An organized, intriguing, and fascinating country South Korea has some of the best cities. Out of many, the country's capital- Seoul, is incredible for the traveling buffs. It is the city where old and new are intertwined and the place of many contrasts, but this is what makes Seoul exciting and captivating.

With plenty of tourist attractions, Seoul offers a lot to leave tourists in a state of awe. Although there is so much to do and many places to visit, seven days won't be enough. However, the places and activities mentioned will make the trip wholesome for vacationers planning to visit Seoul in seven days.


Check them out and plan your seven days in the best ways.

Best Places To Visit In Seoul


This place could be the starting point of the voyage as it offers all the crazy stuff for travelers. Exploring Myeong-dong is one of its kinds of experience. It gives travelers the experience of real Seoul life. It is known for having one of the liveliest quarters with great shops, restaurants, hotels, and whatnot. The best part is it keeps travelers connected with the subway lines.

From getting fashion-forward apparel to beautiful antiques, travelers can have an amazing shopping experience at the place. Apart from shopping, if vacationers want to enjoy real South Korean delicacies, Myeong-dong is just the right place. It is popular for its street food market, where hundreds of foot stalls display every day.


Another interesting and one of the busiest quarters in Seoul is Gangnam. Now this place is more popular for the viral song Oppa Gangnam Style, due to which tourists do not miss any opportunity to visit it. This place is now dedicated to this super hit song of its time with various art illustrations.

One can also find expensive shops at Gangnam selling luxurious products. The most popular attraction of the place is Coex Mall, where tourists can see the famous and the prettiest Starfield Library. One can admire the architectural grandeurs having towers, elevators, and lots of glass. It is the best place to take some Insta-worthy pictures.

Gyeongbokgung Palace

Joseon dynasty built five grand palaces during their realm, and this was one of the most royal places. With time the palace was restored and opened for the tourists.

Tourists can witness the Guards Ceremony that happens every hour from 10 am to 3 pm. Although watching the ceremony is free of cost, one has to pay a fee for entering the palace.

Bukchon Hanok Village

Giving a glimpse of authentic traditional Asian houses, this village is one of the best places to visit. It is in proximity to Gyeongbokgung Palace and has many traditional houses of the Joseon dynasty.

Visitors can experience the real Seoul tradition at the village, where most houses are now converted into guesthouses, tea houses, and cultural centers.

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Best Places To Eat In Seoul

Seoul has some of the best quarters to find authentic Korean dishes. The city is famous for its street treats that various vendors would love to serve to the tourists. One can enjoy the famous stuffed pancake hotteok, spicy rice cakes- tteokbokki, or fish cake odeng. All that tourists need is to hop on the best places to find the gastronomic goodies and satisfy their hunger and curiosity for Korean cuisine.

Some of the popular to eat in Seoul are:

  • Gwangjang Market
  • Seoul Bamdokkaebi Night Market
  • Myeongdong Street Food Alley
  • Common Ground
  • Tongin Market
  • Dongdaemun night market
  • Sindang-dong Tteokbokki Town
  • Namdemun

These are some of the best places in Seoul to enjoy the local delicacies. All these places are located in proximity to popular places or attractions, making it easy for travelers to visit. Instead of having fine dining in a plush restaurant, enjoying the street food helps save some bucks and experience the real Seoul.

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Best Activities To Do In Seoul

  • Fun time at Lotte World - It is the largest indoor amusement park in the world. People traveling with families and kids can enjoy the best time in Seoul in this wonderful theme park with plenty of massive entertainment.
  • Cable car rides to Mount Namsan - Tourists can take a cable car ride to Mount Namsan or else hike a small trail to reach the place. It nestles N Seoul Tower's Observatory, from where one can take a 360-degree view of Seoul. There are restaurants and cafés for the tourists.
  • Delusionary pictures at Seoul Alive Illusion Museum - Bringing 4D optical illusions, the museum has always been interesting among the visitors. With over 100 exhibits, tourists can create some amazing pictures of them with hands and facial expressions- all thanks to the advanced digital technology at the place.
  • Shopping at the best places- Seoul has some of the most amazing places for shopping. Ewha Women's University shopping street is the best for getting some fashion-forward Korean dresses. Myeongdong is a haven for cosmetic shoppers. Tourists can also check out some amazing underground shopping centers like Gangnam Underground Shopping Centre, Express Terminal Underground Centre, and Yeongdeungpo Underground Mall.

Apart from visiting the best places, eating at the best food joints, and indulging in the best activities, visitors can always take some time to stroll along Seoullo 7017, popular as Seoul Sky Park. Resembling New York's High Line Sky Park, this amazing 1 km walkway attracts tourists around the world for its vantage spots and places to take some amazing photographs.

So, while visiting Seoul, plan wisely to ensure having a great time in the best places and make the expedition worthy.

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