The Yukon Territory is the smallest and westernmost of Canada's three territories and forms Canada's border with Alaska. The Yukon Territory was once the scene of the almighty gold rush that swept so many places in America and around the world. Here one can follow the gold seeker's route on the mighty Yukon River and ponder how those keen prospectors made a living and survived in this inhospitable land.

Today, it is the land of adventure. Come in the summer and go kayaking, camping, hiking, wildlife spotting, and so much more. Come in the winter and gazing spellbound at the dancing aurora borealis, try one's hand at ice fishing, or go on a dogsledding expedition.


About The Yukon Territory

  • Population: 35,874
  • Capital And Largest Settlement: Whitehorse
  • Whitehorse Population: 25,000 (Around 70% of the Territory's Population)
  • Size: 482,443 km2 or 186,272 sq mi

Yukon is a northern wilderness with very little infrastructure or population. It is an awesome place to visit for those wanting to get out and explore.

There are many fun and adventurous outdoor adventures to be had both in the summer and the winter. Some of the winter activities include ice fishing, dog sledding, and watching the Northern Lights

Canoeing And Kayaking

The Yukon is a paddler's playground (though bring the bug spray), there are scores of opportunities here for beginners through to pros. Paddle along the lakes and waterways and see the stunning majestic mountains and take in the breathtaking serenity of nature. Alternatively, toss over the line and try one's hand at swimming. Another option is to go hard and enjoy a kayak thrill down white water canyons.

Here almost all the territory is virgin untouched land, while Whitehorse is tiny. That means one never needs to go far to have a fantastic setting for paddling. The Yukon River even runs straight through the main town of Whitehorse.

Another option is to take a floatplane to somewhere in the vast remote locations around the territory and really take in the solitude of these locations.

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Hiking In Dawson City

Dawson City is a hiker's heaven with abundant trails and is located in the even more remote parts of northern Yukon Territory. This is where much of the best of the backcountry hiking is located and Tombstone Park there is a must-go for wildlife and its untouched landscapes. One needs to be extra prepared for these trails though and one ought to contact before heading out on these deeper and remote trails.

Other great hiking destinations in the region include Grizzly Lake (one should be fit and confident on this trail) and the lake and mountains of the lake country. Here the mountains are monolithic and trail options are many - but check out Divide Lake with awe-inspiring views of Mount Monolith.

Northern Lights

One of the greatest attractions to the Yukon every winter is the stunning northern lights or the aurora borealis. While they are visible for half of the year, the best time is in the early winter. Of course as best as one can, try to time one's stay in the Yukon with moonless nights and cloudless nights.

To get the best view of the lights, it's best to drive out of the city and away from the city lights. For those in the Whitehorse area, it's great to take the scenic route towards Fish Lake or Chadburn Lake Road.

  • Visible: Mid-August to Mid-April
  • Best Chance Of Seeing Them: The First Few Weeks of Winter
  • Magic Window: Between 10 pm and 3 am

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If one is planning to visit the Yukon during the winter, then one of the must-dos is going dogsledding. Dogsledding is still a hugely popular activity in the Yukon with both locals and visitors alike.

Here one can get guides who will teach how to become a pro sled driver. Or if one would prefer, one can just sit back and enjoy the ride. Whizzing along the snowy trails in the winter being pulled along in a dog sled is about as northern and Yukon as things get.

As one's base in the Yukon is likely to be Whitehorse, there are many tour operators located in the vicinity. One can go on a dog sledding half-day adventure if one wants.

  • Tour Options: Half-Day, or Overnight Excursions Under the Northern Lights

Ice Fishing

Not for everyone but another great northern activity is ice fishing. This is not everyone's cup of tea, but for those looking for a northern adventure, this is a great activity to enjoy. The experience of ice fishing is nothing like regular fishing and is a whole different way to enjoy the territory of northern Canada.

  • Ice Fishing Season: Mid-Winter into The Spring

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