Ottawa, once considered a ‘City that fun forgot,’ is now emerging as a promising place for travelers for different reasons. Being the capital of Canada, the city has developed its own distinctive character. Tourists willing to experience true Canadian life must have Ottawa on their Canada bucket list.

From history and nature to food and fun, this city offers a lot more than expectations to travelers. Canadians often call Ottawa ‘the government city’ as people here are well-settled and living a stable life doing government jobs. Even though it is not as happening and vibrant as Montreal and Toronto, Ottawa gives travelers a lot to experience and explore.


Whether the traveler is in Ottawa for a business trip or exploration, there are many places to hang out to make the voyage memorable. For enjoying the evenings, there are dynamic nightclubs, pubs, camping sites, food joints, and more options.

Best Nightlife In Ottawa

Once the sun is down in Ottawa, the fun begins. With a plethora of options, travelers can choose according to their mood and have a gala time. Some of the top locations to enjoy the nightlife in Ottawa are as follows!

Best Place For Beer Lovers

Travelers fond of beer can head out straight towards Clocktower Brewpub- a fully established and longest-serving brewery in Ottawa. Featuring over 45 different types of beer and an exhaustive food menu, it can instantly become the favorite place for foodies and beer lovers.

The best part about Clocktower Brewpub is it offers only freshly brewed and locally crafted beer to the visitors. This specialty gives the beer a unique flavor and taste, attracting the beer buffs easily. Apart from this, the pub also offers its own beer brand, which is also special in its own ways. Once at Clocktower Brewpub, one can enjoy not only beer but different musicians, bands, and comedians that perform every night for the guests.

Enjoy Beer With Games

Ottawa’s most happening and the first board game destination- The Loft Board Game Lounge didn’t take much time to get popular among the people. Here, visitors can come to enjoy beer, wine, or simply a cup of coffee and have fun from a variety of board games available at the lounge.

All one needs is to ask for any board game along with the order and enjoy the night sipping the best drinks, eating the best food, and playing the interesting board games. The lounge has more than 700 board games giving visitors plenty of options. Come alone or with a group of friends to this amazing, spacious, and fun game lounge to celebrate the night.

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Party At Ottawa’s Best nightclub

For every party lover, Ottawa has some of the best nightclubs to celebrate till the late hours. For instance, ‘City at Night’ is one of the most popular nightclubs offering a hip vibe and enjoyment. It is a spacious club with intimate corners making it highly appealing and fascinating for the visitors.

The ambiance of the club is a mood elevator. The dramatic interior with funky vibes is all that makes it perfect for having a gala time with loved ones. It is both- modern and sophisticated. The club hosts popular live bands, DJs, and musicians to make your night memorable for life. Along with all this fun, visitors can also indulge in a great gastronomic experience with a variety of lip-smacking food and delicious drinks.

A Melodic Night For Music Lovers

Music lovers can enjoy their night listening to some of the best musicians live at Barrymore’s Music Hall Ottawa. Located in downtown Ottawa, this is a wonderful place for every music buff to spend a memorable night in this beautiful city. With over 40 years of business, the hall has gained recognition across the world for hosting great musicians.

Barrymore’s Music Hall is the most important venue for music concerts and events in Canada. Visitors can enjoy live music from different artists and bands. Listening to the music of various genres from the best musicians is a treat to the ears, making the night remarkable. Started as a nightclub; today, the hall is more like a hall for concerts hosting music events and festivals from time to time. Once at the Hall, visitors can just order a beer and groove to the music beats all through the night.

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Night At The Budget-Friendly Pub

Every budget-friendly traveler, not willing to spend huge bucks on lavish pubs, nightclubs, and bars, can still have a party time at some of Ottawa's best and most inexpensive pubs. For instance, visitors can head towards the Pour Boy Club, which offers local and freshly crafted beer at just $5. Apart from beer, one can also enjoy wine and ale at an inexpensive price compared to other pubs in Ottawa.

Along with drinks, Pour Boy also has an extensive food menu, including vegan and vegetarian dishes, offering delicious platters to the visitors. The inexpensive bars and pubs are where one can witness the younger crowds. With open mike, this pub is pretty popular among the youngsters. Visitors can have one of the best and most budget-friendly nights in such inexpensive pubs.

Try Your Luck At The Casino

If the pocket allows, trying something thrilling and exciting at Rideau Carleton Raceway Casino can bring the fun to the table. With plenty of slot machines and gambling tables, the casino offers a fun and memorable time. Who knows when the luck is in favor and helps earn a huge amount. Rideau Carleton Raceway Casino is stretched over a large area and houses a horse racecourse. If you can visit the place in a day, you can enjoy the horse race.

With so many options, travelers will not get bored at night in Ottawa. In fact, it could be the most thrilling and memorable night of their time in this beautiful city. Ensure having the address and timings of the location before visiting.

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