Planning a romantic getaway doesn't necessarily mean booking the fanciest hotel with an expansive view of the ocean. While these seaside sunsets have long been the symbol of everlasting love while on vacation, the quiet serenity of a woodland setting can offer just as much - if not more - of a romantic atmosphere.

There's plenty involved when planning a romantic cabin getaway, though. Even the smallest details can make a difference, and there are even things that couples can do before - and during - the trip to boost the romance factor. From choosing the right type of cabin to planning new and exciting things to do in the Great Outdoors, here are all the ways to plan something truly memorable.


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Choose A Cabin That's Out Of The Ordinary

It's easy to just find a cabin that fits the bill of being both rustic and secluded, but what fun is that? Rental sites such as Airbnb and VRBO give travelers access to unique properties that wouldn't otherwise be on the radar, and these are great tools to use when booking. Couples can opt for something as extravagant as a chalet in a secluded setting, or choose a treehouse in a new and exciting place. The words 'enchanted' and 'magical' spring to mind with both of these, and all it takes is a little extra effort to find that perfect place.

Looking for something a bit more rustic or budget-friendly? Try glamping! Even New York City's Governor's Island has joined the glamping scene with luxe outdoor accommodations, and they can be found practically anywhere that camping is permitted. As an extra added bonus, glamping can also be entirely romantic and intimate.

Think About The Extras

Oftentimes, it's enough just to have booked a romantic cabin vacation and we often forget about all the little things that could make it that much better. Searching for the little details such as a fire pit in the backyard or a jacuzzi on the deck are things that will completely boost a vacation without guests realizing it.

Here are some more things that can help a cabin vacation feel cozier:

  • Plan out meals, go shopping beforehand, and cook together
  • Load up the metaphorical bar cart and enjoy a cozy cocktail one night
  • Plan some early morning walks through nearby wooded trails
  • Book a cabin near a swimming hole for an easy way to cool down
  • Reserve time at dusk to watch the sunset from a deck or balcony, and just enjoy one another's time
  • Bring board games or cards to pass the time while having some child-like fun

Take Advantage Of The Great Outdoors

The whole point of taking a rustic vacation at a cabin in the woods is to actually enjoy the wooded setting, right? Right. Therefore, couples should definitely invest in doing some serious outdoor activities, of which there's no shortage if they're vacationing in the right place. The Poconos, for example, offers plenty - lazy river tubing, gorgeous waterfall hikes, zip-lining, adventure parks, and lakeside activities. And this is only one secluded destination that offers plenty in the way of things to do.

Here are some things to check out while enjoying all of that fresh air:

  • Horseback riding
  • Picnic somewhere scenic
  • Indulge in a scenic train ride
  • Go wine tasting at a vineyard
  • Enjoy a local brewery and its seasonal offerings
  • Go on a hike
  • Climb a mountain
  • Make it a goal of seeing at least one sunrise or sunset
  • Spend time warming up by the fireplace (if there is one)
  • Take advantage of white river rafting
  • Go kayaking or canoeing
  • Do a boat tour
  • Explore local hot springs (if any)
  • Find an underground cavern or explore a nature walk

Why Choose A Cabin Vacation?

Aside from the obvious benefits, enjoying the peace and quiet associated with a private cabin getaway is often exactly what a couple needs to recover from the fast pace of daily life. It offers a way to disconnect and unplug, and enjoy the smaller things in life. It often goes unnoticed that classic couple vacations such as cruises or all-inclusive resorts do come with their own energy levels, and it's only when those are depleted and we're left with silence and serenity that we realize it was just the ticket to finding the perfect reset.

Secluded getaways have become overwhelming popular between 2020 and 2021, and people are learning to appreciate the value of a quiet vacation in the woods, theoretically going back to our roots and appreciating the peaceful nature around us - and it's even better when enjoyed with someone we love.

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