New Jersey is one of the most interesting states on the East Coast. It has the highest population of any American state due to its small size and favorable economic development. This may explain why New Jersey has the highest number of scientists and engineers per square meter than every other part of the globe. The tallest water tower in the world is found in New Jersey, at Union. With a 141-mile oceanfront, visitors will enjoy exploring New Jersey's coastline. Here are 10 tips to keep in mind when visiting the Jersey Shore this summer.

10 Partying is Just One Activity Out Of Many

The popular MTV show "Jersey Shore" painted a rather inaccurate picture of the actual Jersey Shore. Everything about this coastal strip was presented as an overblown and over-the-top party. While a lot of parties are thrown along the coastal strip of the state, most of them are calm and non-obscene. They don't entail the unquestionable behaviors shown on the fictional show. Many are family-friendly. Aside from that, most visitors go to the Jersey Shore to relax on the beach and make memories.

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9 The Lighthouses Are Everywhere

The Jersey Shore has 18 lighthouses, with 11 open to the public. The state considers them important landmarks and navigation markers that add historical value to the coastline. Visitors don't have to visit all 11 of them. The best ones include the Absecon Lighthouse in Atlantic City, Barnegat Lighthouse in Long Beach, and the Cape May Lighthouse. If one has more time to spend, they should check out the rest of the lighthouses as they all have a unique perspective.

8 The Boardwalks Are Incredible

A little-known fact about New Jersey's lighthouse is that every tower has a boardwalk. The more interesting factor is that Jersey's boardwalks are designed to be used by everyone for all kinds of purposes, which explains why they're so wide. They accommodate everything from parties to swanky shops where tourists can buy some antiques. The nature of a specific boardwalk will depend on the popular activities in the local town.

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7 Jersey Shore's Ice Cream Is Unmatched

Walking along the boardwalk with delicious ice cream in hand is considered a must-try pastime for all visitors. It's also a cool way to save money while visiting NYC. Some of the best scoops are served at Hoffman's, Springers, and Duffers. Visitors should also try homemade gelato, sorbet, and soft serve as they stroll along the shore. These delicacies are most enjoyable in the heat of the summer, which is when most tourists visit the Jersey Shore.

6 The Shore Is Perfect for Surfing

Tourists who like surfing should pack their surfboards when visiting Jersey Shore. Long Beach City, Manasquan, Belma, and Ocean City have some of the best surf breaks along the East Coast. Visitors with more time to spare should visit Monmouth and Ocean counties as they have some of the best surfing spots. Tourists will also be delighted with the best surf shops in New Jersey for all the necessary gear.

5 Amazing View Of Manhattan

The most iconic urban area in New York City is Manhattan. A little-known fact is that visitors will enjoy the best views of Manhattan by crossing state lines into New Jersey. The Sandy Hook beach of the Jersey Shore provides a great viewing experience. Tourists can use Sandy Hook's picturesque spot to take photos with the New York City skyline behind them. They can also get on top of Mount Mitchell for a more scenic view of Manhattan.

4 Learning The Jersey Shore Lingo Helps

If planning a winter vacation on Jersey Shore, it's important to keep some things in mind. One of them is how people talk. They don't say "to the beach." Instead, they say "heading down the shore." Also, it's always "down the shore," never "up the shore." Learning the Jersey lingo is the best way to blend in with the local culture, especially if one plans on spending a few days or weeks on the East Coast. No one wants to be mistaken for a "shoobie." A shoobie is a derogatory word that means "day-tripper."

3 Beach Badges Are A Must

Visitors who have driven through New Jersey will probably be familiar with badges. Unfortunately, the Golden States doesn't offer free rides, not even at the beaches. The best spots require visitors to have a daily, weekly, or seasonal badge, which incurs a small fee. The same rule applies to townships. Beach hoppers have to get a new badge for every beach they visit. The good news for frugal beach goers is that Atlantic City and Wildwood have free passes all summer.

2 Get Familiar With Reliable Realtors

Jersey Shore has some of the best vacation homes and hotels for tourists that don't intend to stay for long. However, a rental home makes more sense if one is traveling with a large family intending to stay for a few weeks or months. Every township will have a different culture and architecture. For example, Cape May has amazing Victorian structures. Groups and families should search online for realtors offering summer homes before the trip.

1 The Beaches Have Great Food

One of the tourists' primary concerns when traveling is dining. Jersey Shore solves this problem by giving tourists an assortment of dishes to try without leaving the beach. The boardwalks make it easier to spot food joints. Travelers can try frozen custard, sweet fudge, caramel corn, Thrasher's fries, or Jersey pizza. Most seafood served at the beach is fresh as it goes from the fishing boats straight to the kitchen. Some excellent options include bluefish, swordfish, tuna, and flounder.