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Here’s the truth. For a family vacation, few places in the country can compare to Lake George—and the surrounding area. The clear, lucid waters of one of America’s most beautiful lakes, and the gorgeous mountainous backdrop, make for a miniature representation of the breathtaking Adirondack wilderness. For families, it’s a top summer retreat—though even in winter, ice castles, ice mazes, and more—can make for a delightful, if frozen, feast.


Still, to plan a family trip to Lake George, some heads-up information is crucial. What may work for a solo traveler may not work for a couple or a family. That’s the reason we want to help you plan a family trip to Lake George—the Queen of American Lakes.

What To Consider When Planning A Family Trip To Lake George

For a family, accommodation is not just booking a room. There are several things to consider. One of these is the bed and bedroom(s) arrangement or policy. Ideally, a hotel should have rooms purposefully intended for families. These rooms should have double beds in addition to one or two single beds. Also, —and this is usually excellent—there should be one or two bedrooms connected to the main room so that the family can all be housed together. Hotels that are intentional in attracting families will also have travel cots for families with young babies. Of course, safe playrooms and kids-only areas are standard provisions—among others. So, for families planning a trip to Lake George, it would be wise to peruse hotel websites and look for family-friendly features and activities.

Yet the truth is that facilities immediately around Lake George are a tad too touristy. The environment gets too crowded, especially during summer, to be desirable for many families. That’s the reason setting base, just a little out—and a little further from Lake George—is a fine idea. Consequently, towns like Bolton Landing, or a town a little further to the north, where it’s quieter and quaintly wild, are better considerations.

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Planning A Family Trip To Lake George: Where To Stay

Plugging all these factors, for those planning a family trip to Lake George, Melody Manor Resort is one of our best picks. For starters, Melody Manor is remarkably serene and quiet. The backdrop around affords breathtaking vistas of the Adirondack Mountains and the translucent waters of Lake George. There’s also a private, sandy beach—ideal for families—where children can have a blast, rowing, paddling, or kayaking. Children, and parents as well, can also swim, canoe, fish, or just hang about, rolling on the powder-soft sand. The view of the lake from the hotel room is particularly gorgeous.

Another best family-friendly pick is the stately Sagamore Resort. Sagamore Resort is also in the town of Bolton Landing. The range of fun-filled family activities here is impressive. Sagamore’s Rec Center is particularly a hot favorite with families. The Rec Center is something of a sports park featuring all kinds of indoor and outdoor games including, a golf course, indoor basketball, video games, and sand volleyball. Finally, the rustic charm of Blue Water Manor can also be an irresistible draw to families.

  • What Are The Room Rates At Melody Manor Resort? Adults will pay $30 per night while kids will be charged $16.
  • How Many Family Members Can Be Accommodated In A Room At Melody Manor? Most rooms can accommodate up to four people, although there are 2-room units that can accommodate up to six.

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Planning A Family Trip To Lake George: Activities To Enjoy

Of course, the range of activities families can enjoy in—and around—Lake George will depend on the season. An activity like swimming can be refreshing and delightful in summer but in winter, Lake George waters get numbingly cold. Of course, one can summon a polar plunge, but it’ll have to be quick and brief. Summer is usually the busiest time at Lake George. As a family, you can hop onto the Mine Ha Ha, a popular steamboat that offers thrilling one-hour rides across the limpid waters of Lake George. There are seven such trips every day in summer. In spring or fall, these rides can be enjoyed on weekends. Apart from just the thrill of being inside this boat, the breathtaking views around—as one delightfully cruises—are to die for. Apart from a cruise on the Mine Ha Ha, there are two or three other cruises offered by the Lake George Steamboat Company that can make for family fun.

Aside from the steamboat rides, families will love the 135 rides at the Great Escape Amusement Park—which is just about 6 miles from Lake George. There’s also the Adirondack Extreme Treetop Adventure Park where families can enjoy rope swings, zip lines, and aerial skateboarding, among a hundred other activities. In winter, ice skating is the main attraction. Then there’s also a strange audio phenomenon at Lake George that’s been christened—the Mystery of Lake George—that would intrigue both individuals and families.

But even just having a family walk around the shores of Lake George is a most rewarding experience. Still, regardless of the place a family will stay in, or the activities they’ll indulge in, Lake George itself will rarely disappoint.