Traveling in New York City alone may prove to be a scary experience if the traveler is new to the area. Regardless, NYC holds many attractions which should not be given up on because of the fear of traveling alone. The Big Apple is home to many attractions for solo travelers and groups too, but they become more intimate when solo traveling. Getting to experience NYC at the pace of your choosing and not having to accommodate another person into plans is a great way to have a memorable time in the Big Apple. There are various world-class attractions that NYC has to offer such as museums, dining out at local restaurants, and just walking around the city to admire its architecture. Here are some tips on how to stay safe while traveling in New York on a solo trip, and some activities that are solo trip friendly.


Safety Guide

While the whole purpose of solo travel is to unwind and have fun, it is also important to remain safe during the duration of the trip. Below are some guides to help solo travelers with safety.

Don’t Be Oblivious

It is extremely important to use common sense, as anyone would in any big city, and NYC is no exception to this. Travelers need to try to be as aware of their surroundings as possible and keep personal items close. Travelers should refrain from constantly looking at smartphones while out in public, rather than noticing what is happening around them. NYC is a big city and it is always alive.

Beware Of Crowded Places

For any place that is crowded, there are high chances that there will be pickpocketing. Therefore, visitors should be mindful of their belongings, especially in crowds when watching street performances, in subways, and in other tourist attraction areas. Carrying a cross bag that comes up to the front and zips closed is a safe option to keep belongings safe.

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Leave Valuables Behind

Travelers should not carry all their valuables to the major city, especially in crowded areas. They should leave some cash and cards that will not be used on the trip at home. Also, they should only carry items that are essential for the trip, and which can fit in a small bag or purse that can be guarded at all times.

Mind Drinking Habits When Out

It is pretty easy to get carried away during Happy Hour and end up getting drunk when out at a bar. Maybe the traveler can afford to buy the whole bar, but that is not advisable, especially if they are traveling alone and are new to the city. Being drunk will draw attention to themselves and they might get too wasted to even know what is happening around their surroundings, therefore making them vulnerable to threats. It is also advised for visitors to let the hotel they are staying in know what time they should expect them back. Just in case something happens, they can call the authorities in situations where travelers may not be able to.

Beware Of Very Friendly Strangers

New York is a generally busy city and almost everyone is always in a rush somewhere. If a stranger seems to be overly friendly and does not look constrained for time, there is likely something fishy going on there. Many chances are they will be scammers trying to sell something or want people to buy a certain product. In such cases, travelers should just avoid these situations by saying they don’t have cash and walk away, or by saying they are in a rush at the moment.

Know The Emergency Routes

Travelers should always keep their eyes peeled for any emergency exits wherever they are. They must know how to quickly evacuate an area in case of emergency.

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Places in NYC to Visit on a Solo Trip

Now that the safety guides are clear, let’s get into the actual activities that one may do to enjoy their solo trip to New York City.

Do Skydiving Indoors

Those who are interested in skydiving but are afraid of the plane or heights are in luck. iFLY in Worcester caters to such people with their indoor skydiving facilities. Here, visitors get to experience the thrill of skydiving without the fear of falling and dying. iFLY offers an indoor skydiving tunnel where guests can sharpen their diving skills before heading out to dive out of a plane. It is not a requirement that guests dive on a plane afterward, which is why this place is also great for those who never intend on diving out of a plane. Who knows, maybe they might feel ready and end up changing their mind and end up diving out of an actual plane?

  • Prices vary according to skill level
  • Booking is essential before visiting the place. Those interested can book on their website

Try Rock Climbing At The Brooklyn Boulders

Brooklyn Boulders offers travelers the experience of rock climbing. Here, they have dedicated staff to ensure every visitor’s safety while doing these activities, especially for first-timers There is a premium training ground for advanced climbers, and trainers that are available for total beginners. This is a fun way to let off some steam while in NYC, and it is open all year round. It is also a great place to make new friends as a solo traveler. Reasons why solo travelers would consider rock climbing at Brooklyn Boulders:

Stand Under The Stars At Grand Central

The Grand Central Station is the station to see. It is truly an amazing experience to do alone while in NYC. This place has beautiful architectural historic ceilings scattered with twinkling patterns. Moreover, they offer some of the most delicious foods at a ridiculously affordable price. Grand Central also has guided tours for travelers who wish to be guided and not miss a single historic moment. Travelers can check in their office for more details.

Have A Bagel At Ess-A-Bagel

A bagel is as ‘New Yorkie’ as it gets, travelers should get one while on a solo trip. There are bagel shops in every corner of NYC, but the one that’s worth trying and waiting in line for is Ess-A-Bagel. They have the best in town, for sure. If the traveler is not feeling like having one huge bagel for themselves, they can also try Greenwich Village. Here, they offer an assortment of bagel flavors in bite sizes which can be enjoyed on the go.

Without any convincing, New York City is the place to be – even on a solo trip. Travelers just need to stay safe at all times and be mindful of their surroundings, while experiencing some of the best adventures the city has to offer.