The majestic Quebec City is one of the oldest metropolises in North America. Boasting as a treasured UNESCO World Heritage Site, it attracts travelers seeking to experience the tremendous European charisma in Canada. It is home to inviting restaurants, breathtaking waterfalls, and unique stores, among other things. Fitting everything into two days in this locale rich in history can be tricky, but worry not.

For an excellent short weekend expedition at Quebec City, the following are some remarkable historical sights to explore.


Saturday In Quebec City: Things To Do

Quebec City has unique historical places begging exploration. Tourists can kick off the day with a delicious breakfast. From serving the best coffee to mouthwatering Quebec-style crepes, some restaurants to try out for the best breakfast experience include the Clocher Penché Bistrot, Lapin Sauté, Le Pied Bleu, and Crêperie et Cie 5.0. Pleased and ready to face the day, the following are places to visit.

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Visit The Majestic Plains Of Abraham

Found within the outstanding Battlefields Park in Québec City, Plains of Abrahams is a site that draws travelers from around the globe yearly. Now serving as a public park, it offers its guests a chance to learn what occurred there starting from 1759. Visitors can opt for a guided tour by a knowledgeable guide to understand the past of the place better.

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Besides walking down the history line, this spot is a great recreation area. One can enjoy winter sports such as cross-country skiing, sliding, skating, and snowshoeing. During the summer, travelers can engage in outdoor activities such as having a picnic or jogging. In addition, hiking on the lovely Plains of Abraham offers its visitors a dramatic vista of Old Quebec City.

  • Location: 835 Laurier Ave, Quebec QC G1R 5H8
  • Hours: Monday to Sunday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m

Regular admission rates for exhibitions are as follows:

  • Four years and below: Free
  • Ages 5-12: $4.25
  • Ages 13-17 and 65+: $10.50
  • Ages 16-64: $12.75
  • Family package: $30.00 (two adults and a maximum of three children)

After the beautiful tour, guests can have a delectable lunch at one of the charming restaurants serving traditional and continental meals. Some eateries with finger-licking foods include the adorable Masaru Sushi, Bati Bassac, Polina Pizzeria, and Ciel Bistro-Bar.

Explore The Majestic Saint-Louis Forts And Châteaux National Historic Site

The impressive Saint-Louis Forts and Châteaux National Historic Site is a must-see. Lying beneath Dufferin Terrace, it entices holidaymakers across the planet each year. From 1620 to 1834, this locale served as an official abode and seat of the colonial power of successive governors. Guests will peek at what occurred during Samuel de Champlain's era and explore the Château Saint-Louis's remnants.

  • Location: Terrasse Dufferin, Quebec City G1R 4P5
  • Opening hours: Monday to Sunday, 9:30 a.m - 4:30 p.m

Below are the admission fees

  • Youths aged 17 and below: Free
  • 18-64 years: $8.50

Where To Have Dinner And Stay In Quebec City

Getting good rest and a savory plate of food after a long day is necessary. Tourists can learn more about this place by interacting with the locals over a meal in one of the restaurants. Some lovely eateries include the inviting Bachir and La Planquethere, among others. Depending on one's budget, there are plenty of places to stay, such as Hotel Ambassadeur Quebec, Hotel Quebec Inn, Le Monastère des Augustines, Auberge du Tresor, and Hotel Port Royal.

Sunday In Quebec City: What To Do

Tourists can start the day with breakfast. Energized and ready, here are places to visit:

Parliament Building

Heading to the Parliament Building is the best way to spend time in Quebec City. As one of the first historical sites and Quebec's seat of congressional power, it's one of the most sought-after spots by tourists.

While on either self or guided tour, sightseers learn about the democratic institutions of the area. In addition, travelers will see the bronze sculptures made with respect to the incredible men and women who took part in shaping the history of the area.

  • Location: 1045 des Parlementaires Rue, Quebec, QC G1A 1A3

Below are operating hours:

  • Monday - Friday: Opens 8:30 a.m closes 4:30 p.m
  • Saturday: 9:30 a.m - 4:30 p.m

Visit The Glorious Morrin Centre

This nationally recognized heritage site in the historic old Quebec City hub is a must-tour. Though it is currently one of the most attractive libraries in the world, it was a jail built around 200 years ago. During their visits, guests will glance into the past of Quebec's first prisoner cells. In addition, there are events that this haven provides, such as a writer's celebration and children's activities, among others.

  • Location: 44 Chaussée des Écossais Quebec City, Quebec G1R 4H3
  • Open hours: Wednesday - Sunday, midday to 4 p.m

Here are the guided tour rates:

  • Members of the Morrin Centre and children aged eight and below enter for free.
  • A family of two adults and children between nine and 17 pay $40.
  • General: $14
  • Seniors (aged 65 and above) and Students (must show a card): $12

But besides the historical sites, there is much to see and do in this wonderland. It has everything from outdoor activities to mouthwatering meals and other places begging exploration. Vacationers can always come back to enjoy what this place provides each season.