Tahiti is the largest island in French Polynesia and home to over two-thirds of the population. Unlike other overseas French possessions like the French Reunion Island and French Guiana, French Polynesia is not part of France proper and constitutes an overseas collectivity and an overseas country of the French Republic. Tahiti was the centerpiece of the Kingdom of Tahiti before France annexed it in 1880. Tahiti was also the scene of the famous Mutiny On The Bounty for those interested in naval history. Today Tahiti is a stunning island and quintessential tropical Pacific island paradise.


About Tahiti

Tahiti: The Facts

  • Population: 190,000
  • Main City: Papeete
  • Size: 403 sq Miles
  • Highest Point: Mont Orohena 2,241 meters or 7,352 feet
  • Official Language: French

Tahiti is a volcanic island and it is the volcanos and the sea that define the islands. The island is almost two separate islands with two volcanic islands joined together (they are two basalt shield volcanoes). The northwestern part of the island and is known as "Tahiti Nui" (Big Tahiti) while the smaller southeastern part is known as "Tahiti Iti" (Small Tahiti). Over 136,000 of the island's 190,000 inhabitants live in the main city Papeete.

  • Visa Requirements: Visa Not Required

Like the Hawaiian Islands, Tahiti (and the Society archipelago of which it is a part) is on a hotspot on the crust producing a hotspot volcanic chain.

The climate of Tahiti is constant and tropical year-round. The temperature ranges between 21 and 31 °C  or 70 and 88 °F - but does not vary significantly by season. Instead, the main seasonal difference is the rainy season between November and April (January is the wettest month).

History Of Tahiti

Like other islands in Polynesia, the human history of Tahiti is relatively short with the first Polynesian settlers arriving on the islands around 1,000 AD. The settlers managed to explore and settle the Pacific on outrigger canoes. Before the arrival of Europeans, the island was divided into various chiefdoms. One of the first Europeans to visit the island was Captain Cook in 1773

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  • Temperature: 70 to 88 °F Year Round
  • Fun Fact: Captain James Cook Is The Inspiration For Captain James T. Kirk Of Star Trek

One of the strangest tales of the island was that of the mutiny on the HMS Bounty in 1788  by Fletcher Christian against Captain William Bligh. One explanation for the mutiny was not that Captain Bligy was particularly harsh as is shown in the movies, but that the crew had spent 5 months on Tahiti and were unwilling to leave the beautiful women behind. Afterward, some of the mutineers acted as mercenaries on the island greatly changing the balance of power while others settled on the ultra remote island of Pitcairn.

Things To Do In Tahiti

Tahiti is a tropical island paradise and accordingly, most of its attractions are on the beach or in the sea (though there are other things to do as well). Still, being a volcanic island there are some stunning hiking trails and things to see inland as well. All international flights to French Polynesia land in Tahiti, so even if you plan to explore more of the islands, your adventure will start in Tahiti. The international airport - Faa'a International Airport - services flights from France, San Fransico, Los Angles, Honolulu, and New Zealand.

  • Faa'a International Airport: Direct Flights To San Fransico And Los Angles

Here you can go scuba diving and explore the rich and picturesque lagoons, scuba diving in Tahiti caters for the novice through to the profession.

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Don't forget to see the famous cultural shows and Tahiti performances on the island. One of Tahiti's most famous international images is its traditional dances.

  • Fun Fact: Tahiti Shares The Same Time Zone As Hawaii

Tahiti is the largest and best-known island in French Polynesia, so you can fly or take a cruise to explore other islands in the archipelago. French Polynesia is made up of around 118 islands stretching over 1,200 miles across the Pacific. Polynesians living on other islands have different dialects, languages, and customs from those on Tahiti. One of the main destinations outside of Tahiti is the famed Bora Bora lagoon.

Honeymoon Packages

Tahiti is a renowned honeymoon destination and it has a reputation for being romantic. There are a number of romantic honeymoon resorts for you to chose from. These all-inclusive honeymoon packages often include accommodation on two or more islands and return flights from America. These and can be booked with Tahiti.com and examples of packages include:

Huahine Honeymoon Hideaway

  • Cost: From $3,095 PP 7 Nights
  • Where: Five Nights Island Of Huahine In A Deluxe Lagoon View Bungalow
  • Flights: Return Flights From California, Inter-Island Flights On Air Tahiti
  • Includes: Breakfast And Dinner For Two
  • Activities: ATV Tour, 4x4 Tour, Picnic, Snorkeling Etc.

Moorea Manava Honeymoon

  • Cost: From $3,495 PP 7 Nights
  • Where: The Island Of Tahiti, Two Nights At Manava Suite Resort Five Nights At Manava Beach Resort
  • Flights: Round Trip International Flights, Inter-Island Passenger Ferry
  • Includes: Breakfast For Two
  • Activities: ATV Tour, Jet Ski Tour, Ray Feeding, Couples Massage, Tours of Tahiti

In summary, Tahiti is a stunning destination. In the past, its beauty caused sailors to mutiny and today is a magnet for honeymoons from America.

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