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Located in Winter Haven, the inviting Legoland Florida is a highly sought-after holiday destination among families with youngsters. The gorgeous botanical garden, entertaining shows, and attractions lure vacationers worldwide. But there is more to this amusing park than the rides. From the tempting restaurants with mouthwatering dishes, flavorsome ice creams, unique shopping stores, and many others, it's clear why many cherish it.

With no shortage of things to see and do, it's worth visiting this magnificent spot. So if planning a trip to this charming locale, the following are things to consider.


About Legoland

Established in 1968, Legoland is a string of family theme parks. It is owned and run by the British theme park company known as Merlin Entertainments. The fantastic Legoland Billund Resort in Billund opened in 1968 as the first Legoland. In 1996 the stunning Legoland Windsor Resort in Windsor, England followed. Adding to the parks in South Korea, Malaysia, Japan, and Germany, others later followed. These Legoland parks are also in New York, California, and Florida, United States.

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Besides the rides, Legoland also focuses on enlightening the youngsters through programs like the intriguing 45 minutes Lego Mindstorms. Though the parks have several thrilling roller coasters, other attractions accommodate visitors of all ages. From the inviting parks and attractions, Legoland, regardless of the place or country, promises its visitors endless fun. Whether seeking some thrill or unlimited fun, it has it all.

Things For Kids To Do There

Legoland Florida is the place to be for a fun-filled weekend. Families can be sure of endless fun from the kaleidoscopic bricks, a water park, LEGO-inspired rides, and many others. From the rides and attractions, there is everything for everyone to have a great time.

Theme Park Activities

Tourists can kick off by riding through the jungle on the Coastersaurus, a kid-friendly wooden coaster. Guests aged 14 and above seeking some exhilaration can head over to the Kid Power Tower for a terrific time. Another exciting but fun attraction to explore is the Flying School. From the suspended coaster, guests not less than 14 years get to climb and glide into Legoland’s skies and clouds.

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Having a small slide and a colorful play house, Duplo Tot Spot is the place for kids under two to have a great time. At the Imagination Zone, vacationers, using their creative minds, visualize and create whatever they desire. What better way for families to bond than from the enticing Planet Legoland? Warmly welcoming parents and kids, travelers get to assemble and reconstruct their world creatively.

Other engaging attractions and rides to explore from the theme park include:

  • Having fun at the Unkittys Disco drop
  • Flying through the LEGO world at the Lego Movie Masters of Flights
  • Riding the thrilling indoor/outdoor Dragon coaster
  • Exploring the Botanical Gardens
  • Going on Safari Trek
  • Enjoying shows such as Bricksbeards Watersport Stunt Show
  • Firing foam at Pharaoh's Revenge Land of Adventure, among others

Water Park Sports And Attractions

From the Water Park, tourists should be ready for a fun-filled day. Boasting a pool, a lazy river, and 14 slides, it has something for everyone to have a great time. Travelers can cool off the heat by sliding and soaking at the Joker Soaker. At Heartlake Stepping Tones Fountain, guests of all ages can dance into the fountains and create awesome music. Aquazone Wave Racers and LEGO Wave Pool are other attractions begging exploration, which ensure watersport lovers have a fun-packed time.

Dining And Shopping

A visit to this friendly site isn't complete without testing their mouthwatering meals. From the delectable fried chicken, cheeseburgers, pizza, and healthy fresh salads to cold drinks and flavorsome ice cream, among other treats, guests will leave this slice of paradise with their bellies happy. In addition to the delicious dishes, tourists can shop from the cute stores for keepsakes or things needed to make their stay comfortable at this welcoming park.

The Best Time To Visit Legoland Florida

Depending on the traveler's preference, one can visit this spot any day of the week. But it's best to note that weekends can be crowded since that's the time most travelers head here. Travelers seeking to avoid crowds can visit during the week to get the best of what this great locale offers.

Though it's a year-round holiday zone, summer and holidays like Easter get very busy, preventing some travelers from maximizing their time well. Visiting this park in early May, September, or earlier December is ideal for guests trying to avoid crowds. Holidaymakers on a tight budget should schedule a visit in January or September, considered the low tourist seasoned months. Other key details visitors should keep in mind are opening hours and ticket prices.

Here are the opening hours:

  • Legoland Theme Park: 10.00 a.m - 7.00 p.m
  • Legoland Water Park: 10.30 a.m - 6.30 p.m

The following are the ticket prices:

  • One or Multi-Park: Starts from $84.99 per person per day
  • Two-Day Tickers: Starts From $109.99 per person (One or Multi-Park)
  • Three-Day Tickets: Starts From $144.99 per person (Multi-Park)

The family package includes a complete breakfast and a choice of LEGO theme in a standard room in any of Legoland’s Florida Resort Hotels. In addition, travelers get two days' access to the enchanting Legoland Florida Resort Theme Park, Paper Pig Theme Park, and Water Park.

  • Family Vacation Package: Starts from $163.74 per person

A visit to the iconic Legoland Florida is one of the best ways for families to bond and have a great time. Whether seeking stimulating activities or exploring, it has it all. Since it is open, all year-round travelers can visit at their convenience.