun In Golden

Don't forget about the little ones! From hiking along Dinosaur Ridge in search of 100 million-year-old fossils to spending the day slipping, sliding, and splashing down Splash Aquatic Park's slides at Fossil Trace, Golden is as much of a kiddies' town as it is a site of Old West history, mind-blowing natural landscapes, American food and beer, and outdoor pursuits.

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Hiking, Biking, And Climbing In Golden

Since glorious Golden sits by two scenic mountains, namely Mt. Zion and Lookout Mountain, outdoor escapades abound - much to adventurers' delight. Hiking, biking, and rock climbing are three notable hobbies to lose oneself in during one's stay in this Old West town, being evident no-brainers for those who can't get enough of the great American outdoors (for obvious, stumble-inducing reasons, don't challenge this number right after a beer sampling session at Coors Brewery).

No shortage of fantastic climbing and hiking spots exist in and around Golden, but of all those highly rated, the cliffs of North Table Mountain (also known as the Golden Cliffs) are said to be the best for climbers, while the Clear Creek Trail, Chimney Gulch Trail, Apex Trail are the top candidates for hikers - whether they're beginners exploring Colorado's mountain hiking hotspots or seasoned steppers looking to add more to their experience belt.

Whatever the case, with such amazing hikes and climbs come the potential for crowds in peak season, certain holidays, and, in some cases, on weekends. Thus, scheduling these activities in Golden on a weekday is a better idea should avoiding others be a priority - there's no shame in wanting peace and quiet and Golden's sensational mountain scenery all to one's self, after all.

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Wining And Dining In Golden

Golden is celebrated for its local sports, so it comes as zero surprises the town boasts a bucket of brilliant grub outlets where one can savor belly-busting all-American eats while enjoying a variety of live sporting events on the big screen. One such wonderful place to do just that is the locally loved restaurant Buffalo Rose, a history-rich bar and grill that dates all the way back to 1858 and serves what are easily the best buffalo burgers in the entirety of Colorado.

As a classic American saloon-style establishment, this charming, lively joint offers local beer on draft, live music, and a friendly, vibrant atmosphere, all of which are the prime ingredients for watching the Broncos play whilst gobbling up lunch or dinner - the ultimate way to end one's day in this olden but Golden town, especially if one chooses a rather energized schedule of adrenaline-pumping activities that earned Colorado its outdoor enthusiast hub status.