The job market is tough to navigate in every country. However, there are some places that will seem like sanctuaries to expats in need. Compared to countries hit hard by recessions, the destinations we'll be discussing are thriving. The size of the economy isn’t the only important factor. Countries with moderate job opportunities may be lacking enough specialized citizens to fill them.

Money is incentive enough to turn some citizens into emigrants, but overseas jobs have another draw. A portion of the countries on this list are popular vacation destinations.

Work done in one of the most relaxing places in the world is an upgrade from life back home in most cases. Snagging jobs that allow for worldwide travel is an easier option, but everyone wants to settle down at some point. Let’s look at some of the easiest places to do so.

10 Growing Economy In Colombia Has Room For Foreigners

Searching for a job in person increases the chance of success in Colombia, according to Expat. The idea is daunting in other parts of the world, but Colombian living costs are cheap. Expats hoping to move countries for the fun of it will be able to survive a few months unemployed. Potential career options should be planned ahead of time though. Spanish is necessary for most positions since the national English fluency level is low.

9 A Labor Shortage In Japan Encourages Foreign Workers

The low Japanese birth rate makes young people a commodity. Vacant positions are always available, it’s just a matter of qualifying for them. Impressing employers requires applicants to understand the Japanese culture and customs integral to making it in the country. Potential employees must be ready to dedicate themselves to both the job search and the work. This is a bigger roadblock than any of the red tape that comes with getting a visa.

8 Expats And Australia Have A Loving Relationship

Potential expats under 30 can apply for a working holiday visa. It allows them to perform any kind of work during a 12-month stay. The time can be used to make contacts and scout out companies willing to sponsor a longer visa. Chances of success are high due to Australia’s positive economic health and a small population. The atmosphere for expats moving in is also friendly since resources are still plentiful.

7 The Job Market In Canada Accepts Workers From All Industries

A strong Canadian presence online makes it easy to discover opportunities without having to fly out to the country. Tech jobs are in high demand, but they aren’t the only option. Internations suggest jobs in real estate and communications too. Expats without a competitive educational background can find work in hotels, restaurants, and offices. When looking at jobs, it’s important to pay attention to the region since certain provinces will require proficiency in both English and French.

6 The Booming Economy In Germany Can Outweigh EU Restrictions

EU countries have been excluded from this list because they favor citizens from within the union. It is possible to get a skilled laborer visa, but non-EU applicants start out with a huge disadvantage. Germany offers the best chance for expats dreaming of Europe because its economy is in an excellent place. Expat Info Desk recommends job seeking in the electrical and mechanical engineering fields.

5 Easygoing Vietnam Offers Jobs To Expats

Employment statistics show a remarkably low rate of unemployment in Vietnam at under 3%. That leaves plenty of open positions for foreigners. A degree is necessary in most cases since skilled laborers are what Vietnam lacks. Just Landed pinpoints construction, IT, and tourism as industries where expats have the most luck finding jobs. Most of these positions require working proficiently in Vietnamese. Otherwise, prospects will likely be limited to English teaching and multinational companies.

4 English Teachers Find Easy Work In Thailand

The profitable tourism industry in Thailand has hundreds of citizens seeking out English lessons to find jobs themselves. Finding jobs of this type isn’t hard and they don’t require many qualifications. Check the English teacher job listing site Dave's ESL Café for open positions. Working in other industries that don’t demand native English speakers is harder since companies are heavily encouraged, sometimes required, to hire natives, according to ThaiLawOnline.

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3 Skilled Expats Are Welcomed In China

Rapid development in China has produced massive companies that hire hundreds of thousands. There are millions of Chinese citizens to choose from to fuel these companies, but they don’t all have the required skills. That gap provides an entry point for potential expats to find work in China. The prevalence of companies with an international presence means knowledge of the language isn't necessary even for high-paying jobs, but it’s always useful to have.

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2 Korea's Tech Industry Has Never-Ending Positions To Fill

An English teaching job won’t be hard to come by in South Korea. English skill is considered a necessity for the majority of businesspeople. Jobs in other sectors require previous experience. 90 Day Korean also states workers will be limited to their degree fields. These regulations are strict, but expats who fit within them won’t have trouble finding work since South Korea has a great need for skilled workers.

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1 Learning Spanish For A Job Isn't Hard For Most English-Speakers

Mexico has such a demand for English teachers because so few people speak it well. That makes learning the language of the land paramount to finding work outside of teaching. Expats are encouraged to start the job search while in the country. This won’t be a problem since no tourist visa is required for a short stay of 60 days. With a tourist visa, that stay can last up to 180 days, according to Embamex.

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